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Monday, May 2, 2022

The COVID "Vaccines"

Over and over again, we hear that the COVID vaccines — not really vaccines in the traditional sense — prevent severe illness, hospitalization, or worse.   Statements so laudatory of the COVID vaccines are not based on science, however. Rather, they are merely feel-good statements based on emotion or perhaps a  manifestation of magical thinking.


If you got the COVID vaccines and had no ill effects, good for you No sarcasm implied or intended.  

My situation is different.

You see, prior to the arrival of COVID, I already had a history of two severe reactions to live vaccines: (1) after a live vaccine at 6 months of age, I had febrile seizures, followed by over a week in pediatric intensive care; (2) after a live vaccine for chickenpox at age 64, I developed a problem with my renal system, to the point that I required surgery. Because of the latter development, a neurologist, a urologist, and a primary-care doctor all stated, independently of each other: "No more live vaccines for you!"  Not a single one of the aforementioned doctors is an anti-vaxxer.   
Then along came COVID-19. In March of 2021, my primary-care doctor ruled out my having any mRNA vaccine. In his words: "MRNA vaccines are not exactly live, but they are close to that. Considering your history with vaccines, let's go with the J&J shot."  A risk-benefit analysis. 

My significant reaction to the COVID vaccine didn't set in until about 3 weeks later, and I've yet to fully recover from the respiratory issues that arose.  When I informed my doctor as to the negative effects I was experiencing, he said: "Worse than many, but not as bad as some."  Of course, followed by "Call 911 if you need to."  

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should have stuck with social-distancing only.  

So far, I haven't needed medical intervention. 

Now, with the passage over a year, we are hearing more and more that there are indeed people who have had severe problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Consider the following information (only two samples of many I could have chosen):

and, albeit over 10 minutes long;

Full disclosure: some sources have discredited the above and have deemed it "misinformation" or "disinformation."  Is it, though?

The fact remains that we don't know what we don't know.  Furthermore, that little bit of information about FDA's wanting to put a 75-year lock on certain information related to COVID vaccines does not promote confidence in Big Pharma's products.  See this article.   

Whatever the truth about COVID-19 vaccines, all of us should be able to see that experts are contradicting experts — and sometimes experts contradict themselves within as little as 48 hours!  "The science is evolving."  Or something.

I can't advise you as to what to do about these vaccines for yourself or for your children (or grandchildren).  But I know that I'll have to think long and hard about getting any kind of booster.

I'll close this post with the following, relevant to more than vaccinations per se....

In 1901, Churchill wrote to H.G. Wells: 
Nothing would be more fatal than for the government of states to get into the hands of the experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge: and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who knows only what hurts is a safer guide, than any vigorous direction of a specialised character. Why should you assume that all except doctors, engineers, etc. are drones or worse?


  1. (((Thought Criminal)))May 2, 2022 at 2:42:00 AM CDT

    I'm still not vaxxed. I came down with Covid (it sucks, don't recommend) right before Thanksgiving and it beat my ass daily until right before Christmas. Haven't been sick since.

    1. TC,
      Yeah, Covid itself can be a real bitch -- as we saw in my family when the one relative was down for the count for nearly two weeks. A strong and healthy man under the age of 60 with one comorbidity (hypertension under control).

      Interesting fact about my cousin and his family: nobody else in that household of five came down with coronavirus -- and my cousin got sick and COVID-confirmed during the days of no vaccine. Even his wife, who waited on him hand and food and has the comorbidity of Graves Disease, didn't catch the ripley. Hmmmm....

    2. (((Thought Criminal)))May 2, 2022 at 8:13:00 AM CDT

      I smoke like a chimney. The French discovered nicotine prevents sprke protein attachment ;)

    3. TC,
      I heard something about nicotine vs. spike protein attachment a while back.

    4. AOW! I have a friend whose husband, very healthy 65 yr old, before the vaxes came out, died of covid....after he'd given it to her. She only had 3 days of no taste, no smell.....healthy ever since. You mentioned how your cousin got it and others didn't...that's the TRULY crazy thing about COVID....people in the same house don't get it from those who are sick SO OFTEN....it's astonishing; it has to be something about immune systems ....but it feels almost as if it's more than that. what, I don't know!!

    5. Z,
      And here's something else....

      Although I didn't think much about it till lately, when my asthma flared up after some 60 years, I've always had a somewhat impaired immune system akin to autoimmune disease (Lupus is a severe one). I've had allergies from the moment I popped out of Mom's womb: allergic to mother's milk (!!!), food allergies (including bananas and dill weed), other allergies (and severe ones documented by scratch tests), and, of course, my kidney disease (which affects my immune system). My immune system appears to over-ramp itself. Maybe that's why I reacted to the COVID vaccine, and my Warren did not.

      Just a thought which sipping my morning coffee.

    6. Z,
      it has to be something about immune systems ....but it feels almost as if it's more than that. what, I don't know!!

      Some scientists are convinced that COVID-19 is a bioweapon in development. Is that true? Could be, but I doubt anyone will own up to doing such a thing.

  2. Agree on all points made. The big "however." I feel obligated to comment only because of my personal experience. For those who have serious health issues, are over 70, who live in situations which can be considered "high risk" of exposure to Covid, the path to a decision in the vaccine should not come so easily. As many may know I live in a "congregate" living situation. "With others." We were having a high morbidity and mortality rate. AKA dropping like flies. After the second "shot" of Moderna last April, the deaths stopped as well as the Covid illness until the last month or two.. We are now getting some Covid which is similar to colds at this point.
    Getting Covid without being vaccinated is no guarantee that there will not be long term sequelae as my Doctor as indicated. It is one of the least talked about aspect to it.
    For those who are not at risk fine. For others, good luck not drawing the short straw.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Glad that the vaccines have worked out for you!

      As I mentioned in the body of the blog post, my primary-care doctor in Virginia -- the best physician I'm ever known who takes time to get acquainted with all his patients -- did a careful risk-benefit analysis. We forgot about the asthma, however. See below, although the asthma was so far in my past that we might have disregarded it anyway.

      I have three "comorbidities": hypertension, kidney disease, seasonal asthma that hadn't bothered me for decades (but does now), and age (turned 70 in February 2022). The hypertension and kidney disease are under control -- unless something shows up in my next bloodwork for the renal issues. I do not live in a congregate living situation, which has to be a consideration, I'm sure. The Virginia relatives I'm closest to, however, have significant comorbidities, including CHF.


      I was in the process of packing up to move, and my primary-care doctor considered that factor, too.

      The way things were going in the D.C. area back in March 2020, there was a strong possibility that moving companies might have balked at packing me up (full pack). Germophobes and lemmings abound in the land of the federal bureaucracy! Fortunately, during the move itself, my vaccine side effects were minimum -- only a little bit of nuisance; the asthma, which hadn't troubled me much at all for nearly 60 years, crept up on me to become significant (but easy to control so far).

    2. I am so sorry to hear that you were not one of the fortunate ones. In my case, I do believe the so called "jab" probably kept me alive to this point. I might add that my pulmonologist has spoken to me about the huge amount of patients they have seen with lung issues that have gotten Covid without "vaccination." My Doc says as well that any Covid patient that is admitted to the hospital is assumed has or will get a clot. Vaccinated or not and is tested.
      This is a bizarre creation on man... Wishing you well.

    3. BUnkerville...I appreciate your comment so much. I agree; hospitalizations and deaths from COVID are WAY down and yet some still feel that's not true. But, it's hard to discuss this truth. I get the feeling there's a 'one upmanship' about who got it and who didn't and you were smarter if you didn't....most doctors wouldn't agree. And AOW's correct; many diseases we've ALL been vax'd for have caused terrible problems in some. NOT MOST. The only friends i have who died from COVID were not vaccinated...one, before the vax came out, the other, by choice. Both in their late Sixties and in excellent health otherwise. I'm glad you've been okay.....

    4. There is a very tight correlation between getting the vax and hospitalization and death. Death rates for vaxxed people were way lower than death and hospitalization rates for the unvaxxed. That is a statistical fact, and I'm not a big fan of the vax.

      I got the J&J last year and never got a booster and never will unless forced to as a condition of employment. I am not independently wealthy; I need my job.

      My booster was when I got covid this past February.

      The data also show that the vaccine does not prevent people from getting and spreading covid, so the vaccine is no longer a public health issue, it is a personal issue.

  3. (((Thought Criminal)))May 2, 2022 at 6:42:00 AM CDT

    I eat a lot of Chinese food. :P

  4. Sounds to me like you've received some extra-diegetic information placing you within the Dead Space of the intra-diegetic world you currently inhabit. Just wait until the game server's host applies his extra-diegetic "social credit scoring system algorithms" and censors your extra-diegetic Dead Space to receive only the game world's intra-diegetic information and rendering you into a completely inter-passive NPC (non-playing caharacter)... :P

    Diegesis In video games</b?
    In video games "diegesis" comprises the narrative game world, its characters, objects and actions which can be classified as "intra-diegetic", by both being part of the narration and not breaking the fourth wall. Status icons, menu bars and other UI which are not part of the game world itself can be considered as "extra-diegetic"; a game character does not know about them even though for the player they may present crucial information. A noted example of a diegetic interface in video games is that of the Dead Space series, in which the player-character is equipped with an advanced survival suit that projects holographic images to the character within the game's rendering engine that also serve as the game's user-interface to the player to show weapon selection, inventory management, and special actions that can be taken.

    1. It help's understand if you're curious as to why mr. ducky was always so interested in film studies...

    2. I'm afraid we have an "unreliable narrator" (ABC/ NBC/ CBS/ PBS). I no longer understand we we listen to him. ;(


    3. FJ,
      Welcome the the New Society of Control.

      I will check out that video after I get off the phone. On hold to speak to IRS. Ugh.

    4. In the 21st Century, this has become literally true

      Shakespeare, "Merchant of Venice" (Act I, Sc i)

      Antonio: I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano;
      A stage where every man must play a part,
      And mine a sad one.

      Shakespeare, "As You Like It (Act II, Sc iiv)"

      Jacques: All the world's a stage,
      And all the men and women merely Players;
      They have their Exits and their Entrances,
      And one man in his time plays many parts,
      His Acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
      Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
      Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
      And shining morning face, creeping like snail
      Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
      Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
      Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
      Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
      Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
      Seeking the bubble reputation
      Even in the cannon's mouth
      . And then the justice,
      In fair round belly with good capon lined,
      With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
      Full of wise saws and modern instances;
      And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
      Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
      With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
      His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
      For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
      Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
      And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
      That ends this strange eventful history,
      Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
      Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

      The Great Author has taken a nap.


    5. ...and we peons as mere consumers of entertainment and culture, are simply an "audience" for the now ever-proliferating and quasi entertaining performances of activists that build the world of the media "newscasters" in our diegetic world/ hyper-reality. Just buy the Merch!


    6. ...or as Dr. Fauci would say, "Either BUY my Vaccine merch voluntarily, or I'll have to get King Biden to MANDATE that you buy it!"

    7. (((Thought Criminal)))May 2, 2022 at 12:29:00 PM CDT

      These promises of new government rifle-butting-people-in-the-face jobs never pan out. Damn service workers unions have the labor costs too high.

  5. Both me and my wife take many meds due to issues. We make sure these meds do not come from China as we do not trust any generics from China. We both have spent years researching when there is something "sprung" on us by the medical community so it does not affect us. My wife had spent years working for a Doctor so she is really good at all medical aspects.
    When we first heard of COVID we started to check it out and what cleared it. We found quickly HQC, Ivermectin, and Z-packs were being given by various Doctors across the country as they discussed it on the internet but then all of these were taken down. What the Docs had said is the fix cleared the problem cheaply in a few days. I have a personal Doctor not tied to a large business practice and gave her the info.
    We also found Fauci had sent US Tax money to an outside organization that went to China's Wuhan Lab to create the COVID bio-weapon and release it on the world.
    BigPharma got US tax dollars to create vaccines but they also got protection from lawsuits as normal vaccines require 5 years of testing before being released to the public, once released if there is 50-100 deaths or issues they are pulled from the market. None of this happened as the vaccines created are not normal, they are not stopping the COVID, and they are causing death and issues, plus in the future we have no idea on what they will do.

    1. JG,
      BigPharma got US tax dollars to create vaccines but they also got protection from lawsuits as normal vaccines require 5 years of testing before being released to the public...plus in the future we have no idea on what they will do.


      We who got vaccinated had a paper to sign at the time we received the vaccine. I wonder how many people read and understand that paper?

  6. I have had one heart attack and five strokes. I have rather severe lung disease which has destroyed 40% of one lung and 50% of the other. I have Parkinson's. I have had Covid-19 not requiring hospitalization. Fever of 104 and loss of 15 pounds due to not eating. It damaged the gas transfer in my lungs and my blood oxygen is chronically low; 97% at best and sometimes as low as 92%. I am NOT vaccinated, which annoys my wife a bit.

    She is vaccinated x 4 now, and does not harass me to get the shot. She merely says fairly infrequently that she worries about me not having it. I gently discouraged her from getting the shot, but that wasn't the hill I wanted my marriage to die on. So much for background.

    The only, only reason justifying a mandate would be that the vaccine prevents, or at least significantly reduces, the spread of the disease. We know, and the government admits, that none of the Covid vaccines does that at all. At best it prevents hospitalization and death," and even that claim is questionable. That makes the vaccine mandate entirely illegal, even if it did not cause illness or death. Which it most certainly does.

    1. Jayhawk,
      The only, only reason justifying a mandate would be that the vaccine prevents, or at least significantly reduces, the spread of the disease. We know, and the government admits, that none of the Covid vaccines does that at all.

      Indeed! Yet our so-called leaders plow ahead. It won't be long before children as young as age 5 have to be vaccinated to attend school. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!

    2. I did a post back in October that may be of interest. Stats from a local hospital.
      COVID Stats: Number of Hospitalized Patients- Percent Vax, Non-Vax, ICU Non- ICU, and Vent Non-Vent. Might be of interest. The numbers reflect months of stats that I was following.


  7. Speaking for myself, I’m fully aware of the issues — and I understand all the attendant complexities; or I think I do. These two MDs add nothing to any productive conversation ... they only confuse people more. I keep wondering ... why?

    1. Mustang,
      These two MDs add nothing to any productive conversation ... they only confuse people more.

      Well, the information presented is a stranger to many who hopped in line to get the vaccines -- especially the mRNA vaccines.

      BTW, in my case, as far as I know, what happened with me was not conveyed to VAERS. Should my information have been reported?

    2. Why? Everyone wants to become an "authentic" Auteur. now... an "Influencer".

    3. AOW, thank you for posting this. I am really trusting the Lord. When I prayed about getting the vaxs back in 2021 I believe the Lord lead me to use wisdom. Being practical, but also God forgive me a worrier at times, I took the two jabs and the booster. When they began saying we need a fourth booster my wisdom from the Lord kicked in again and said no way. My doctor first wanted me to take it this month then changed his mind and said when it is cold. Around the time I normally take a flu shot - (see my response to Bunker) - anyhow he told me I need a shingles shot (the new one that is killing people) and a pnuemonia shot and why - "because you are getting older." NO WAY NOT DOING IT! I will take my flu shot and thats it. Furthermore, I have to find the link, but my hubby John heard a doctor on Fox News say yesterday that the vaccine causes cancer because it suppresses the immune system and also leaves it wide open for Omnicron, which is what the booster is supposed to protect you from. Am I sorry I took the vaxs and booster, no, but I am done. I won't be taking any more vaccines. Furthermore, as I write this I may not take the flu shot on second thought. If they cannot kill us one way, they will try another way. I am begininning to wonder about population control. China is really into that as you know with their now one baby limit. China virus can go to HELL!

    4. Also, I know about what's happened to you and I did not realize you are still suffering those bad effects ... I thought they had disipated some. I am keeping you my prayers my friend.

    5. Layla, I did begin my comment with “Speaking for myself.” Sorry if I pissed you off.

      My chief complaint is that the government and health care agencies have so thoroughly botched up Joe America’s understanding of COVID that we are at the point now where no one trusts anything doctors or the government lackies are telling them. Nor should they. Trust must be earned. My genuine concern is that these doctors have not clarified anything — at least, not in my mind. My dear friend AOW is definitely in touch with her medical situation. Not everyone is. I personally feel for the tens of thousands of Americans who after two years know less today than they did in 2020 about COVID.

      You’re right to remind us that doctors aren’t gods. In God we trust; everyone else pays cash. I do trust my personal physician (otherwise, he wouldn’t be my personal physician), and that’s who people should be relying on for COVID truth ... not a video of someone we’ve never heard of before who talks a mile a minute. Do most people even know what the Bradford Hill Criteria is? Finally, my guess is that the first stop on Nina Jankowicz’ rounds as the new Ministry of Truth Czar will be the home of Doctor of Philosophy Naomi Wolf, who will no doubt be arrested and tortured until she stops being a deceptive conservative. Heck, I’m surprised they even allow Wolf to live in San Francisco.


    6. You're funny! You did not piss me off! Wow! Just saying have some compassion. No problems here. :)

    7. Mustang, I totally agree; listen to your doctor about covid. You trust him enough to put your life in his hands for other things....also, my doc has had the vax and he's not suicidal :-)

    8. Mustang and Z I also agree with that. However, I find nothing wrong with listening to these videos. People need to educate themselves. It is not our responsibility to hold their hand. They must learn for themselves and if they do not know what that foundation is then look it up. But all information can be credible and take it to your doctor as I do with mine and discuss it with him/her.

    9. The above "Anonymous" is me.

    10. Mustang,
      Feelings about this topic run high. So much is at stake! Including our very lives.

      BTW, all my life I've had to be in touch with medical situations: first, for my parents (Mom, only 44 years old, had a series of 8 heart attacks starting when I was 8 years old) and, of course for Mr. AOW (brain surgery at age 44 and major stroke at age 59). I had to advocate for Mom and Mr. AOW -- baptism by fire, I tell you.

      I've also been very lucky to have primary-care physicians who listen to me and treat the whole patient. We need more such doctors, IMO.

    11. Layla,
      I try not to whine. And I've found that a bronchodilator is working wonders. I'm hopeful that things with my asthma will abate once the pollen season is over.

  8. Several decades ago when I was in Healthcare, the reports each week that came out from Morbidity Mortality Reports (think that was the publication) would include the number of adverse reactions and deaths from all the vaccines everyone was given. Very straight forward. It still sticks in my mind that there were over 300 cases of polio from the vaccine and a number of deaths. I will keep searching. This comes as close to it... the last sentence "even death"


    1. I went for my check-up today Bunker and what did my doctor do, tell me get the Booster in the fall (will not) I have had the two jabs and one booster. Furthermore I am refusing to get the pnuemonia and shingles shots too. When I mentioned to my doctor that the new shingles shot out there is killing people he told me "not to worry." Really. Well, to be honest, the only shot I will take is the flu shot as I have every year since I turned 50 awhile back. That's it. Information, good information, misinformation. Wow how confusing. Thanks for the link.

    2. Bunkerville,
      If I recall correctly, it was the "sugar cube' polio vaccine (oral vaccine) was the culprit. My parents insisted that I not get the live vaccine for polio.

  9. Bottom line from Pfizer's own data: for every 22,000 people vaxxed, 1 less person died from Covid. At least from the variety around during the trial. Current British health system data show that people in my age range are 115% MORE likely to die from Covid if vaxxed. In my husband's age group it's 155% more likely to die. Glad we didn't jump on the bandwagon before the smoke cleared.

    Pfizer trumpeted this one trial datum ad nauseum. What they didn't advertise, and what only came out in FOIA requested data Pfizer fought tooth and nail in court to keep private for 75 years, is that for every 1 life the vax saved from Covid, 5 additional people died from heart attacks. Since I'm also a clotter, I'm really glad I waited for the smoke to clear! Thousands of clotting abnormalities reported.

    Layla noted another big omission in Pfizer's PR push. The vax suppresses much of the immune system. Pfizer FOIA dumps said 7 days. Others who have tested individuals have gauged it varies from 7-30 days. No wonder pathologists are getting a surge in tissue samples and seeing upticks in rare and once-in-remission cancers. Not going there now. Dr. Ryan Cole has definitive presentations on it.

    Sadly, I am close to a person who was seriously vax injured. Diagnosis: Vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Yup. AIDS. Runs a business a lot of people depend on, too. My husband's trainer was also injured. She had such scary neurological stuff going on after #1 she refused the 2nd dose. And her doctor concurs completely.

    Forcing all people into a one size fits all 'solution' while ignoring effective treatment has been a disaster in health and in lost trust. I will never look at a hospital group the same way again. Ditto for CDC or NIH for whom I had a reasonably high regard.

  10. And for Mustang: Yes, Dr. McCullough talks too fast. But he's got the impeccable credentials and clinical experience to address the issue squarely and fairly.

    While Fauci was promoting fear and panic, hunker down and wait for the vaccine to save you (and Moderna from demise), destroying lives and the economy, Dr. McCullough was one of several fine clinicians developing successful covid treatment protocols. He published the first protocols of sequenced multidrug treatment of covid in 2020 and has 56 peer-reviewed publications on the subject.

    He is an internist and cardiologist with a clinical practice who has treated many actual covid patients, including himself, and later vaccine injured ones (the clotting injuries often land them with a cardiologist) who - shockingly - often respond to similar protocols. He is one of the most published cardiologists today, including pieces in NEJM, JAMA and Lancet; is the editor of two medical journals (Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine); and was a professor of medicine at Texas A&M until he refused to stop speaking truth.

    Significantly, Dr. McCullough has served as a Member of or the Chair of Data Safety Monitoring Boards of 24 randomized clinical trials. The purpose of a DSMB is to protect the safety of drug trial participants. When he speaks out on the slipshod manner of the vaccine trials he knows what he's talking about.

    For a more thorough perspective see his interview on Joe Rogan. https://covid19.onedaymd.com/2021/12/dr-peter-mccullough-fact-check-and.html


    1. Baysider, Thank you so much for your excellent comments!

  11. Received by email:

    Your comments section seems locked up.

    Here is my comment:

    My family chose not to receive the vaccine because of the manner in which the vaccine quickly moved from the research phase to market. The human trials were truncated and insufficient time was allowed to study long term outcomes. Longitudinal studies and evidence-based outcomes are the only means of assuring efficacy and safety.

    Most likely, every rule ever devised to set boundaries on vaccine research were violated during the process.

    From Tammy Swofford of The Last English Prince.

  12. Kirsch is right. It's also now a big all cause mortality issue, which is much higher in the vaccinated. That was true in the trials, and still is. Now multiple major insurance companies report 20-50% higher life insurance payouts in the working age range of 18-64, in group life insurance, in the later parts of 2021. They are 'mystified' because these aren't covid deaths.


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