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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inside Report: The DNC

by Sam Huntington

Our insiders at the Democratic National Convention tell us Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is in a snit (again). Once more determined to include a major supporter of global terrorism at the dais during the nominating convention, Jimmy Carter nevertheless turned down the invitation and instead will deliver a previously recorded, heavily edited address on opening night. Carter, 87, hasn’t issued a cogent public statement since 1979 when he told the Iranian government, “You better stop it.”

Many recall Wasserman-Schultz as the poster child for Shakespeare’s play The Shrew, and for her cameo appearance in one of the now famous Hitler parodies. She is not pleased that her global terrorist supporter is only able to deliver a video address, and loudly shrieks that Mitt Romney must release his tax returns back to the day of his birth, along with his father’s tax returns to 1907, and his grandfather’s tax returns to 1851. She is not pleased with Carter, but then she is not pleased with almost everyone except for the vilest of all American hating communists.

According to our informant at the DNC, Jimmy Carter’s address will provide unique insights about President Obama as a global sycophant. These will necessarily include Obama’s bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, interrupting the Queen during the United Kingdom’s National Anthem, apologizing to the European Union for America’s supposed arrogance, informing Islamic countries all Jews are homosexuals who eat Muslim children during their high-holy days, and for giving the “ok” to kill Osama Bin Laden.

Jimmy Carter did agree to have his speech edited and approved in advance by the Czar of the Reelect Obama If You Know What’s Good for You Committee, and this more than any other single factor led to the DNCs agreement to remove the duct tape from Carter’s mouth. Carter did attend the convention in 2008, but the DNC wouldn’t let him say anything beyond, “I have to pee.”

One may recall that Carter previously indicated that he would be comfortable with Romney as president —and this led the Romney campaign to threaten Carter with a lawsuit unless he retracted his support.

What do you think, America? Will Obama receive his party’s nomination for another eternity in the White House?


  1. Jimmy Peanut's statement about comfortable with Romney as President is going to be used against Obama.

    Yes, I'm smiling.

    As for DWS, I don't personally know any Democrat who can abide her. Having her front and center for Obama is going to anger some Dems. She's such a whack job!

  2. Well, THIS in the NYT is interesting:

    But even those loyal to Mr. Obama say that his quest for excellence can bleed into cockiness and that he tends to overestimate his capabilities.

    Also, this:

    Even by the standards of the political world, Mr. Obama’s obsession with virtuosity and proving himself the best are remarkable, those close to him say. (Critics call it arrogance.) More than a tic, friends and aides say, it is a core part of his worldview...

    Of course, the NYT, being what it is, tries to put a good spin on Obama's core personality. Not sure that the NYT has pulled off that spin, though.

  3. Protestors switched gears and marched at night ducking the time and location designated for the parades. About 50 gathered linking arms. The assembly was peaceful and I am unaware of any arrests related to protests. Sunday night there were sproadic reports of small groups of protestors at night. Adjustments are being made to move police coverage. Trust me there are more than enough police to crush any attempt to repeat 2008 St Paul. These guys are pathetic and in my opinion they represent a diminishing in the DNC message.

  4. I heard something about a calendar than has Obama and 3:16 on the August page....

  5. Check out the graphic that Silverfiddle has today -- HERE.

  6. I'm anxiously awaiting Clinton's speech.

    What were they thinking? The man's going to blow his own horn, loudly. Obama will look even worse in comparison.

  7. Jimmy Carter did enough damage to America. the lousy Marxist had to come down here to Venezuela and "certify" that the elections were honest. Right! And, pigs fly!

  8. I, myself, refuse to watch the liefest. I've decided to watch the first football game on Wednesday then tape the second for watching on Thursday.


  9. Are you sure "N" is the correct letter, "h" would carry a more meaningful expression.

  10. Woodsterman,

    That sounds like a great plan for optimizing mental and gastrointestinal health.

  11. I've heard that the Dems ave booked Betty White in the Eastwood role.

    I suspect her stand up can top Dirty Harry.

  12. By all means, let us have a lesson on integrity. Here we have Bill Clinton, who many claim staked his entire political career on the centrist model, which I supp0se is another way of saying “communist light.” Now he’s going to stand up and endorse a man who has done everything within his power to destroy the Clinton legacy. No wonder so many Democrats in this country are idiots: look at their role models. For me, personally, I will not be watching the celebrations. I have no interest in anything Michelle Obama or Betty Crocker has to say, and no interest in anything that comes out of her husband’s lying mouth (See Geez post today).

    Here’s another observation: anyone see how the communist left used unspoken racism suggesting that Paul Ryan had a black girl friend who spent time in jail? The left are individually and collectively degenerate.

  13. The calendar they are handing out at the convention compares Obama with Jesus for the month of. August.

  14. Comparing Obama with Jesus of Nazareth? Well, no one ever said the Democrats weren't confused. Just the other day they were having a Jihad fest outside the stadium.

  15. It would only be news if Whatsername-Spits were NOT in a snit.

    ~ FT

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Ah, good to see the liberal twit is leaving his droppings all over the internet. Must have made a bunch of cash today, eh stupid?

  18. I'm glad they finally got ole Jimmy out of the closet and let him come to conventions again.

    (note: I am not inferring that he is gay although he is a liberal...)

    He wasn't allowed at them for a decade.

    It is refreshing to see his Antisemitism on display.

  19. Liarmann,

    "Seems all the lies are here"

    Not since yesterday; "Warren" took care of that!

  20. @ JonBerg.

    And I'm taking care of it today too!

    I was watching a documentary on the Nazis earlier on this evening and they were interviewing some old Nazi war widows (their husbands took the long drop after the war.) I couldn't believe how discognizant they were even after all these years. They were saying how noble the SS was with "higher ideals" and how Hitler really was a peaceful guy that only wanted to unite the German Race.

    Kind of like Liberaltwit defending Obama and Progressive Democrats. Only the old Nazi women sounded more sane.

  21. This is just too cool. Great post.

    Ugly is as ugly does, and Wasserman-Schultz hasn't figured that out. I would be surprised if anyone believed a word she said.

    Poor Jimmy Carter. He was Arafat's useful fool. Here in Georgia Jimmy serves as the village idiot, too. He is a utility player on the moron squad.

  22. Duck,
    I haven't been able to confirm that Betty White will appear at DNC 2012.

    It may surprise you to know that a lot of folks -- Women! -- don't like Betty White. I'm not speaking only of conservative women who don't like her.

    Furthermore, she is not the iconic figure that Eastwood is. For a long time, she earned her bread and butter by playing a ditz.

    Finally, the DNC trying to round up a celeb to rival Eastwood is mimicry and far from original.

  23. RE -
    DNC surprise speaker.

    They need someone from the intellectual branch of the regime but Al Gore and James Hansen are busy with damage control and hiding their kickbacks and bribes in the Caymans.

    Zippy the pin head is the next logical choice but he is in disfavor with the PETA faction over his carnival gig biting the heads off chickens.

  24. The Democratic Party platform is really down in Israel. Those who are behind this must not know or care what the God of the Bible had declared concerning the State of Israel. For it is written "For the Lord has chosen Jacob for Himself. Israel for His special treasure."
    Psalm 135:4. [NKJV]

  25. DWS is a fool. I hope the DNC keeps her in her current post for a long time.

  26. I bet there is a shortage of botox now, ha. I think it has gone to their brains.

    Once they open their mouths and speak, I really worry about this country. What they say makes no sense at all. The vile comments they make about others who do not believe as they do is scary.

    Right Truth

  27. The DNC was a flop.

    Obama could not fill a venue of any significance.

    The Dems fought over whether to leave God and Israel in their platform.

    The protestors numbered less than 150. The parade attendees may have been 350 and these folks all sounded off on Obama themes and chanted his name...

    There were few people walking around uptown Charlotte and fewer who appeared to be interested in the event.

    I ran into a black woman who works for a fastfood restaurnat on the "lesser" side of town. She had worked part of the event and she was not impressed. She was no college graduate but she saw a flop and proceeded to me how it was a waste.

    A professional friend of mine who is also black. I respect this guy and we often talk politics even though we know we disagree. I saw him before the DNC and he was excited. BY the end he was definitely disappointed in the whole mess.


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