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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Creation Of A Devotional Movement

Or, as many of us who oppose Obama often say, "A cult!" — in this case, the Cult of Obama.

Hat tip to A New Dark Age Is Dawning:

Do you need some visuals to go along with what Mark Edward Taylor contends in the video above? Watch the two short videos below the fold.

Members of a cult typically require deprogramming or exit counseling so as to return to sanity. How can the devotees of the Cult of Obama be persuaded that Obama is not "The One"?


  1. No. The cult will live on forever, in the form of tattered, faded bumper stickers of the messiah, flapping in the wind as the Obamabots drive their Government Motors cars down the road.

    Political scientists will tell you that personality always trumps facts, but I was especially disturbed to see the third-world level of cult of personality that quickly grew up around this empty suit.

    I was heartened to hear professional pundits who had lived or worked in the third-world to confirm to me that I was not the only one who saw this.

  2. Hugo Chavez is a Messiah figure here in Venezuela. I have said more than once on my blog that the parallels between Obama and Chavez are many.
    I have no idea on how we deprogram the cult.

  3. I recall in college learning about Cognitive Dissonance:

    Festinger first developed this theory in the 1950s to explain how members of a cult who were persuaded by their leader, a certain Mrs Keech, that the earth was going to be destroyed on 21st December and that they alone were going to be rescued by aliens, actually increased their commitment to the cult when this did not happen (Festinger himself had infiltrated the cult, and would have been very surprised to meet little green men). The dissonance of the thought of being so stupid was so great that instead they revised their beliefs to meet with obvious facts: that the aliens had, through their concern for the cult, saved the world instead.

    I cannot recall title of the book, but what we have going now, seems very similar

  4. Bunkerville,
    The title of the book is When Prophecy Fails.

    I haven't read that book in a long time. Maybe I'll revisit it.

  5. It's definitely a cult, the obamatons are a dumb, slavish and fawning lot.

    It's a stark difference between conservatives and them, we generally can barely stand our leaders and are almost always sniping and piling into them (which isn't always a good thing in my view), while liberals dumbly follow theirs.

  6. Look up and learn about "Bernays." Study the principles of Marxism. Study the Bolsheviks. Study the rise of Hollywood and take a good hard look at the "Kultchah" it spawned. Look up Antonio Gramsci, Study The Frankfurt School. Look up "The New York Intellectuals."

    Contemplate the meaning of "hype."

    Unionism, the Advertising Industry, the insidious rise of Cultural Marxism craftily introduced into our university system by "refugee" professors, Hollywood, the Pop Music Industry, the News and Information Industry, the complete takeover of History, Political Science, Literature in our universities by Cultural Marxists. The rise of the concept of International Law -- obviously designed to subvert and destroy our sovereignty. The latter day invention of spurious, illegitimate fields like Black Studies, Women's Studies, Queer Studies, obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with The Holocaust -- as though WE had anything to do with it. The rise of the Imperial Supreme Court. The obsession with Civil Rights -- long, long long after all the doors were forcibly open to Negroes.

    ALL of these things have worked together to bring us low and destroy our proper sense of identity. All of these things have worked together to make us ripe for the mindless acceptance of demagogue like Barack Ovomit.

    A nation that is capable of worshiping the likes of Elvis Presley, Little Richard, The Beatles, The Doors, The Mothers of Invention, The Grateful Dead, Madonna, Eminem, P. Diddy Coombs, Ludakris, Lady Gaga, and American Idol is capable of regarding coprophagia as an advanced form of gourmet cuisine.

    Obama is only a pimple on the face of the Monster that has taken over our lives -- the VIPER we have nursed in our national bosom -- and all in the names of "DECENCY," "FAIRNESS," "TOLERANCE," "SOCIAL JUSTICE."

    Out Time is at Hand!

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. The problem is these parasites have always been there. It's just that every decade or 2 or 3 a man steps out of the sewer to lead them. Think Carter, Johnson, Roosevelt...

  8. I couldn't agree more. Obama has literally created an economic meltdown of our nation, he has stomped on the constitution and even now is forcing Catholics to support abortion.

    Yet, he has such blind followers that cannot see how deceitful he truly is.

    He has done absolutely nothing positive for this nation.

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  11. As opposed to the cult of ignorance the right finds itself in these days? Or is it the cult of denial, or hate?

    And really Leticia where do you get this lying crap you post? You're really are quite the quintessential simplistic wingnut. You really think we'd be better off economically if McCain were President? We'd all be standing in bread lines! And sorry....unless you can give me concrete examples, it was Bush who stomped on the constitution.

    And yawn...no, Obama is not 'forcing Catholics to support abortion,' you twidledee.

  12. D is for DEMAGOGUE.

    D is for DEMOCRAT.

    D is for DANGEROUS.

    D is for DERANGED.

    D is for DEPRAVED.

    D is for DISORDERLY.


    D is for DEADLY.

    ~ FreeThinke

  13. L is for LIAR

    L is for LUBRICIOUS

    L is for LASCIVIOUS.

    L is for LEWD.

    L is for LAZY.

    L is for LUNATIC

    L is for LOUSY

    L is for LETHAL

    L is for LIBERAL

    ~ FreeThinke


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