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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Musical Interlude

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Hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance for the video in this blog post.... 

Multi-talented Lucile Boulanger playing this lovely selection on the viola da gamba:

[About the viola da gamba.  Not a cello!]

From the YouTube blurb for the above video (with links added):
This is Lucile Boulanger’s first solo recital. The French gambist, universally praised for her natural and moving playing – BBC Music Magazine even described her as ‘the Jacqueline du Pré of the viola da gamba’ – juxtaposes Bach with Carl Friedrich Abel, a great master of the bass viol and a close friend of the Bach family [a good friend of Johann Christian Bach, J.S. Bach's eleventh son and eighteenth child0]. Although Johann Sebastian never wrote for solo viola da gamba, we know that he transcribed many of his works for other instruments. So Lucile Boulanger has chosen, for example, to transcribe three dances from the Sixth Suite, ‘because it sounds particularly good on the viol, being written for five-stringed cello (a step towards the six or seven strings of the viol?). It is in D, the viol key par excellence, and its style, already somewhat galant, is reminiscent of Abel. . . . This album gives me the opportunity to showcase the viol as both a melodic instrument – with the grain of the bow, the fragility of tone – and a polyphonic one.’


  1. Avery rich and distnctive sound...


    1. Do you recall our discussion of musical theory and Schenkerian analysis from the other day? I found this "addendum" today.


    2. FJ,
      Sheesh. Crazy leftwing ideologues, obsessed with race, about everywhere -- even in the halls of music theory. **frown**

      And revisionist history on steroids. Grrrrrr....

  2. No words other than absolutely brilliantly beautiful. Thank you AOW. We all need beauty in our lives. There are still good people and wholesome things that surround us. God bless you and Warren this lovely Sunday.

  3. That was amazing. The Viola and the Cello are my favorite string instruments. Thank you for posting that.

  4. Sorry for my absence yesterday to this thread. I had a tummy upset that lasted all day.
    Anyway, thanks to you all for posting. It is indeed a lovely selection, isn't it?


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