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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

America's History With Islam

Hat tip to Bob Mack of Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead, for the video below the fold:

As Bob said in his post:
If Barack Obama had been Commander-In-Chief instead of “Hammering” Chuck Martel at the Battle of Tours (known sadly in jihadi lore as the Battle of the Court of the Martyrs), Western Civilization would have been extinguished in 732.
Yet, Obama continues to insist that Muslims have made contributions to America:


  1. Mr Obama responds:

    "Your history be damned. I'm writing it the way I want, when I want, and if Muslims have made extraordinary contributions, then so be it. I said it, I'll repeat it and, like Goebbels, I've been repeating it so much that more and more of you believe me. We'll see just who's laughing when I get re-elected.

    You think your weak-assed 'history' will save you from another FOUR YEARS of me? You people are so weak."


  2. I am at work, somImwill have to watch the video later, unfortunately. You are right that ifnObama had been the defender against the Muslim hoards, they would've made short work of our society! He'll, Obama would've handed them the keys to the gate!

    At the point we are at now, the Muslims don't need to invade. They know all they have to do is outbreed us.

  3. Something about the Barbary coast rings a bell with me. What is old is new once again.

  4. What is the difference between radical Islam and serial killers?

  5. Serial killers dress better...

    Thx for the link, AOW.

  6. "Serial killers dress better..."

    Good one!

  7. New blog :

  8. how unnerving AOW..Good Lord. hope alls well my friend!..xoxox

  9. That is a good one AOW. Too bad the current administration is historically ignorant.

  10. President obama can blather on all he wants about the contributions of islam, but sorry, i can't really think of anything that only muslims can do that the rest of us in the west can't do ourselves or the Indians and Chinese can't do better and cheaper.

  11. Stumbled across your blog on blogger random blog thing.

    Are you people for real?
    I thought guys like you only existed in the movies.

    I know a lot of people in my town New Canaan CT, and we have NOBODY like you people.

    I know we are a 50:50 Democrat : Republican country, but you guys are waaaay over the top !

    You should all be freeking locked up by Homeland Security.

  12. Anonymous,
    You should all be freeking [sic] locked up by Homeland Security.

    I see that you're a real believe in Freedom of Speech. **snerk**

    And you can't spell either, but I will defend your right to be stupid.

  13. I guess where bags are best, they DO look like everyone else!

  14. I agree on the last one. CAIR is the provisional wing of Hamas in the US. A terrorist organization, pure and simple.

    Is there room in Gitmo?


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