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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Even A Blind Squirrel...

finds a nut once in a while:


  1. I just found THIS over at Chuck's site. Excerpt from the first link:

    Vending machine at Pennsylvania college dispenses 'morning after' pill

    ...The vending machine at Shippensburg University's Etter Health Center that provides Plan B emergency contraceptive pills for $25 was installed after a survey found that 85 percent of student respondents supported it, according to Peter Gigliotti, the university's executive director for communications and marketing. The machine also dispenses condoms and pregnancy tests.


    Plan B is available without a prescription to anyone 17 or older. Gigliotti said that all current students at Shippensburg -- a public school of roughly 8,300 students in central Pennsylvania -- fit that criteria...

    Read the rest.

    What message do these vending machines send?

  2. Why doesn't Obama just hand out the morning after pills in a little bottle on a chain and mandate that each college student wear it around her neck in case (surprise!) she gets pregnant after having sex.

    If it can mandate what insurance plans look like and tell businesses what benefits it must provide, my fanciful idea is not so fanciful after all...

  3. The separation of church and state (not in the Constitution by the way) exists only when it suits liberals.

  4. Odie has it spot on.
    Liberals make me sick.
    Isn't this discriminatory
    "pills and abortions should be available to all stupid people, so they won't feel shame"
    Then we can give them a shiny trophy just for showing up.

  5. Thanks for the hat tip AOW. It is repulsive.

    Obama stepped in deep doo doo this time didn't he? It's the classic damned if you do/damned if you don't scenario.

    He has pissed off anybody with any care for religious freedom.

    If he retreats, which I think he will do eventually, he:

    -looks like an idiot

    -pisses off the 'abortion at any cost' far-left

    -the religious freedom people will stay pissed because he did it in the first place.

    I think the likely scenario here is Congress, including a lot of Dims looking at re-election this year, passes legislation over-riding him. He then has to decide if he wants to veto it...

  6. This is an arbitrary act and the Catholic church and all pro-life supporters are NOT going to take this sitting down, I guarantee it.

    Despicable man.

  7. Add this name to your ENEMIES LIST:

    DIANA DeGETTE, D, Colorado, who bears a close ideological and personal resemblance to Patricia Schroeder -- remember Patsy?

    What REPULSIVE woman this DeGette creature is! On C-Span right now touting Women's Right to choose Womb-Based INFANTICIDE.

    CRIB-based infanticide will be next. We wouldn't want any poor female cursed with the care of a newborn baby to be forced to endure the terrible stress it causes her when her infant starts to cry, would we?

    And then there will be the problem of sharing FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER, which are growing ever more costly, with noisy little beings who contribute nothing, are not earning any money and serve only as a drain on the household economy. When they become burdensome or too annoying, any set of parents ought to have the right to dispose of them in any way they choose, right?

    In fact once a child begins to feel more like a Nuisance than a Blessed Event, why SHOULDN'T the woman whose body gave it life be able to terminate that life at will?

    After all, surely it's an affront to Human Dignity for any woman to be required to put up with anything that displeases her, right?

    It's time for women -- that sorely oppressed class of martyred beings who've had to endure being fed, housed, clothed, sheltered, protected and otherwise supported by --- UGH! -- MEN! -- for countless centuries -- to realize that surely Woman's highest purpose in this benighted existence is the achievement of SELF-FULFILLMENT.

    Anything that stands in the way of that Supreme Goal must be EXCISED and THROWN on HISTORY'S SCRAP HEAP.

    After that the OLD, RETARDED, MENTALLY ILL, CHRONIC INVALIDS, and other MISFITS should be targeted for EXTERMINATION, right?

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    Think THIRD REICH, and you will be dead on target.

    With all this in mind the whimsical, satirical term FEMINAZI brilliantly coined by Rush Limbaugh twenty-odd years ago seems chillingly appropriate.

    DOWN with the DIANA DeGETTES of this world!

    If anyone, it is THEY who should be targeted for extermination.

    ~ FreeThinke


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