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Sunday, October 28, 2018

What A Round Of Agony!

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For any of regular readers who might not know, Mr. AOW has been in a medical facility since September 19, on which date he was taken by ambulance to the emergency room for kidney failure.  Underlying diagnosis?  Pancreatitis of unknown cause.

Mr. AOW remained in the hospital until October 6, at which point he was transferred to a nursing and rehab center one mile from our front door.  He has remained at the center since then.

But Mr. AOW is coming home tomorrow!  We would have liked that he spend another week at the nursing home so as to get more rehab, but the Managed Medicare plan pulled the plug.

We are grateful to the nursing home for tending the sores which he developed in less that ten days in the hospital. Indeed, the sores are very nearly healed now.  Furthermore, the nutrition choices at the nursing home were outstanding.  I wouldn't mind eating there on any given day.

Best of all, Mr. AOW is back on his feet — and off and running on his mobility scooter.  When admitted to the nursing home, he was so weak that he couldn't even hold up his head!


  1. This is WOINDERFUL news, AOW. I'm very glad your husband is coming back to you after having had to endure such a threatenng ordeal for you both.

    Truly a cause for rejoicing –– and gratitude.

    Thanks be to GOD!

  2. Very good to hear.All our prayers and love

  3. SO happy to hear this! Best wishes for a very safe, happy and healthy future! XX

  4. "Thanks be to GOD!"

    Thank You Jesus!

    "i love hearing that my prayers were heard."

    All I can add is, Amen!

  5. My best to Mr. AOW with hope for a continued recovery.

  6. Great news AOW. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Glad to hear the news....you’ve been through a lot.

  8. I'm very pleased to hear this news, AOW. Best to you both!


  9. A wild day here today. For one thing, I had to shuttle home all the clothes and other items that went to the nursing home by dribs and drabs.

    Mr. AOW himself is having a good day: the nursing home is celebrating his birthday with cupcakes, a card, etc.

    Even so, the OT lady showed up for a Sunday session. Therapy offered till the very last minute. Hooray and kudos!

    I must say that this nursing home is exceptional. No wonder they cost $12,000+ a month!

  10. More good news AOW. I've heard some bad stories about them and also from a work mate who has a mother and father in two different ones.


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