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Monday, January 13, 2020

"Unwarranted Gullibility"

Oh, that sea of Iranians protesting the killing of Qasem Soleimani, ruthless and evil general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard!

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But is Soleimani as beloved as he appears in the photos and videos?

According to Masih Alinejad, who wrote the commentary piece Don’t believe Iranian propaganda about the mourning for Soleimani, which appeared in the Washington Post on January 6, 2020:
...Some Iranians have compared the funeral services for Soleimani to those held for the Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague, killed by Allied agents during World War II....


...Some [social media voices] complain of the pressure to attend services for [Soleimani].

There are many Iranian voices who think Soleimani was a war criminal, but Western journalists rarely reach out to them. Ironically, the Western media is more skeptical of such state-organized events in other countries, such as Russia or North Korea, but seems to leave its critical sense at the border when it comes to the Islamic Republic. While it’s true that Western correspondents face daunting conditions when it comes to reporting the truth from Iran, that shouldn’t excuse the many times they’ve shown unwarranted gullibility toward the official version of events....
Smoke and mirrors — favoring such evil as Soelimani furthered by Western media. Ugh.


  1. This is a good article, I can’t add much to it.......but we are seeing a confluence of events unique to Iranian history, much of which is appropriately not in the media....but which could lead to the downfall of the regime in Tehran.

    1. Yup. You get a much better sense of what you are saying if you read foreign press outlets. Our Infotainment News Media stinks.

    2. Trump Tweets Support for Iranian Protesters

      "The government of Iran must allow human rights groups to monitor and report facts from the ground on the ongoing protests by the Iranian people," Trump tweeted in English and Farsi. "There can not be another massacre of peaceful protesters, nor an internet shutdown. The world is watching."

      This is what the Obama Administration should have been doing when the regime was slaughtering innocent Iranians.

      Canadians and Brits are demanding answers.

      The United Kingdom Ambassador to Iran was arrested and briefly detained by Iranian authorities after attending Saturday's protest. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab slammed the arrest as a "flagrant violation of international law."

      Kudos to the British Ambassador. He was using his diplomatic immunity to observe the protests; one more way to put international attention on the criminal regime's oppression of innocent people.

      We could be watching history unfold.

  2. Sifting for a grain of a reason to believe the Iranian people do not support their government, I'm still coming up with "they didn't kill Soleimani themselves."

    Out of 81+ million people, none of them know how to find an IRG member, drag them out of their home and into the street, and beat them to death?

    Not buying it. Nuke the whole country. There are no innocents there.

    1. Does anyone think we take our government down by force? Yea, I will hang on to my 2A but it would take a whole lot more.

    2. Perhaps not. But at least in America you can find people who would try in a heartbeat if it became necessary.

  3. I laughed all weekend at the Congressmen crying about not being informed about the intelligence Trump acted on. The Administration said it was very detailed... meaning that it could have only come from the Israeli's/ Mossad... and there is no way in Hell that they would EVER share that source with Adam drip-drip-drip Schiff.

    1. You’re right, there is no way the detailed information would ever be shared with Congress. That said, the briefings and public appearances (as well as tweetstorm), have been a sh*tshow.

    2. Get real, it didn't come from Israel. They weren't briefed in the intelligence because THERE WASN'T ANY INTELLIGENCE on which to brief them.

    3. Thersites and others... we now have some more context for the US action against Iran. And a possible reason why Congress and others were not informed ahead of time. Because President Trump and his Admin were lying. Plain and simple.

      When asked if the imminent four embassy claim was in fact true, Sec Def Espy said trump "believed it to be true." We've also now learned this option was presented and approved 7 months ago if certain things happened.

      Is the US safer with this guy gone? Probably.

      Is the US in a better place with Pres trump lying on a very public worldwide stage? I doubt it.

      That's why Congress is usually informed.

    4. Dave,

      Slow down and think. You're too smart to mindlessly gobble up the propaganda.

      First, it appears the Admin intel briefing to the gang of eight was thin on details--no one is alleging the admin was lying in that briefing.

      "Four embassies" came from President Trump's tweets and interviews, not official government briefings.

      Third, the decision eight months ago to put Suleimani's assassination in the contingency decision-making options list is something routinely done in military planning. You would marvel at the shelves of options pre-gamed based upon intel and planning for future contingencies.

      "If this, then that" for Suleimani: If he carries out attacks that kill Americans, we take him out.

      Where is the lie?

    5. The briefings didn't mention Mossad because they couldn't. So any briefing based upon Israeli intelligence to the lumps in Congress was bound to be sh*t. So why are we talking about it? TDS...

    6. Anything originating outside of the Deep State "officialistas" is sh*t, by definition. The Deep-State IC-Media complex needs to learn a little humility.

    7. "Four embassies" came from President Trump's tweets and interviews, not official government briefings.

      There was specific intelligence behind the now admitted green light for a strike against Soleimani ~7 months ago, and there was specific intelligence behind the actual strike. No lying there...but when you have POTUS trot out an off hand comment about 3-ish other Embassy's to - Laura fricken Ingraham...and your own Administration trips over themselves....you've got a significant messaging problem.

      This is amateur hour at 1600 Penn.

    8. CI: No doubt. President Trump is a walking tweeting "Messaging Problem," and we all know that.

      Dave is parroting Leftwing propaganda.

    9. One embassy under threat is not as yooge as 4 embassies under threat. This is Trump's style of grandiose exaggeration. You'd think he'd learn humility after ordering the investigation that totally exonerated Hillary Clinton. But Donnie shoots from the hip right at his foot, and hits every time.

    10. So,official govt. briefings are accurate then and Tweet Godzilla is simp lo y a loose cannon shooting off his gaping maw to sound more knowledgable than he is Silver? Or is it maybe something else driving him?

      I,one of millions, take what Trump says with a grain of salt.Sl should cons and republicans INNHO.

    11. RN,

      For those of you playing at home, don't forget to increment the electronic Presidential Lie Board!

    12. RN and SF,

      I think there is a middle position here. I believe that yes there was a Civis Americanum Sum style if-then proposition - if X kills an American, then we kill X to death - and I'd like to believe the Pentagon has a well curated database of such operational plans for such actions including taking out Hackensack, New Jersey if need be.

      BUT... I also believe the Iranians as well as any military power on our planet has their own databases of attack plans to playtest when they feel they gotta. Which brings me to my point of skepticism - the idea that attacks on Americans were "imminent." Maybe there were, but we don't live in a comic book world where taking down one villain cows the henchmen. This isn't Game of Thrones or Star Wars The Phantom Menace where you take out the leader and all the bad guys fall inert and disintegrate. Given Donald Trump believes the movie Three Kings is a true story of how American soldiers stole money from Saddam Hussein's coffers and made off like the read bad guys in the A-Team TV series, you can see the distinct probabilities that the aftermath Trump tweets are borne of entertainment rather than strategy. After all, for the strenuous efforts Trump put into nailing Hillary Clinton with investigations, the only thing he's locked up is the moron vote. Critical thinking suggests that if there really were imminent attacks, killing one man would not have stopped them, and the specifics of that intel would be leading us to strike pre-emptively upon other targets. That doesn't seem to be the case.

      Donald Trump's worst enemy is himself.

    13. TC,

      Your bitter rhetorical glosses aside, your point is logical.

      Reagan destroying Iran's Navy didn't stop any immediate existential attacks against the US, but it did destroy one piece of their trouble-making capabilities, and it punched a bully in the nose.

      I still don't understand why so many people are whining over us greasing a terror general.

    14. Silver... nice try. The attack, as you describe it, was then in retaliation for the killing of an American. "If this, then that" as you stated. Which, while I may disagree with, I can understand. He killed Americans, he get punished.

      But that’s not what Pres Trump said. He said 4 embassies were under threat of imminent attack. That was a lie plain and simple. Or am I missing something?

      Why not just own it, say “I’m CinC and I ordered it because he killed an American and in the end, we’ll all be safer?”

      As for left wing propaganda, hardly. You’re smart enough to know I don’t fit that profile.

    15. ...one embassy had already been attacked, and the leader of that attack was killed with Soleimani

    16. Silver asks... "why so many people are whining over us greasing a terror general."

      I for one am not whining. Terrorism is terrorism and it needs to stop, or be stopped.

      I would still ask why our President chose to lie about the why of the action? Why leave his own Sec Def out on a limb having to answer questions about Trump's fallacies, or probably lose his job?

      The truth was far less harmful than his obfuscations.

    17. Dave,

      The left is latching onto whatever thread they can to criticize the President instead of acknowledging there was NO BENGHAZI on his watch.

      Please note I did not insult you. I said...

      "You're too smart to mindlessly gobble up the propaganda."

      Finally, you're asking me to explain the President's behavior???

    18. I'm not whining either, but we could have cut our annual nuclear weapons maintenance costs by erasing a few Iranian cities. We need a President with BALLS.

  4. Iran's sole female Olympic medallist defects

    "I am one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran with whom they have been playing for years," the 21-year-old wrote.

    "I wore whatever they told me to wear," she said, referring to the Islamic veil, which is compulsory for all women in public in Iran.

    "I repeated everything they told me to say," she wrote.

    She continued: "None of us matter to them."

  5. Video: Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown

    "Online videos appeared to show Iranian security forces firing live ammunition and tear gas to disperse protests as popular anger swelled Monday over the accidental shootdown of a Ukrainian jetliner and Iran’s failed attempt to conceal its role in the tragedy."

    We should all be praying for the downfall of Iran's rotten, despotic, terrorist regime. Not for the US, but for the Iranian people.

    I have no illusions. The Revolutionary Guards hold all the power, and they ain't giving it up voluntarily.

    We need brave journalists to get in there and shine spotlights 24/7.

  6. We need to share the same info on improvised weaponry to the Iranian people that the IRG supplies terrorists with. A copper wire and a ball of yarn can take out a power grid for blocks in 2 minutes or less. They aren't even trying.

  7. They are not gullible. To assume gullibility one has to assume that they believe what they write. They do not. They publish whatever serves their agenda.

    1. AMEN, Jayhawk! (Assuming you're referrg to the ENEMEDIA, of course.)

  8. I figured most of these people were simply ordered to be there. He sure didn't make anyone's life easier, here or there.

  9. The ONLY people that are upset about the Killing of Qassem Soliemani. that Lousy, Stinking, Murdering, Terrorist are Democrats.
    The Iranians are thrilled about it..

  10. SF commented to Dave Miller:

    The left is latching onto whatever thread they can to criticize the President instead of acknowledging there was NO BENGHAZI on his watch.

    And this behavior of the Left is what is driving me up the wall. Many other voters, some of whom didn't support Trump in 2016, feel the same way that I do.

    Dems, just keep going the way you are so that the General Election 2020 is a landslide for the GOP.

    1. SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS!

      Do you realize, AOW, that the WATERMILL illustration for RONALD BINGE'S MUSIC is STILL identifying THIS post days after the Ronald Binge selection was changed?

  11. Best of luck to the opposition. They are many.


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