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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Musical Interlude

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I loved the following tune so much that I bought the vinyl pictured below:
About the "Dueling Banjos" scene in the film Deliverance:

*****At the age of 16, [Billy Redden], this boy from Rabun County, Georgia, was the only "authentic" local to play the role of The Banjo Boy in John Boorman's disturbing hit movie Deliverance (1972). He was hand-picked from his local elementary school, largely due to his "look" (his large head, skinny body, odd-shaped eyes and moronic grin had sadly branded him a poster-child for inbreeding and mental deficiency).****

Redden could not, in fact, play the banjo.  Some Hollywood "magic" in the editing room made it seem as if he could.  For more details, see "Use in Deliverance."


  1. I love that song! I can pick both the banjo part and the guitar part.

    When we're camping up in the mountains, its fun to break out the banjo around 10 at night and start picking that song. lol

    1. SF,
      I can pick both the banjo part and the guitar part.

      Kudos to you!

      I tried playing the guitar for about three months. I was no good at it! Maybe because I could already play the piano quite well and didn't want sore fingertips?

  2. I know what every one remembers from that movie, "Squeal like a pig!" etc, but that is an awesome 'man against nature' movie.

    1. I never saw the movie nor did I ever care for the song. I have aversion to bangos. I do not know what it is but it sounds too "back woods" for my liking. It just sounds creepy to me. I know I am an oddity! I am a mystery movie buff. :)

    2. Layla,
      I have Appalachian roots on my mother's side -- going way back. So, I think that I come naturally by my love of bluegrass music. I find back woods music to my liking.

      That said, I know that not everyone feels the same.

  3. Simple but masterful. Love this piece.

    1. Baysider,
      And antiphonic and polyphonic! Reminds me of some J.S. Bach's music.

  4. I really enjoy this piece and admire SF's ability to play both. Eating my heart out. Masterful is the right word.

    1. I don't think my playing 'masterful' but its not bad...


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