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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Personal Photos

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With the September 13 arrival of a kitten to the household and the purchase of a new camera, I have reactivated my photos site.

See my latest photos HERE.


  1. i suspect that Mr. and Mrs. AOW are just as happy as Amber and her new playmates.

  2. Just watching Amber wears Mr. AOW and me out. She shoots all over the house like a rocket!

  3. Has Cameo finally met her match, do you think?

    I thought I detected a look of perplexity -- or possibly resignation -- on her pretty gray face in the close-up.

    That kitten certainly looks like:

    she's got world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow, got the string wound securely around one of her speckled paws.

    Cats are so crafty -- and don' we love them for it?

    May all manner of blessings be showered on your house, AOW!

    ~ FreeThinke

  4. FT,
    Cameo is still at the top of the pecking order. She is tolerating Amber, but doesn't love her. Yet, anyway.

    Last night there was a bit of a fracas on the bed on the first night that Amber had the full run of the house after my bedtime. Cameo and Mysti joined me on on the bed and absolutely would not allow Amber to sleep on the bed.

    Actually, that arrangement may work out. Amber doesn't want to sleep on the bed with me! She did, at first, when her incision was still raw. But after a few days, she moved to the cubby underneath the bedroom TV.

    Cats sleep where they want to. Period!

  5. This headline caught my eye:

    41-pound cat named Skinny up for adoption in Texas

    Details in today's Boston Herald if you are interested.

  6. 41 pounds!

    Letting a cat get that fat is abuse!

    Poor thing. Even if Skinny loses weight, she will have folds of skin hanging.

    I once had a cat that weight 17 pounds. Believe it or not, she was not overweight. That was her healthy weight -- she was that large in length and build. Like a mountain lion! She once got up to 22 pounds because a friend overfed her in our extended absence. I peeled those pounds off her as soon as I returned.

  7. Hey, Duck.

    Have you seen that a college of veterinary medicine has opened an obesity clinic for pets? It's in Massachusetts. Maybe Skinny can go there!


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