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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Choices For Voters In 2012

Political cartoon below the fold (from Obama Cartoons):


  1. AOW, The cartoon says it all really.

    I am so tired (and disgusted) of holding my conservative nose whilst voting and alas will be forced to do this yet again so it would seem no matter who the GOP ends up with as the nominee.

    I see little choice in this as Obama MUST GO.

  2. Anybody but Obama!

    But, really, I'm worn out with having to hold my nose when I go to vote. The last time I had enthusiasm for voting was when I voted for Reagan.

  3. It's going to be a 3rd Party voting year for me... AGAIN!

  4. Anyone but Obama, Romney and Gingrich!

  5. I agree with you, Mr. AOW!

    But of all the available candidates I think Newt Gingrich is the one who COULD do us the most good, if only we had sense enough to get behind him.

    I believe he was ousted as Speaker primarily BECAUSE he was so effective at cutting costs, balancing the budget and making manful efforts to reduce the size of government.

    The rest of the Republicans LOVE Big Government and are heavily invested in maintaining the status quo. R's and D's alike are riding The Gravy Train at OUR expense, and they have no interest whatsoever in changing the way they do business.

    If Newt has been able to make money beating them a their own game after the poor treatments he's received form the corrupt Establishment, then I say MORE POWER TO HIM.

    He certainly has never done a thing to hurt me, I know that.

    If Romney does ind up being "our" candidate, I will probably vote for Obama. I don't like to see poorly motivated candidates rewarded.

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: Third party candidates function only as spoilers.

  6. Once again we are forced to choose between a headcold (GOP) or Ebola (Obama and gang). Only Obama could make this crop of idiots look (relatively) good.

  7. FreeThinker: Newt never balanced the budget. Nor did Clinton, either.

    Both are padding their resumes and lying.

    All you need to do is check the Treasury figures. Clinton ran a deficit every single year he was in office.

    But anyway...

  8. Holy Cow! That cartoon so captures how I'm thinking at the moment. I may need a clothes pin come the election to block out the stench... but Mr. AOW is right, O'Bummer's gotta go.

  9. The good news is that the Tea Baggers have been pretty well routed.

    The country will go just so far with the right wing madness.

    Gingrich or Romney, The Black Messiah is going to kick his ass, help him up and kick his ass again.

  10. Duck,
    Well, it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

    Remember the 1980 tipping point? Everything lined up to elect anybody but Peanut.

  11. FT,
    No way can I vote for Obama (Ebola, as Shoprat called him).

    I see voting for Obama as rewarding him, and I can't do THAT!

    Out country is in a terrible mess.

  12. Now that is a picture worth a thousand words!

  13. Ducky said: "The country will go just so far with the right wing madness."

    Yes, heaven forbid that we do the things demanded by the "radical Teabaggers", like uphold the Bill of Rights, stop giving handouts to corporations, reign in the Fed, and make a modest attempt to balance the budget.

    Radical, that! Madness!

  14. I'm dreading the election AOW..good luck on Monday hun!

  15. I love it when lefties like Ducky say stupid things like "the Tea Baggers have been pretty well routed."

    This presupposes that we are soft-headed OWS types who are easily manipulated for the purposes of others. There could be not one more tea party rally and that would mean nothing. We're awake, and we've awoken friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers. Obama will not fool these people a second time.

    I will say that in the short term, the tea parties will do more damage to the GOP than to liberalism, because we, unlike democrats, will take out our own garbage.

  16. Silverfiddle, does Ducky ever say anything at all that isn't stupid?

    So Rubber Ducky's a Democrat. He must love high taxes, high energy costs and large scale joblessness. Notice how Rubber Ducky never discusses any policy issues or gives any facts along with his insults...he had no facts, and is merely a knee-jerk reaction to common sense.

    Ducky proves once again that liberalism is more of a bad attitude than a political philosophy, that it is a movement in search of error and wrong-headedness, where its legions of members were born with their brains in backwards, and where good is always bad, right is always wrong, up is always down, and black is always white.

    Grow up, Rubber Duckly.

  17. The cartoon says it all. Who knows what we can count on from Romney; Gingrich and Santorum fine on economy /opposing Islam but might push own religion on others; any good about Paul cancelled out by overall Looney-Level-Libertarian ideology. So it's mouth-breathing time in the voting booth again.

    But however disappointed you may be, please do not "protest" by voting for Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, it's temping to "let 'em find out the hard way" how bad a second term of this socialist muslim racist can be. But this is not a president who is naive or making mistakes. He is pursuing an ideology in which he was raised and which is aimed at ruining our consitutional form of government, our free enterprise based economy, our freedom of conscience and speech. To say nothing of what he will let his Islamic brothers get away with.

    So I'm planning to vote for AABO: Almost Anybody But Obama. ("Almost" just on the nightmarish off chance of a Paul nomination.)

  18. RRA,
    Hello! I trust that all is well with you.

    I absolutely will not vote for Obama! Four more years of this nightmare in unthinkable.

    I can't imagine that Ron Paul will get the nomination.

    That said, only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are on the primary ballot here in Virginia.

  19. Nice cartoon. I'm still hoping Santorum will gain some momentum.

    Did Michele Bachmann endorse anyone yet? Perhaps she will endorse Santorum.

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow when you have your eye procedure.

    Right Truth

  20. Hello Again,

    I know just how you and your Mrs. fee, Mr. AOW, and I agree, despite what I said above.

    But the problem is one of POLICY more than it of any one person or personality, and from what I can see -- and have been seeing for a long, long time -- if Mr. Romney wins the White House, we'll be rid of The Magic Negro, but we won't notice much if any change in the nation does business.

    Romney is like Ford, Dole, McCain, and most of the famous "northeastern" RINOS -- definitely not what we conservative-libertarians want at ALL

    It's going to take a lot more than getting rid of "Ebola" (love that!) to set things straight.

    We're going through a very depressing period. Our inability to get our act together close ranks against the crypto-Marxists and slithery-Islamophiles in our midst does not bode well for the future.

    Yes Obama is a terrible president, but he's a SYMPTOM not the CAUSE of the disease we suffer with.

    ~ FreeThinke

  21. FT,
    Yes, the time was ripe for somebody like Obama to come along.

    I've tried to like Romney (going back to 2007-2008) because I have believed that the is the most electable of the GOP candidates.

    But I can't like Romney. This is no way on which to base one's vote, but on a gut level, I find something disturbing about Romney. He's too slick! He's like a salesman to be wary of. As you put it, he's one of the "northeastern" RINOS.

    The past few days, I've had the opportunity to speak with a few friends and family members who are Independents. Every one of them is disgusted with the recent displays of vitriol on the part of the GOP candidates. The Independents don't want to vote for Obama and likely will not; instead, they'll sit out the election because they see no choice they can support on any level.

    Ah, well. We have a long way to go until November. A lot can happen between now and then.

  22. Good morning, AOW,

    I've been thinking about you. Today is the day you're going to have the YAG laser treatment, isn't it? I'm sure it will go well.

    As for politics, well it's just disgusting. I've been listening to Washington Journal (C-Span) since it started at 7:00 Am EST. The calls have been coming in about 8 to 1 in favor of a second term for Obama.

    Of course, I've long suspected C-Span, despite their ostentatious attempts to display "fairness" to all point of view, is squarely in the Democrat's Corner. Isn't just about everybody in The District of Columbia and environs? You and Mr. AOW must be notable exceptions.

    At any rate, I'm morally certain the generally dismal performance put on by the Republicans vying for the nomination -- and the manifest lack of enthusiasm for ANY of the potential candidates -- is working in Obama's favor. And of course, most of the Statistic Mills and Polling organizations are not honest. I'm sure they're fudging things every which way to give Obama the edge.

    Not much hope for a rosy future out there. BUT, as you say, a LOT can happen in the next few months. A week is a lifetime in the game of politics.

    All we can do is watch and pray -- and once again vote for the lesser of two evils. Hobson's choice really.

    ~ FreeThinke

  23. FT,
    I have to leave in less that 3 hours for my appointment with the YAG laser. Thank you for your well wishes.

    The calls have been coming in about 8 to 1 in favor of a second term for Obama.

    Can't say that I'm surprised. Disgusted, of course.

    The GOP's circular firing squad has been a disgusting display.

    This area is the bastion of liberalism. Such didn't used to be the case but clearly is now. **sigh**

  24. I'll be holding my nose while voting if Romney is our nominee.

  25. I will vote for the Mormon over the Muslim every day of the week and twice on Sunday..

    Do you think Acorn will let me register my dog?

  26. dmarks is right on the money...

    The budget was "balanced" using the surplus from the SS Fund....in any company in america using the pension fund to balance the books is oh whats the word of yeah


  27. Ducky Some of your posts in recent months had flashes of intelligence sort of like in that Robin Williams movie where the coma patients get that drug and they wake up...

    However, the comment about the conservative movement aka Tea PArty is bereft of any logic.


    Liberals like cartoons right? Just look at the cartoon that started this thread. The republican is holding his nose. Why do you think that this?

    The conservative movements isnt dead....it lacks a leader.

  28. Same story different election cycle. Looks like the GOP would put up someone who could take the conservative message and run with it and who has actually lived by it for his whole life. Too bad I am not of age! :)

  29. Gary Johnson! The rest of you can debate over who's the worsest, and take responsibility for the results. I'm voting for the best candidate. The most fiscally responsible Governor of the last quarter century? Why would we want him?

    Let's face it, the GOP is going to throw uop a quasi-Democrat sacrificial lamb against the Obama machine. Choosing the one most like him isn't the way to beat him.


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