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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama Sees America As A Victimizer

Exposing the hypocrisy of despising America (hat tip to Dcat of Razor Sharp Claws):

I wonder how many potential voters that Alfonzo Rachel and Zonation reach?


  1. I think we're all preaching to the crowd at this point...

  2. Those videos are always great.

    Have a good Sunday afternoon AOW

    Right Truth

  3. Just another Uncle Tom.

    I loved the bit about the 99%. Funny to see someone like Jay Z, Beyonce, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, etc out complaining about the rich.

  4. With that title, I can't even watch the video, I swear; I HAVE HAD IT.

    BUT, I have to announce something:

    HUGO CHAVEZ IS ON THE GOP'S PAYROLL! He's just come out and said "I'd vote for Obama and he'd vote for me!"

    YAHOOO....great endorsement, eh? :-)


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