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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


With thanks to Big Bubba, who emailed me the graphic below:

List of Obama's sealed or unreleased records below the fold:
1) [T]he original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate....
2) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) — not found, not released
3) Obama’s baptism records — sealed
4) Obama’s adoption records — sealed
5) Records of Obama’s and his mother’s reptriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released
6) Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released
7) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) — not released
8) Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released
9) Occidental College financial aid records — not released. (These records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occi records have been released.)
10) Columbia College records — not released
11) Columbia senior thesis — not released
12) Harvard Law School records (not mentioned below, but not released)
13) Obama’s law client list — sealed
14) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
15) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
16) Obama’s medical records — not released
17) Obama’s passport records — not released

That’s a lot of records sealed and not released.
What may be even more amazing: the paucity of tattling or bragging from individuals who personally knew Obama during the above "gaps."

Also of interest: Last October, the Democrats in Congress introduced a bill (H.R.307.1.IH) to seal Obama's Presidential records.

A $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who will provide Obama's college transcripts.

Addendum: Because of my grueling work schedule as the end of the school term looms, I just saw yesterday's post at Z's site. She posted the same graphic and asked, "They're demanding Romney's last 12 years of tax returns?" Same old, same old – the double standard. The Left demands transparency and full disclosure, but, instead, dodges and obfuscates.


  1. I am not a birther, but I think his college records are sealed because he played himself up as an Indonesian in order to get into college and get grants and so forth. Liberals love exotics...

  2. There's nothing one can do, therefore there's really nothing one should say.

    The current Establishment has rendered us witless, because 'there's no "there" there.'

    Frankly, I'm punch drunk. And that's exactly what "they" want ALL of us to be -- reeling, staggering, falling down from dizziness brought on by the intellectually poisoned atmosphere with which we are surrounded the sheer weight of the insanity dropped on us from a great height every day by the enemedia.

    Shoulder up your Cross and march to the beat of THEIR drummer -- or be CRUSHED. There is no justice and no sanity to be found in THIS world. All we can do is hope things will be better in the next.

    I, personally, have abandoned hope.

    Just serving out my time here hoping to die before 'they" come to frog march me to a "re-education center."

    Being smart is no help at all in a world where the majority are mindless, media-brainwashed morons.

    ~ FT

  3. Silverfiddle,
    I am not a birther, either.

    I should have said so in my post.

    I swear that the diet I'm on is making my brain mushy.

  4. FT,
    I'm as disheartened as you are.

    I've now reached the point that spending a lot of time on the web is bad for my health -- physically and psychologically. I refuse to start popping Prozac, which is how some people whom I know are coping. **sigh**

    Being smart is no help at all in a world where the majority are mindless, media-brainwashed morons.

    My job helps me to keep my sanity. I work in a domain that it so politically incorrect that it would make your head spin.

    Yesterday, one of my students in Economics said, "I wish that I weren't so young." Sad, huh? But she can see the forces lining up so as very likely to make her adult lifestyle not nearly as good as that of her parents.

  5. Wow, that is very sad!

    I wish every day that we could have a rock-ribbed conservative to shove facts like this in Obama's face and MAKE him answer.


  6. We should wonder how it is possible for someone to appear, literally out of no-where, and elevate himself to the United States Senate and then, within a few months, the presidency. Of even greater concern is an American electorate who would vote for someone they know absolutely nothing about. As to the ever-popular progressive labels, such as “birther,” I don’t think I’m one of those either. I simply want answers to legitimate questions. Whom is this person living high on the hog at my expense? Four years later, his college records may no longer be important; his record as president is dismally worse than that of Jimmy Carter. Who knew that was even possible?

  7. Bush never released his college records and Romney has yet to disclose his. Much of the rest on this graphic are outright lies.

    Too bad you bought this distraction which is an attempt by the right to quell the criticism that Romney won't release his tax records beyond the last few years. Obama has. If Romney does, we'll all see how he has been using off shore accounts to evade taxes. Nice patriot!

  8. Why seal the records unless there is something to hide, something to be ashamed of? Well, we all know the answer. And where were/are the Republicans, why did/are they not demanding to see these documents?

    Right Truth

  9. You are too quick to jump to conclusions. He must be great because the MSM loves him. I just got that tingle up my leg again.

  10. nobody has to be a birther to understand most of these are just plain facts.
    Of course Bush did release his grades; there were comparisons to his and John Kerry's, remember?

    The point is we need to be aware that the media's done NOTHING to force O's hand on ANY revelations and they're doing all they can to get at Romney. Again.
    My post I scheduled last night didn't print for some reason but it's there now...I think you'll enjoy it :-)

  11. The election of Obama in 2008 was the greatest con ever run. Americans should be ashamed for being so gullible. My Xenezuelan friends understand how the ignorant masses were duped into electing Hugo Chavez. But, they can not understand how Americans could have been so easily duped.

  12. Not much different than Chief bull sitter waren

  13. Nope. Bush never release his college records, Neither has Romney.

  14. Really now, only small minds believe such drivel and outright lies such as those in this graphic.

    Had McCain won in 2008 we'd all be standing in bread lines. Give Romney the WH and you still can!

  15. Liberalmann- much as it is a waste of time arguing with you, I will bet this: that if there was an uproar about it, the records would come out for Rommney/McCain etc if they can't be accessed (and are those even sealed, or just hard to find?). The media would not allow it otherwise. They are saying zip about this, and thats why its suspicious.

    Obviously, he is hiding SOMETHING if he ignored a subpoenae for it. Personally, I think he is hiding his incompetance and the fact he was placed where he was by his masters- pure specualtion though (though seriously, he is a good speaker and thats it... I fail to see intelligance.)And the media is silent when if they were fair- by that I mean same snoopiness that, say, celebrities get- it would come up AT SOME TIME. And if Congress is also covering him... well, 1984 is all I will say.

    About the being smart comment... I agree. I hate being smart at times, because I can see where this country is going: down the toilet. And the fact that my brains single me out for re-education, etc, is not comforting...


    PS I'm starting to hate the 'glad I'm old comments,' cause I'm young and can't escape the coming monsune.

  16. Liberalmann,
    Bush never release his college records


    Apparently, GWB was a "C" student.

  17. Wildstar,
    The media simply will not hold a Leftist to the same standard as they hold someone on the right side of the political spectrum. This has been a fact for as long as I remember. The Left has always been good at demonizing any and all opposition to their agenda.


    And, yes, that fact is reminiscent of 1984.

    Try not to be totally discouraged. Perhaps the cavalry WILL ride over the hill.

  18. Wildstar,

    You are an exceedingly bright young person. I'm sorry if any of my sentiments have discouraged you in any way. It's all too tempting to "vent" when you're in basically friendly surroundings.

    AOW has given you excellent advice. If there is any hope of triumphing over our enemies, it is imperative to know at the very least who they are.

    The guanoganda the enemedia does its best to fob off as honest reportage proves that they are in league with our enemies, if not the worst influence we must work to combat.

    These remarks contain two new-minted words I recently coined, myself. I think they are apt as well as highly descriptive. I would be honored if you -- and others with similar sympathies -- would make them part of your working vocabulary.

    Naturally, you are under no obligation to do this. It's merely a suggestion -- and admittedly a fond hope -- on my part.


    ~ FreeThinke

  19. What is THIS? Supposedly, the following words were written by Obama's literary agent IN 1991:

    "[Obama was] born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii," for Obama's anticipated but never-published first book, Journeys in Black and White.

    I'm not a birther, but I do find the above interesting.

  20. The fact of the matter is this is a bullshit distraction form the real issue that Romney refused to release his tax records except from the last two years.

    If he does will will find he has put million in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

    And Wilstar, if you really can't see how Obama saved us from sinking further into the economic abyss the GOP created, saved the auto industry and created more jobs than Bush in a fraction of the time, you're a true kool-aid drinking loon.

  21. Liberalmann,
    you're a true kool-aid drinking loon

    Think what you wish.

    In my view you are the LOON.

  22. Yes, but I have facts, you only have hate, fear and wrong-headed conjecture (ie: lies).

  23. If Obama created more jobs than Bush, how do you explain that the unemployment in 2008 was 5.8% and now it is at 8.1%?

    Those temporary jobs doing the census don't really count for Obama, either.

  24. @FreeThinke You haven't, simply looking around can do that. I won't give up without a fight, that I can tell you. And yes, it is best to know our enemies... especially their true character, not the photoshopped one. And I will certainly use those words- if I can spell them correctly!

    @AOW Perhaps they will. The calvary needs some more hands though... we're kinda outnumbered it seems (with the left claiming the thousands of idiots this country holds)

    @LM If you can't see that the debt skyrocketed, growing more under his administration of one term then ALL the other presidents combinded (fact); that unemployment hit a record high mid-way into his term (fact); that federal jobs- that can produce no money in and of themselves since they make nothing and are tax payed- is greater than private sector (the money makers)- and that that is an issue; YOU'RE the kool-aid drinker.
    As for your comments- how is making the debt bigger and tax base smaller saving the economy; how is saving an indestry to ineffective to work and thus a burden on sociaty; and how is record unemployment show job growth?

    Before anyone says it, yes I know its silly arguing with him- I'm trying to get him to think if possible. Plus, its kinda fun.


  25. Thanks AOW..

    Unlike Liberalmann, I have a memory and I kept thiniking didnt they criticize Bush for a being a C stupid. How could they do that if they did not have his school records?

    As to tax records for Romney. The only thing tax records have ever revealed is Republicans actually donate to charities and Democrats are only "generous" with other peoples money. Poll question...any one really care about tax records? other than say Geitner who is a tax cheat and should be perp walked instead of ins charge of the Treasury...talk about a fox guarding the hen house....

    The fact is we still nothing about Obama if that is his real name and yes that is troubling that we have an electorate that will follow such a mystery all because he said Hope and Change...

  26. I say let the Obamatons keep making the assertion that more people have gotten jobs....It just reveals how out of touch they are with reality. and that reality is being felt mostly by folks that normally vote Democrat just look at the stats on how many college grads cant get a job and miniorities are unemployed at near record levels. So stay the course liberals because that reality is going to bite you at the polls in November.

    The res tof us know the O team got unemplyemnt to 8.1 by reducing the total number of jobs available or the result would be more like 12 percent. Factor in population growth and those employed in lowering paying jobs and those who gave up trying to get a job because they have no Hope and the Change is worse and the results is loser to 15%


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