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Monday, February 6, 2012

Video: America Stands At A Crossroads

Created by Political Clown Parade:

Reading: "O-Man the Destroyer" at Western Hero (Silverfiddle's site). Worth your time.


  1. The scariest part is that this is looking less and less like incompetence and more like a deliberate plan...

    Thanks for the bump!

  2. ANYONE except Obama!

    Silverfiddle: read about Cloward-Piven here.


    AOW, can you go into Blogger and, under the comments section, hit the "expand" comments box, please? It will allow your readers to see the full comments, instead of in a small box that makes it tough to manipulate.

  3. BZ,
    The only problem that I have with that commenting format is that it stops a video from playing so as to "open up" the comments page -- unless one knows about tab blogging.

  4. Check out Proof's blog about voter fraud in Florida.

  5. SF, that's the problem; it very well seems to have been planned, but our left can only allow rightwing conspiracies into their thinking and they're ignoring important America-breaking problems coming out of information such as this video.

    I believe Eric Holder's so dangerous, after seeing that video of him about Fast and Furious which I believe I posted Saturday, that even I'm more worried than I had been. I've never seen quite such thin skin or insults. IMagine suggesting to a Republican congresswoman that she should be ashamed of having alerted constituents and the country to the problems with F&F?...suggesting it's OUR FAULT that there are hearings going on instead of HIS FAULT for what his department has done? And he said so much more which is so awful!

  6. This has to be deliberate. I don't see how it could be any other way. There are too many things coincidences.

    It is depressing watching our nation fall deeper and deeper into a pit that almost seems impossible to climb out of.

    Obama was determined to change things and he has, for the worse.

  7. I hope by you having a post up that your procedure went well today.

    Right Truth

  8. hmmm lets see.

    We devalue currency by flooding the market with dollars which is raising the prices of goods every day people use by inflation.

    We let the gas tax increase by 5 cents per gallon as a piece of legisaltion is allowed to sunset.

    We halt any idea of drilling any where in the gulf, Atlantic, Alaska any where driving up gas per gallon by what $1 per gallon.

    A pipeline to Canada is proposed and we shoot that down.

    We lengthen the amount of time someone can be on unemploymnet

    Realizing SS is now in the red and churning away at IOUs issued by a bankrupt entity so we reduce the amount of contributions taken in and call it a tax cut....&*^%$

    We take ove a car company and offer a car at $40,000

    You right wing nutjobs are all the same all you see is conspiracies.

    Seriously, only a obamatard could believe this is an accident.

    The worse part is the media is out there trying to convince average Americans that the DNC has been good to them these last 3 years...
    and there are people buying it....

  9. I agree with Silverfiddle....

    We started hoarding food months ago. I also have my Bible and several guns with extra ammo.

    P.S. my wife has been to the range and she prefers head shots and she rarely misses....

  10. LOL, Another desperate, stupid, lying video from wingnuts with the requisite scary music. America was at the crossroads in 2008. Then we voted in Obama. He will romp in 2012 and complete the job of restoring America to respectability.

  11. And by the way...It was the BIUSH ADMINISTRATION who investigate the Blank Panthers and found noting and suspended the investigation.

    This video is lie after lie intended to fool the lesser among us in the critical thinking area, the haters and the racists. You know....wingnuts!

  12. Is:59 the Creator asks...What are you doing about un=just JUDGES ...adn the shddeing of innocent blook...!?
    The the Creator put on the Full Armor---
    the Crator gave us the Full Armor Eph.6---
    We had better get at it or the the Creator will take the full armor back-and we all will be sorry !

  13. innocent blood--

    geeeez time to stop typing -


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