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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Musical Interlude For Memorial Day

(For politics, please scroll down)

Memorial Day weekend is, or should be, about so much more than cookouts and the opening of swimming pools. Rather, it is, or should be, a time for solemn remembrance.

Additional reading: The poem "In Flanders Fields" and The WWI Origins of the Poppy as a Remembrance Symbol


  1. Thank you to all service men and women who have served and risked their lives so that we could remain free.

    Beautiful tribute.

  2. ’Twas Grace that Taught My Heart to Fear, And Grace My Fears Relieved

  3. We need a generation that will pick up the fallen flag, man the empty battlement and repel the attacks of the enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

  4. Today, we commemorate our brave soldiers who died or were grievously wounded to safeguard our precious freedom. As we reflect on these sacrifices, let us honor their lives and consider and condemn those who would waste their magnificent contribution to America by knowingly collaborating with our enemies or restricting our God-given inalienable rights enshrined in our Constitution.

    Those politicians, jurists, and others who overtly or covertly undermine or subvert our Constitution are every bit the foe of every American as if they were standing on the battlefield under arms.

    Freedom is being squandered by self-serving traitors selling out our nation and its citizens for temporary political power.

    While our troops fought to protect each other and our nation, today's political leadership, from the corrupt, incompetent, uncaring politicians, the bureaucratic cadre of progressive communist democrats, the activist judiciary which creates laws out of whole cloth, and those big technology multinationals that surreptitiously provide aid and comfort to our enemies, you are all little more than traitors in the battle to preserve America and American freedom.

    Be grateful for your freedom, and remember it should never be taken for granted. In just a few cycles of progressive communist democrat intervention, we have seen our national resolve, military strength, and stature within the international community eroded by corrupt, incompetent, and uncaring progressive communist democrats. Our enemy appears to own the Democrat Party, which should rightly brand itself as the U.S. Communist Party.

    Remember who we are and what we stand for -- and kick the bastards that do not agree to the curb.

    1. I wish my time in combat was spent safeguarding our freedoms, instead of propping up illegitimate regimes and fighting a hostile population; but your post is great.....excepting that you left out the other half of our domestic enemy.

    2. Should have stopped after the first three paragraphs. Today is not the day for partisan political screeds.

      Had CI not responded I would have deleted this.

  5. We need a political class more judicious and circumspect about starting war and jumping into existing ones.

    We need a political class that doesn't half-ass it when they do get us into a conflict.

    The world is becoming more dangerous, with previously-exclusive technology now in the hands of everybody. It has been apparent for at least 25 years that our "leaders," and "experts" are not up to the task. God help us.

    1. Heh, sorry. A few regular commenters have been showing up here under 'anon', so I really wasn't sure who it might be.

      I'd consider supporting legislation that required the CinC to actually deploy and lead forces in battle, anytime they wanted to send our men and women into harms way......but then reality sets in, and I realize that they would merely spend their time in an air conditioned JOC, and then claim the full credit for any victory.

      Hell, they can do that now from 1600 Pennsylvania.

      And its been apparent since 1941 [with caveats even], that our national 'leadership' hasn't been up to the task.

    2. I think congress needs to estimate the cost and raise taxes to pay for any big military action.

  6. Wonderful tribute, AOW....thanks for that. What's more plaintive than bagpipes!?


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