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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Baby Formula Shortage?

The top and bottom shelf look like apple juice or applesauce (I could be wrong), but the middle shelf is baby formula.


  1. Parents are having to go for miles for baby formula..HERE, not on the border. And, with the cost of gas, this isn't going over well. Honestly, the way Biden is screwing Americans on SO much, it's like the Republicans won't have to campaign....the Left's doing it for them.

    1. Z,
      Maybe feeding at mother's breast -- or wet nurses -- is what's going to have to happen.

    2. That would cause havoc....Many women can't, or won't...And, many babies can't take mother's milk

    3. yep, not always possible. please be sensitive to mothers who tried to breastfeed without success, they already feel bad enough. And of course, it's not as if you can turn your milk supply back on once bottle feeding's been established.
      I never considered wetnursing, and my children are no longer babies; but my reflex reaction to the idea of wetnursing is very negative.

    4. I was one of those babies who was allergic to mother's milk -- although nobody at the time (1952) knew much about food allergies. The culprit in my mother's milk? Likely something to do with all the bananas she ate. I am allergic to bananas because I can't digest a particular enzyme. An old farmer's wife solved the problem by bringing over milk from one of her cows -- a particular one of her cows.

      Now, my mother went back to work when I was about a month old; she had only a few more years before she could retire from the federal government. In anticipation of her return to work and before she fully understood my food allergy, she had all the breast pump stuff so that I could continue on getting mother's milk.

      From what I see of today's new mothers, many don't breastfeed because of the inconvenience as above.

    5. Jez,
      my reflex reaction to the idea of wetnursing is very negative

      Wet nurses go way back in history....

      Many children in the American South had Mammies who were wet nurses.

      And then there was the reality of mothers of newborns dying at birth or shortly after birth even well into the 20th Century. This was the case for one of Dad's half-sisters, whose mother died of gestational diabetes shortly after childbirth (around 1901). A wet nurse was easily found through the Church of Brethren.

  2. Just hearing the WH blame the formula shortage on a factory which was apparently contaminated. On top of all the food processing plants which have recently had burning, explosions, planes crashing into them, I find it REALLY 'odd' that something we've probably never heard of, "Recalls of formula?," happened just RECENTLY... They're saying the decision to stop releasing formula was to SAVE BABIES' LIVES....sounds great, doesn't it? And, of course, it would be PRUDENT if this whole line, this amazing coincidence, is true.

    1. Word among the border agents has it that more shipments of baby formula are headed to the border.

    2. if ONLY some Republicans beside this woman would REVEAL ALL THIS INFORMATION...that is IF mainstream media would even TELL people about it. I often put CNN on to see what's up there..UKRAINE UKRAINE UKRAINE...24/7......anything to not have to tell the nightmare truths HERE :-(

    3. Z,
      You just cited one reason that I'm so frustrated with the GOP!

    4. AOW, I know that the majority rules in Congress but what's happening NOW makes it RIDICULOUS! WHen we have SUCH an enormous problem at the border and many people don't even know....and we have this HORRIBLE problem with baby formula that's not being covered at some venues..etc etc. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS? I know it matters that FOX has them on and they can rant, but while a LOT of Dems are now watching FOX, it's still mostly preaching to the choir!

    5. The propagandists don't let grass grow under their feet when an opportunity to feed the gullible at the expense of their favorite scapegoats, those leaching illegal immigrants, comes along.

      One reason the Biden admin might be sending baby formula to feed detained babies at the boarder could be because it's the law. The Trump admin did the same when they pulled babies from their mom's tit prior to caging them.

      And of course there's the reality that not sending nourishment would mean they'd starve. I suppose by today's so-called conservative thinking, that's okay since they're already born.

    6. Preferable would be to impose a no nonsense border policy. Right now, our government is de-facto cooperating with cartels, criminal gangs and human traffickers.

      Our stupid and irresponsible policies are a multi-billion dollar boon to criminal gangs.

  3. RJW... this is such an interesting issue. Young children, who yes, arrive at the border seeking asylum or to immigrate here with their relatives are by law, held at the center for a certain amount of time as their case winds through the system.

    And as you mentioned, the LAW dictates that we feed and care for them in a humane manner.

    I'm assuming that mean we should feed them. And if they are infants, doesn't that mean formula?

    I get that people are angry at the ongoing formula shortage, but are folks really arguing for us to not feed those kids?

    I don't know what to think.

    1. "I get that people are angry at the ongoing formula shortage, but are folks really arguing for us to not feed those kids?"

      Well, not directly and perhaps not verbatim but this is yet another stirring of anger and fearmongering stoking that has become the norm of today's Party of Trump. It's like watching Hallmark movies with the same cast and a slightly different version going from CRT 1 week to defunding police the next to silencing Micky Mouse the next.

      In this case Rep. Kat Cammack of FL post photos of empty formula shelves with “they are sending formula to the border.”

      On cue, Gov. Greg Abbott chimes in with "the administration is providing “baby formula to illegal immigrants while mothers and fathers stare at empty grocery store shelves in a panic.”

      And of course, the Kremlin approve Fox News explodes with Jesse Watters: “Why are we feeding illegal babies ahead of American babies?" Tucker Carlson: "Once they get here, the Biden administration will give them food supplies that you can't buy. Those would include baby formula.... How much more of this are people going to take, you wonder? It's too humiliating." Sean Hannity: "These are not people that respected our borders, our laws, and our sovereignty. Why wouldn't all of the pallets go to American families first?" Laura Ingraham: Migrant infants getting formula is "something that will infuriate you... that alone should win the election for the Republicans in November."

      And of course, the other right wing outlets and blogs I've mentioned before joined in.

      Of course people of reasonable intellect understand we don't starve infants. But the people that have been programmed to constantly digest the slop of Lou Dobbs, The Federalist, Epoch Times, Carson, AmericanThinker and so on while refusing to accept factual inputs are not reasonable people. They need to be constantly riled and energized in order to keep electing batshit crazy people like MTG and Vance.

      The Party of Trump understands that people are angry on many fronts. People pretty much hate the entire government. But they also know that rather than fight the masses toting pitchforks and torches, all they need to do is to convince the pitchfork people that the torch people want to take their pitchforks away.

      And in reality, this constant stirring of anger is their only strategy as they've conceded governance of the people long ago.

    2. If you are traveling through multiple nations to claim asylum, you're really looking for an upgrade.

  4. @ RJW,
    {SARC} Because nothing says "fear mongering" and "masses toting pitchforks and torches" more than 'actual' Citizens of the USA and the parents of Infants who are outraged that illegal aliens are given preferential treatment over their own children. {/SARC}
    Grow up you petty propagandist.

    1. "Grow up you petty propagandist."

      My my, did someone lick the molasses off your biscuit?

      How many American infants have died due to the shortage?

      How many infants held in captivity would die if those in charge deprived them of nourishment?

      It isn't my fault the gulibles allow themselves to be groomed by the today's GOP and propaganda outlets that Biden is killing American babies just as it isn't my fault they're grooming them to take up arms and machine gun grocery stores of black people in order not to be "replaced".

      Your rubber/glue, in regards to what we're seeing in real time, rings hollow.

    2. How quaint.
      What I said only rings hollow to someone that lives in an alternate reality. Try reading some actual news instead of the propaganda from the Democrat subsidiaries you slobber over.
      Tell me, Joseph Goebbels, does the impending collapse and doom of your Democrat Reich have your panties in a bunch or do you really believe the BS you post or are you just throwing crap at the wall to see what will stick?
      I love it when you doctrinaire Demos panic and run scared.
      BTW, I don't even like molasses. LOL!

    3. Those crafty Republicans, tricking everyone into thinking there is a baby formula shortage!

    4. I have no idea who's selling you some "impending collapse and doom of your Democrat Reich" (or for that matter, what it has to do with Qanon formula stealing or Fox and Republican promoted open season on black people) but last I heard, Dems took the WH and both chambers of Congress in a mere 4 years. But yeah, midterms are generally hell for the party holding the WH.

      The shifts of political winds cannot remove the stench of what the side you defend has become.

      Yes, those you've been programmed to deem "alternate reality" are digging up countless actual and factual quotes of the conspiracy outlets and R leaders of not only promoting the "great replacement" but actually encouraging the gulibles to act. It appears the Kremlin approved Tucker Carson suddenly went blank.

      I'm sure the right wing think tanks will be instrumental in providing him a spin technique soon.

      It's like I said many times- that the party you defend could machine gun a bus load of kindergarteners, or lob hand grenades into maternity wards, or order and air strike on St Jude's Hospital, and you would firmly defend them while somehow pointing to Dems.

      And here you are again. Your "actual news" nods at starving motherless 3 months old babies and you concur. Your "side" brainwashes people to take assault rifles and drive 100s of miles to kill the black man who's here to replace them, no problem.

      It isn't about my political ideology. It's about the pure evil that the Party of Trump has become.

    5. @ RJW,
      You seem to be suffering from Jungian Transference. I'm not even a Republican but I'd vote for Trump in a New York minute -and tell you about it- just to piss you off.
      Are there corrupt Republicans, sure, but the Democrat party couldn't exist without institutional corruption.
      BLM and ANTIFA riots, supported by Democrats. KKK, militant brown shirt wing of the Democrat party. Segregation and Jim Crow laws, wholly owned by the Democrat party. Glorification of perverted sexual conduct, Democrat party. Party machine politics, Democrat party. Glorification of abortion until the moment of birth, the Democrat party. Government censorship and subversion of the Constitution - i.e. Freedom of speech and the Second Amendment - the Democrat party. What it can't do through Leftist judges and the courts, it does with a wink and a nod through a politicized Justice Department and FBI. All the shit-hole large cities, Democrat controlled and have been for decades. Defund the Police, Democrat policy. Indoctrination of adolescent children into CRT and putting their parents on the terrorist watch list when they speak out about it at school board meetings, the Democrat party.
      So you go ahead and eat that crap sandwich with a smile and genuflect to your holy Democrat party while asking for another delicious crap sandwich.
      Don't expect me to join you.

    6. Warren, I have a bit going in my personal life that doesn't justify my time addressing your entire list of instructed parroting of mandated GOP talking points and regurgitation of rabid and unhinged debunked bullshit which you consume on a non stop basic from the masters that control you and obviously realizing that facts and actual data are irrelevant in Trump-licking/Dem hating world, let's refer to your instructed inclusion of "defund police" (and no, the long winded sentence isn't run-on).

      I thought that was cleared up threads back when I believe Dave brought up the fact to Silverfiddle that was a product of a few far-left radicals and not the policy of the "Democrat Partly" "sic" which you obediently promote. As I recall, even SF agreed.

      And again, at perhaps a better time, I could break down the rest of your unhinged slow drip brainwashed conclusions of reality but if we must go back to defending what has already been agreed on as debunked, well, that speaks volumes of the bullshit that you in fact know is bullshit yet continue to sell to advance your left hating agenda- without an iota of merit.

      And that leads us back to the major problem of Trump world right wing cultists. The problem isn't really that they can't differentiate what is true and what isn't true but rather that they just don't care,

      Climb out of the rabbit hole.

    7. Cities that defunded their Police Depts.

      New York City pop.8,177,020
      Minneapolis MN pop.424,536
      Cook County Illinois -Chicago- pop.2,746,388
      Portland OR pop.650,380
      Austin TX pop.2,176,000
      Los Angeles CA pop.3,898,747
      Milwaukee WI pop.1,448,000
      Philadelphia PA pop.5,756,000
      Seattle WA pop.3,489,000
      Baltimore MD pop.2,343,000

      Sounds to me like the Democrat run crap-hole cities -and have been run by Democrats for decades- have a far-left radical problem called the Democrat Party. Now, I know these cities only represent some 28 and 3/4 million people and probably only 50% of the adult population and the cemeteries and illegal aliens voted Democrat but a million here and a million there and pretty soon we're talking about more than a "few far-left radicals".
      From the slums and crack houses and their safe places for drug addicts to shoot up and free crack pipes, I want nothing to do with your damned Democratic Party!

    8. Ronald's psychological projection is stunning.

    9. SF,
      Ronald's psychological projection is stunning.

      I've been watching this exchange. His blindness and denials are not good psychological signs.

  5. Warren, I'm not going to spend a great deal of time researching as it would unlikely matter. Respectfully and seriously not meaning to be insulting, you actually validate my argument that those who have been mesmerized by the RPM (republican propaganda machine) are not only unaware of what is true and what isn't true but they don't care.

    Your acceptance of the soundbite "defund police" omits the reality that in most which you've listed that it was a reallocation of money. Okay, you may challenge that as a play on words but you see, over the years, many new tasks have been thrown at the police departments. Why are trained armed officers dispatched to a fender bender when their work would be better served with a different department handling that? Why are they needed for school crossing? And there are other areas.

    But the right wing propagandists found that this was advantageous to lure those that, as you say, "not even a Republican but I'd vote for Trump in a New York minute -and tell you about it- just to piss you off."

    Yes, there's a large audience who've been groomed that anything is fair game so long as it "owns the Dems".

    You say that "BLM and ANTIFA riots, supported by Democrats". That's a rather nonsensical accusation but it has been something constantly instilled by RPM. It's true that ANTIFA is considered far left but there is no connection of being supported by the "Democrat Party (sic). It's my understanding they believe that had they taken to the streets in Nazi Germany, they could have prevented the Holocausts. It also completely omits the reality of white supremist interference in "protests" which ultimately turned them into riots- while being cheered on and promoted by THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Charlottesville? "Stand down but stand by"?

    "Glorification of perverted sexual conduct, Democrat party.."

    That's indeed rich considering the Dem's opposition party endorsed and genuflected to a man who surrounded himself with pedophiles such as Epstein, Casablancas, Arlf, Nader, Cohn, campaigned for pedophile Roy Moore for U.S. Senate, was even an admitted groper himself, appointed and seated a pro-rape judge(Neomi Rao) for a lifetime seat, had over 24 women accusing him of sexual misconduct acts, generally defended male rapist while blaming victims, loved to coddle with and protect brutal murderous dictators (I’m just glad Obama took bin Laden out before Trump had a chance to buddy up with him), suggest there are good Nazis, and of course, promoting violence of his opposition.

    Have you taken a look at some of the prominent GOP leaders today accused of such acts yet openly accepted by their party?

    CRT is another example as any and all credible arguments I've given, along with the reality it isn't even taught in K-12, has been met with a head in the sand matter. You must go with what the RPM has demanded mainly because, as you admit, "just to piss you off" or in other words, "own the Dems".

    Your Freedom of speech and the Second Amendment regurgitations are the same. Fact is, Rs have proven lately that they are selectively pro freedom of speech when it advances their agenda. They've been pro-school shooting due solely from the marching orders of the NRA.

    And it's rather telling of your intellectual honesty that you confuse the Lincoln Republicans to those today, after 4 years of the most racist and race violence promoting president in over 100 years. Your complete denial of the RPM indoctrinating their cult to take up arms to kill black men is equally telling.

    When you consume none other than the slop of Lou Dobbs, Carson, Federalist, AmericanNonThinkers, Epoch Times, AON, et al, while refusing to accept counter points (and reality), these instructed misleading and intentionally spun talking points you provide is all you can provide because you not only don't know they're pissing down you neck but you don't care.

  6. @ RJW,
    This is pointless, no matter how much evidence I give you, you rationalize anything that disturbs your sycophantic worship of the Democrat Party.
    Once again, I'm not a Republican, haven't mentioned them -or Lincoln-. I'm simply telling you that the Democrat Party is totally corrupt and always has been. You rationalize word games.
    "marching orders of the NRA." What are those "marching orders", Ronald?
    "Rs have proven lately that they are selectively pro freedom of speech when it advances their agenda." Give me an example, Ronald.
    "the most racist and race violence promoting president in over 100 years. " That's total Bull Shit, Ronald. The race violence is all endorsed by the DNC.
    "defund police" omits the reality that in most which you've listed that it was a reallocation of money." Word games much, Ronald?

    You're just making crap up or you are suffering from a bad case of dissonance. Don't bother to reply I'm done with you.

  7. Do you even realize that the so often “don’t bother to reply I’m done with you” is actually an admission of “I got nothing”?

    1. RJW,
      You are wrong. Warren decided that he has better things to do that try to reason with someone locked into irrationality. Further, we are immersed in home improvements, including a major building project.

      Go back to enjoying your retirement, and Warren and I will go back to enjoying ours -- this huge building project, notwithstanding.

    2. I well understand having other and better things to than trying to convince each other of our version of reality and what we see as true and what isn’t true. I haven’t been on here quite as much lately ether.

      Seattle’s 2022 budget by the way, actually increased police funding, cutting no positions or salaries with an authorization of hiring 125 new officers.

      But if Newt Gingrich wants to go on Fox News in early March and claim otherwise, for the other GatewayPundits etc to jump on it and repeat it, well, I guess that just shows how gullible I am as to what’s on public record.


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