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Monday, February 27, 2012

Today's Recommended Reading

(Unrelated topic....See the post directly below this one. Absurdity abounds!)

See Former Obama Backer Now Thinks Obama More Incompetent than Keystone Kops! over at Mike's America. Mort Zuckerman, who supported Obama in 2008, has had a change of heart.


  1. Hi AOW.
    I quickly read the story and a thought came to my mind.
    I saw yesterday the first $5/ gallon sign at a US petrol station.
    Would Obama be inclined to start hostilities faster in the Middle East as the gas price climbs, in order to blame the high cost of petrol on the conflict?
    Cause you know he's never to blame for anything.

  2. Mortie has always been a squish. He was also suckered into the Madoff investment scam.

    The man is naif. I don't know how he ended up being a millionaire.

  3. What a story!!!

    My prediction: Obama wiil secretly and by executive order at midnight on a holiday, ect, open the strategic oil reserve to ease prices shortly before November. National security be damned, the election is coming!

  4. Why do these people wait until they unload Obama on us to come to their senses?

  5. I had heard this, but hadn't read the article. If Obama wasn't facing re-election he could care less about soaring gas prices. Should he win in November you can bet the farm that prices will "necessarily skyrocket"! That's been his plan all the while!

  6. After all those years of reviews, the dastardly Republicans had the nerve to expect Obama to take a decision. How disrespectful of the Republicans.

  7. The rats leave the ship first, usually to save themselves.

  8. Bush added 5 trillion to the debt. Obama added 1.3 to bail us out of the mess the GOP created.

  9. No matter what happens, it's always someone else's fault. And, there will be no shortage of people willing to lies for him.

  10. Maybe Obama supporters are finally seeing the light.

    Right Truth

  11. What in Heaven's Name happened to the fourth post down?

    What is THAT all about?

    Russian SPAM?

    ~ FreeThinke

  12. FT,
    I deleted the spam comment.

    I'm sure that I'll see even more spam comments with word verification off. Ah, well. I'll keep up with deleting spam comments the best that I can.

  13. Don't believe evrything the media feeds us. especially concerning polls about popularity. Seems to me a lot of people that voted for him have now jumped ship, most notably Raul Emanuel. The Lamestream Media is trying so hard to social engineer everybody into voting for the turd again...even with their polling showing him ahead. It's all a farce and i know Americans are gonna turf this loser in Nov.


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