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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Up To Our Knees

posted by Warren
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AOW is somewhat indisposed with one of the perennial joys of home ownership: a sewer blockage.

I have offered such sage knowledge, as is in my possession, but the time has come for expert action and equipment to alleviate the problem.

 As any home owner knows, it is not enough to merely clear the blockage. Sooner or later, the root causes (pun intended),  must be ameliorated or the problem returns.

Alas! Mr. and Mrs. AOW live only 7 or so miles away and uphill of our nation's largest open cesspit, Washington D.C., and that augean task may not be possible in a single lifetime.

Open thread.
As usual, I will delete any comment that pisses me off.


  1. I appealed to the neighborhood network, and this evening one of my neighbors and his friend -- both plumbers -- will come here and attempt to open the line, likely via hydro jetting.

  2. There is a method of lining (coating?) the sewer with an epoxy or plastic without digging it up. See https://perryplumbing.com/pipelining/

    1. Jayhawk,
      We're hoping that hydro jetting will do the trick. If not.....

      My neighbors are not charging the full price. After all, they're neighbors -- and one of them has been cleaning out my gutters for me.

    2. Call Roto-Rooter to ease your pain,
      And away go troubles down the drain!

      Roto-Rooter! Roto-Rooter!

    3. Franco,
      I did, indeed, use the Roto-Rooter Company.


    I see this as just another inf a LONG series of Revolting Developments that indicate it is LONG past time for you to GET the HELL OUT of that S-Hole community where you are now trapped. Just take WHATEVER you CAN GET for that place , and RUN.

    The LONGER you stay, the MORE it will COST. Eventually, if you can't make yourself get UNSTUCK from this TAR BABY of a property, you will wind up DEAD BROKE.

    CIT you losses and RUN.

    Just DO it. The tme for navel cazing and shilly shallyng is OVER.

    You'd be better off in a CAMPER.

    1. Franco,
      Well, not in a camper!

      I do have a meeting with my realtor in a week.

    2. A camper would not be a PEMANENT solution, of course, AOW, but it would provide temporary relief from the incessant deprdations of the Money Pit you currenly inhabit.

      My 64-year-ol nephew and his wife just sold their house, a year prior to retirement, and they say they find it satisfactory.

      Their plan is to travel hither thither and yon for an indetermnate perio of time in the hope of discovering some lovely place in the hinterlands they find irresistible for permanent residency.

      They are educated people, who've raised two children to maturity, had decent, remunerative careers in business and finance, so they're not like a pair of hare-brained kids going off half-cocked on a lark.

      I wish them luck, but . . .

  4. Just an observation.

    Yesterday I was examining the blog statistics and I noticed a large number of referrals --the place that viewers to this site come from directly-- from a single-URL that I didn't recognize. I clicked on the link and found that it was a chat based sex referral service named "Chaturbate" --some 361 views according to the stats--. Whomever it was hadn't cleared the sites search box before they came here and the search term was "mainstream incest scene".

    What is interesting about this is that the statistical information also shows that the largest number of views and times seem to coincide with the troll, "this one", who isn't allowed to post here and who had many comments removed the last couple of days--.

    Advice for "this one"; Son, you need help or a girlfriend besides your mother. I'm not saying I'm 100% sure but where there is smoke there is fire and your hand and crotch be blazing!

    1. Doubt it, looks more like spambot activity and/or redirection to me.

    2. Jez,
      Be careful of offering anything that even appears to be an excuse for this particular troll. This particular troll has a history here, and if you knew the particulars, you'd celebrate this troll's being outed.

    3. "OUTED," my BUTT!

      THAT One must be ROUTED –– permanently.

      Blogger most desperately needs to upgade its software so we may EXCLUDE worthless, irksome, nettlesome elements whose sole purpose in their blogging life is to IRRITATE others, - turn attention to THEMSLVES, - and thus DERAIL honest discourse, and potentially cnstructive conversation in the process.

    4. Franco,
      Blogger most desperately needs to upgade its software so we may EXCLUDE worthless, irksome, nettlesome elements...


      That said, I find Blogger to be more user-friendly than other free blogging platforms.

      Also, Wordpress has sent some politically-incorrect blogs down the memory hole. That's what happened to Creeping Sharia -- to name only one.

    5. My remark goes no further than technical opinion, no comment on him intended.

  5. One item that concerns me, and I suspect is also a concern among many Americans living in the upper 48, is the pandemic situation developing in lower Canada. Inebriated Raccoons. Disgustingly drunken critters partying in people’s back yards, starting arguments that turn into paw fights, throwing up, passing out, farting, and ultimately causing folks to call the police. This is not a joking matter, so can that right now. Citizens in lower Canada are quite concerned about this development. Who’s selling them the booze? What if these drunken animals get together and decide to take their neighborhoods back? Professor Michael Runtz, who teaches at Carleton University, has urged citizens to remain calm. After all, it’s nothing much different than what’s going on among college freshmen. CBC News asked a leading Raccoon for comment, but so far there’s been no coherent response. I think Americans should arm themselves and prepare for the invasion. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. Whomever is selling them the alcohol is certainly a criminal. After all, how could he have checked their Driver's Licenses?

    2. That's not too bad. Imagine having a similar but larger problem! ;^)

  6. File this under "too late," but it is a good idea to have your sewer line from the house to the main line cleaned out once/year. Dumping carbolic acid down the line also works to keep tree root intrusion down.

    1. We do every 1-2 year at about $100 a pop.

      Colorado foothills are a semi-arid climate. Tree roots aggressively seek out water, and sewer lines are a prime target.

      The calamity that has struck you happens all the time here.

  7. Can the blockage be redirected to the House of Representives?

    1. Kid,
      I can only home that yesterday evening's hydro jetting accomplished that redirection.

  8. $840 later the line has been cleared. Part of the line is over 75 years old, and another part of the line is about 50 years old. Lots of cast iron piping in there -- and a couple of sharp turns.

  9. I hope you've been able to capture all that fragrant effluent. I highly recommend BOTTLING IT, then sending it GIFT-WRAPPED in GOLD FOIL via UPS to the offices of every DEFECRAT in Congress with an invitation to Toast the Triumph of Donald J. Trump over the Evils of Calumny, Mendacity and Malevolence.


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