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Saturday, January 18, 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different...

(For politics, please scroll down)

Enjoy this brief eclectic video (Thanks, Warren!)

Here's another of Daily Dose of Internet, this video a longer video:

Much more HERE.  Millions of views of each video!


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  2. Loved the blind cat! Good looking little fellow. I wonder if he was born without eyes, or whether some awful thing happened to him early on? I have a blind cat too. He's also very good looking, but not half so clever as the vidcat. He gets around amazingly, though. I think cats have a sort of built-in "radar system" controlled by their whiskers. I imagine that that helps them a lot.

    Both videos are engaging, but the second one is wilder, weirder and longer. Some of it is sweet –– I love the elephant for instance and I’ve alwas been a sucker for cats! –– but bits of it strike me as mean, cruel, and downright creepy. Always interesting, howeger.

    Almost ALL these short clips leave me feeling frustrated wondering how these various episodes truned out.

    A nice change from potatoes! Thanks!

  3. Very Enjoyable and Interesting AOW!

  4. My cat Taz, not blind, is the only cat I've ever heard of who retrieves. Small world.

  5. I've shared this with two invalid friends. One of them appreciated it very much.

    The other, Alas! may have passed on already. Time will tell. Been fading fast the last couple of weeks.

    I sure hope we'll meet our animal friends in the Afterlife. I wouldn't want to wind up anywhere they were not welcome too.


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