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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nineteen Americans

I haven't heard any more about the following for several days. Perhaps you have?

Read the news story HERE.


  1. Sounds like the Americans were doing precisely what they've been accused of.... and we should expect them to do.

  2. Hi AOW.

    I had a couple of posts on the subject the latest was from AlArabiya the day before yesterday.
    In my view their using them as exchange for financial and military aid, as i said in my last post :"Come to think of it....How about the U.S. sale of 125 - M1A1 Abrams tanks to Egypt ?"

    last story :http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/02/08/193439.html

  3. This entire scenario is the same scenario of more than 30 yrs in Iran. History has a tendency of repeating itself when you have a waffling turd like Obama as a leader.Not to mention these dirtballs in Egypt are the ones Obummer was tolling the bell for , not 12 months ago ! Sooner we send Obummer back to Chi town, the better off things will get.Then America will gain her respect back as well.

  4. Will,
    I think your assessment is correct.

    What is amazing me is that I'm not hearing much about these 19 Americans on the evening news.

  5. Any American stupid enough to go within a hundred miles of the Middle East richly deserves whatever ill befalls him.

    I flat out HATE the Middle East. Oil Shmoil! We should do everything possible to EXTRICATE and DISASSOCIATE ourself from this blighted, benighted region.

    I don't even give a damn about the PYRAMIDS anymore. To HELL with the place!

    ~ FreeThinke

    Well, you can't say that, because it IS Hwell.

  6. uh, sorry, what I meant to was:

    The Middle east IS Hell.

    ~ FT

  7. FT,
    I used to want to visit the pyramids.

    No more!

  8. The World will respect the leadership of Obama....hardy har har

    The World thinks he is a joke of a leader.....

    Now what we need is a gas shortage to bring about a true sequel to the Carter years


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