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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Occupy CPAC

Found at Mike's America:

They don't know who is paying them, and they don't know what they're protesting.

You can't make this stuff up.


  1. Ralph Nader is not the devil. Ron Paul is not the devil. And people who support them are NOT devil worshippers.

    OWS supporters are NOT devil's either. They are hyper-partisans who have been TOLD that CPAC is the devil. And so they, like others on the Right (who shall remain nameless), try and prevent the "other's" message from being heard.

    Left and Right BOTH have their demonizers. Don't listen to ANY of them. We're ALL Americans. We should ALL be allowed to express our opinions in a RESPECTFUL and rational manner.

  2. ...and if the Unions want to spend their members hard earned dues hiring people to shout down Americans, well that says more about Union leadership than anyone protesting CPAC.

    If I were a Union member, this tactic would motivate me to lobby my legislators to become a Right to Work state. DC and Maryland are not, Virginia is. Only 22 states allow union members to freely contribute to unionized employers. In 28 states, the union leaders have a monopoly and can get away with dirty tricks like this.

  3. ...so don't blame the "protestors" for not knowing what they were protesting. If they didn't show up and get paid, the union has the power to keept them from getting any future work.

    The poor guy who told the truth on the video will likely get blacklisted and never work again.

  4. "Power goes to two poles -- to those who've got the money and those who've got the people."—Saul Alinsky

    The good news is that since the union is paying its' protestors... this constitutes an admission that the unions DON'T have the people on this issue.

  5. ...and sometimes they show up four times in a row.

  6. OWS: ignorant, unionized and PAID.


    Could you pretty please expand your comments box?

  7. BZ,
    I tried expanding the comments box but found that such an expansion doesn't accommodate posts with over 200 comments. Or so it seems.

  8. FJ said:

    The poor guy who told the truth on the video will likely get blacklisted and never work again.

    Assuming that he really is a member of the union.

    Who knows?

  9. BZ,
    FYI....Here at my blog, there are two recent threads that ran over 200 comments. When I expanded the comments format, all comments over 200 were invisible. Am I missing something that I should be seeing as to how to allow all the comments to show if using the larger format?

  10. Usually, I recommend that my students attend CPAC.

    I didn't this year and was asked last week by a parent, "Why not?"

    My reply: "The Occupiers. I don't want students to bring home fleas and lice."

  11. Who knows?

    Christian charity demands that we take him at his word... but we do open ourselves up to being manipulated that way.

  12. Brietbart said it best, freaks. Neanderthals are a step ahead of these creatures on the left as they went quietly knowing their time was up.

  13. There is a legitimate reason for protesting "Wall Street," since "Wall Street" -- meaning many of it's leading "movers and shakers" -- is in BED with BIG GOVERNMENT practicing "Croney Capitalism" -- a perverse, distorted version of the real thing that Rigs the Game against ordinary citizens people and honest investors trying to use the system to improve their financial prospects buying shares in companies that have genuine growth potential because of the quality and mass appeal of their products.

    Croney Capitalism is not Free Market Capitalism at all, but rather a devious method of manipulating the market to the great advantage of the oligarchs -- or "in" group -- who managed by hook and by crook to got their filthy hands on the levers of power.

    So, the impetus for OWS is not only legitimate, it is desperately NEEDED. Unfortunately, the leftist elements, who respect nothing and will stop at nothing to gain leverage, have muscled in -- hijacked, if you will -- what-might-have-been a good thing, and have succeeded as they always seem to do in giving it a vile image and a bad name.

    It isn't that "Wall Street" is so pure, noble, high-minded and altruistic that it should be held immune from criticism or protest, but rather that these PARTICULAR protestors are illegitimate.

    I do NOT think they represent ALL of those behind OWS by a long shot anymore than a stupid, drunken Irishman, a lazy, shiftless Negro, a crafty, money-grubbing Jew -- or a snooty, unfeeling, uncharitable WASP should be said to represent EVERYONE in his particular ethnic group.

    This eagerness to CONDEMN and VILIFY instead of wanting to find the truth behind superficial appearances is the key to what's destroying our country and all of Western Civilization.

    The internecine warfare going on right now among Republicans == what AOW wittily calls their "Circular Firing Squad" approach to debate -- is a great case in point.


    ~ FreeThinke

  14. That sure do make a mess and endanger innocent Americans wherever they go.

    Right Truth

  15. AOW: here's how:

    1. From Dashboard, go into SETTINGS
    2. From there, go into COMMENTS
    3. Under COMMENT FORM PLACEMENT click on the FULL PAGE radio button

    Voila! Done!

    I'm unaware of any comment number limitation. . .


  16. AOW, CPAC would have been a great venue for your students.

    White supremacist race baiter Peter Brimelow and others of his ilk made quite a speaking splash.

  17. BZ,
    The limit of 200 comments applies when I expand the format for comments. One can get to comments over 200, but doing so requires knowing a few tricks.

    In a few days, if things remain calm here at my site (as I have requested), I'll go to the full page methods. Rarely do I get over 200 comments, but recently two posts have run over that limit displayed. One post ran on -- to 850 comments!

  18. FT,
    In my view, crony capitalism has so perverted the free enterprise system that the generation growing up now cannot possibly maintain the standard of living their parents and grandparents enjoyed. Upward mobility has become a thing of the past. The death of the middle class is closing in on us.

    My generation and the next are the last to enjoy the best that America has offered: "gone and ain't comin' back" (Bruce Springsteen in "My Hometown"). That song was written in the 1980s, and we are now reaping the terrible GDP consequences of outsourcing our manufacturing.

    Greed for money and greed for power (the push for oligarchy) have ever been part of human history. But now those forces really are in control.

    Who on that Circular Firing Squad, the GOP field of candidates for 2012, has the least understanding of the struggles of the middle class or of the lower class? They sit up there in their ivory towers and don't have a clue as to what's going on here on the ground.

    These candidates actually believe that there is a safety net.

    Meanwhile, people who have worked all their lives are going belly up. I'm not only referring to the unemployed.

    We peons are just theory to them -- not citizens, not people.

    The same goes for the Democrats in power.

    I read this morning that Obama's budget increases both taxes and the deficit. Down, down, down our ailing economy continues to spin.

    I'm glad that I'm as old as I am. I won't live to see the worst of what's going to happen. If I can keep from living and dying under the bridge, I'll be content.

  19. AOW, I can only echo the thoughts in your last paragraph.

    I used to regret never having had children. Now I feel truly glad -- for THIER sakes if not for mine.

    Here's a link that came my way just his morning. It has little to do with this discussion -- but maybe everything to do with it looked at another way. It's called This Is My Nana. Old age at it's very best -- unfortunately it's a privilege given to few, but still a joy to see:


    I imagine your Mister will get a kick out of it too.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. FT,
    I used to regret never having had children. Now I feel truly glad -- for THIER sakes if not for mine.

    That's what Mr. AOW and I think too.

    I'll check that video. Thanks!

  21. FT,
    And Louise Neistat is still going strong at 92!

    Of course, the truth is that most of that age are not going strong. That is not to say that the video wasn't uplifting and a testimony to what human beings can do.

    I saw the other day that George H.W. Bush, who used to be such an example of health old age, is now in a wheelchair. Parkinsonism, I think. Yes, he was jumping out of airplanes at a ripe old age. But age DID catch up with him. **sigh**

  22. So sorry to hear about Old George Bush! I hadn't heard about it, but he has to be what? -- at least 85 or 87 by now. So, bearing in mind that all of us are mortal, he's had a good long run -- especially for a MAN.

    Women usually live longer lives, and in many ways have proved themselves to be the stronger sex.

    My two grandpas were the exceptions that proved the rule. Both smoked and drank, albeit moderately. Neither had the "benefit" of all the medical knowledge that's come in since the fifties, and both lived to age 90. On the other hand both my grandmas died at 63.

    Their lives were far less complicated than ours but maybe more fulfilling. They were never influenced by Freud and the doctrines of Self-Help, Self-Actualization and Self Fulfillment.

    And they had the good sense, despite having had little formal education, to DESPISE Franklin Delano Roosevelt and The NEW DEAL.

    By the way way, both sets of grandparents came from very different ethnic backgrounds and didn't like each other very much.

    ~ FT

    PS: The verification word is MATURIN. Unbelievable!

  23. Then, AOW, I stand corrected. Perhaps there is no "fix" for this. . .


  24. BZ,
    Blogger does have limitations when it comes to format.

    However, over the years, Blogger has made many improvements. Maybe they'll improve the comments formatting as well.

  25. AOW, we conservatives get it as far as our government is out of balance. The problem is getting the leftists to understand the Democrats are not the party of the poor. They are deep into crony Capitalism. Obama just proposed a fanciful budjget that only calls for debt to exceed 107% of GDP and these "walking organ donors" think that is ok......

    Solving the budget problem is easy first your start with ending base line budgetting which I believe already passed the House. Good Luck getting past Harry "voter fraud got me elected" Reid and the Communist Party. Do not even try to explain it to a Democrat you will only frustrate yourself....


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