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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Countering Obama

(With a hat tip to Silverfiddle for much of the information in this post)

The Obama campaign and Obama supporters are bragging about how Obama saved the U.S. auto industry.

That success story is false.
Actually, the federal government spent $100 billion of American taxpayers' dollars to bail out GM, worth, at that time, less than $34 billion.

Despite claims to the contrary, GM hasn't exactly paid back the bailout "loan." Please watch the following short video:

For additional information that you can spring on the next Obama supporter whom you encounter, please see this essay at National Review Online: "Obama and GM Cook the Books."  Also, note the following from the Washington Free Beacon:
General Motors has funneled more than $1 million to two powerhouse Democratic lobbyists since the taxpayers rescued the automaker in 2009.
When Obama supporters start spouting disinformation, it is important to (1) remain calm and (2) counter that disinformation with facts, particularly with facts showing how reckless this administration has been with our hard-earned tax dollars. We should also point out how this administration has subverted our Constitution. In my view, we should not get caught up in dwelling upon the distractions, which are legion in number.

Yes, it is gratifying to dwell on those distractions because they have an air of sensationalism. And certainly we bloggers can post about those distractions. From the most part, blogging isn't journalism or policy debate.

Certainly, if "distractions" can be used to bring home a larger truth, those "distractions" certainly need our attention.

But it is not the distractions per se that matter in the long run!

In my view, from now until Election Day 2012, we need, consistently and relentlessly, to counter Obama's claims and to bring to light his record of associations and his actions as President.  Obama is doing so many egregious things under the radar!

Despite what Dick Morris says in the video below, in my view we should also expose Obama's Leftist ideology and Leftist associations.  Nevertheless, Dick Morris may be making some important points.  See what you think:

We need a multi-faceted countering strategy.

One strategy that we can use is to listen to his campaign speeches and counter the lies that can be PROVEN as lies.  Another strategy is to become "experts" in a handful of under-the-radar matters, then share that information with any and all who will listen.  Remember: if something is covered in the mainstream media, that something is, more likely than not, a distraction engineered by Obama and his minions.

What do you see as distractions, albeit oh-so-attractive ones?  More important, what are some of the under-the radar matters that we should be exposing?


  1. I wish they would retire Boehener- he is no help whatsoever. We need a full frontal assault.

  2. AOW: Thanks for the mention!

    The facts are there in black and white, and they are stunning. You can even find them in "mainstream" news outlets like CBS, but they tuck the numbers away 3/4 of the way through the article.

    The GM bailout was crony crapitalism as its very worst. It reveals the liberal mentality that they think this is a success.

    Throw $100 billion of other people's money at anything and you can call it a success!

  3. General Motors has funneled more than $1 million to two powerhouse Democratic lobbyists since the taxpayers rescued the automaker in 2009.

    Why the Hell isn't that money taken from these campaigns and given back to the tax payers? Any money given to campaigns is money they could repay us.

  4. You guys wont be happy until another half a million people are out of jobs.

  5. The Pesident has the bullu pulpit and he has no problem lying or twisting the truth.He also has the MSM carrying his water. We have to play hardball better than they do.

  6. Interesting. I don't think the government should be picking and choosing, bankrolling, private business. Ever.

    Right Truth

  7. I think Whitaker was under a lot of pressure from Washington to say what he did. Don't forget he was pressured from the White House to step down as CEO when he spoke up.

    Ed Whitaker was the CEO of SBC that single handedly put most of the old AT&T back together again. I know, because I was a Pac Bell employee during that time. He was sucker punched by the libs like so many others have been.

  8. And of course we have Romney and the other wacko GOPs recommending we let it fail. It would have never came back and this was just a not so veiled attack on unions and American workers. Likewise, you're still carrying water for these fools

  9. hahahahahahahahahahaaa ! He never saved nothing...just his own worthless hide ! he was in Frederick MD on the weekend hosting the leaders of the G8 and trying to convince them to spend their way out of their troubles.....And his supporters showed up too ! The Black Block...and other assorted losers who needed a bath , and need to find a job. The most pathetic ones were the Hippy Grandmas and Grampas....what losers ! go to youtube and type :Frederick G8 Protests in the search box, and you'll see plenty. What S#$tbags !

  10. Paladin,
    I took a look. Hard to believe that nonsense happened on the streets of Frederick, one of my favorite historic towns.

  11. Excerpt from the link in my comment just above:

    Obama administration officials may have pressured government contractors to change job loss estimates associated with coal regulations, audio recordings reveal. The tapes show that unnamed officials with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement asked government contractors to change their calculations of job losses associated with the Stream Protection Rule.

    A preliminary draft of an environmental impact statement estimated that up to 7,000 coalminers could lose their jobs under the administration’s “preferred” regulation. After a leaked copy of the report went public, officials asked the contractors to compare job estimates to a model in which another regulation was enforced, rather than the real world numbers. ...

    The Obama regime: the smoke and mirrors administration.

  12. From The Lost 5 Million:

    ...Despite Obama's latest assertion of having created 4 million jobs in the last 26 months, the reality is that in the past two years, 5.4 million workers have left the job market entirely. These are the 5.4 million whom academics like to call "discouraged workers," and as far as the administration and its media cheerleaders are concerned, they do not exist.

    The fact is that these millions of Americans are not so much discouraged as they are hopeless. They are working-age adults who, in a normal economic recovery, would have found jobs in an expanding economy....

  13. And...

    Meanwhile, he has blown $100 billion in an attempt to prop up green energy companies that were supposed to create 5 million jobs. In one case after another, however, those green companies have gone bust, and those 5 million jobs have not been created. Instead, 5.4 million have been lost.

  14. Give the economy back to the GOP and they'll finish the job of killing the middle class.

    Let's get the facts:

    Obama and Bush Debt Comparison:

    Private Sector Growth Under Obama:

    Obama and Bush Unemployment Comparison

    Who increased the debt?:

  15. AOW: PolitiFact says:

    "Under George W. Bush: Increase of $4.899 trillion, or 86 percent
    Under Obama: Increase of $3.661 trillion, or 34 percent"

  16. Liberalmann,
    Can't you read? Just a little further down, the following is stated (emphasis added in the hope that you will notice):

    We quickly discovered the source of the discrepancy: Whoever put the chart together used the date for Jan. 20, 2010 -- which is exactly one year to the day after Obama was sworn in -- rather than his actual inauguration date. We know this because Treasury says the debt for Jan. 20, 2010, was $12.327 trillion, which is the exact number cited on the supporting document that Pelosi’s office gave us.

    However this error happened, it effectively took one year of rapidly escalating debt out of Obama’s column and put it into Bush’s, significantly skewing the numbers.


    Bush served a full eight-year term, while Obama had served just 27 months by the time the chart was compiled [as opposed to GWB's 96 months]. If the Obama figure were to be scaled out to a full eight-year period, he’d have a debt increase of 121 percent rather than 34 percent, making his increase greater than Bush’s....

    And there's more, and it does get more complicated. Read the whole thing to understand the reality.

    Additional reading: How to Lie with Statistics

  17. AOW,

    Additional reading: How to Lie with Statistics

    Don't worry, he's already read this book. It's required reading for the left.

    I saw on Fox this morning a comparison between the spending per day of George W, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama. Obama is spending almost 50% more per day than Bush. That is an apples to apples comparison.

    Although I do trust that lib will have a chart from HuffPo to dispute this claim.

  18. Excuse me while I snort my coffee from laughing so hard....

    Liberalmann, are you seriously trying to argue Obama has overspent less than Bush Jr?

    The chart should be further amended to reflect the last 2 years of BUsh Jr were a LAME Session. The Congress was entirely under the control of Democrats. Republicans are do some blaim too for failing to make a stand but Bush Jr got steamrolled. Ironically the last budget actually singed into law was 3 years ago.

    But listen Liberalmann you go on ahead totting this tripe. The American people can feel the reality as the face unemployment, struggle with paying the bills, and watching the debt clock spinning faster than Obama on his position on Gay marriage.....


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