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Friday, October 26, 2018

"Fake" Bombs

As of this posting's time/date stamp, the count has reached twelve.

What's happening?

From the 1982 film Poltergeist:


  1. "It's just a clock" lol

    Checking the mail for bombs is the new Democrat #MeToo movement ;)

  2. So many bombs; no explosions. The danger does exist, however, that one of these could detonate, placing innocent postal employees in grave danger. Still, one wonders about the possibilities: Is this is the most incompetent bomber in the history of the world? Is it the intention of this (or these) individuals is to cripple our law enforcement resources (a page out of Fox-Piven plan for overwhelming government institutions)? Is it to divert our attentions away from the approaching caravans?

    I marvel at the courage of the person at CNN who received a bulky envelope addressed to Brennan, opened it, removed the device, took pictures of it and its envelope, and then called police. Well, either this person was extraordinarily brave, astonishingly stupid, or was quite sure that the device wouldn’t explode. Bizarre.

    Sam H.


    1. Why are Fake Bombs Sent to Democrats More Shocking than Real Ricin Packages to Republicans?


      by Chris Buskirk

      Remember that time American media was consumed with news that the deadly poison ricin – contact with the skin can be deadly – was sent to President Trump, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson? Remember all of the introspective opinion pieces wondering if attacks on the president had gone too far? Or if claiming that Republican policies kill people, might not be an incitement to violence? Me either. But who can remember all the way back to October 2? ...

  3. This could be a rabid rightwinger working down a punchlist of anti-Trump Democrats, but given the long string of leftwing hoaxes perpetrated over they past decade, this could be one more leftwing hoax, meant to smear the "magabillies."




    1. Either could be the case, the sticker laden van now in custody, only serves to add fuel to it either being a rabid rightwinger, or another clue to it being a leftwing hoax.

      I see vehicles like that quite often here in NOVA, with the Right being more represented than the Left. It's a nice van with a lot of care taken in the arrangement of all the Trump/GOP stickers. I figured if a Leftist was behind this, it would be far more of a craptastic jalopy, to frame the narrative.

    2. "The suspect is known to law enforcement, and has a history of making terroristic threats to judges, sources said."


      Could be a rabid rightwinger, could be a loony, could be a another Richard Jewell. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned.

    3. He's a registered Republican with tRump decals all over his van.

      Speculating on this nutlog's motives won't get us any further toward defusing the violent rhetoric.

    4. Speculating on the suspects voter registration, sans proof, won't get us any further toward defusing the violent rhetoric.

    5. His voter registration was reported as a matter of public record.

    6. Yup. It was a rightwing kook.

      Now the leftwing screamers can really start in on how this is President Trump's fault, despite having no quotes where he called for this kind of violence.

      Look for the the pontificators to characterize and paraphrase his "calls for violence," since any sane person who looks at the quotes and the context rejects the Democrat hysteria.

      But anyway, in a nation of over 300 million, with a third to a half on mental health-related meds and the Infotainment Media Complex banging gongs, beating drums and blaring news flashes every five minutes, I am amazed we don't see much more of this.

    7. Yup. It was a rightwing kook.

      Huh.....that’s weird, I was told specifically that even the very possibility was “B.S.”.

      But that illustrates the value of baseless pronouncements.

    8. ??? I never said that. I predicted it would be leftwingers, but I never discounted the possibility of a sincere rightwing hater.

    9. No, it wasn’t you. It was an unsolicited response from another.

    10. Pretty sure the left is trying to figure out why Seminoles have hated Democrats for nearly 200 years.

      "But the bomber was supposed to be white..."

    11. CLARICE FELDMAN QUOTED THIS in her latest article for AMERICAN THNKER, which is reproduced in its ENTIRETY at MY BLOG:

      "Without a serious look at the background of the dud bomber, much of the press leaped to blame the president. Theothermccain dug deeper into it.

      While described as a “Seminole Indian” and a fervent Trump supporter, the suspect, Cesar Sayoc is the son of a Puerto Rican immigrant with a long arrest record for making bomb threats, petty theft, grand theft, battery, drug possession, and domestic violence. Some of these offenses would appear to be felonies and yet until 2016, after years of being registered as a Democrat, he changed his registration to Republican –– something peculiar in a state that bars felons from voting. He had worked as a male stripper and likely was misusing steroids as he had been charged in 2004 with “felony possession of testosterone-based steroids” in a case which was dismissed.


      You may draw your own conclusions from that, of course, but the MORBID AVIDITY with with the ENEMEDIA seeks to DEFAME and DEGRADE President Trump at every turn is so unspeakably corrupt and grossly unfair it shld be regarded as OBSCENE.

  4. We'll soon find out.

    A 50 year old Plantation Florida man is in police custody.

    1. Identified in the enemedia as "a Native America Trump Supporter," but his NAME is that of a FILIPINO.

      A Genuine VILLAIN, a Well-Meaning Misgided Fool, or a classic Fall Guy? Will we ever know?

      With proven corrupt Deep State federal agencies such as the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ in charge I, personally, cannot bring myself to trust ANY of their findings, can you?

    2. Not Native American -- or at least not recognized by the Seminole Tribe:

      Sayoc regularly tied his politics and beliefs to his Native American identity, frequently citing the “Unconquered Seminole Tribe.” But Seminole Tribe spokesperson Gary Bitner said, “There’s no record of him being a member of the Tribe. He’s not a member of the Seminole Tribe, has never been a member of the Seminole Tribe.“

    3. meh. The Seminoles (historically) are exiles from other tribes (particularly the Creek) in much the same way the Cherokee split off from the Iroquois.

  5. I'm sorry this stupid RED HERRING issue has been permitted to remove focus from Mark Levin's interview with Jon Voight –– a MUCH more substantial contribution to the carryings on in the blogosphere.

    1. I may re-post the interview a few weeks down the line.

    2. Addedum:

      I have removed the Levin-Voight post and rescheduled it for November 1.

    3. GOOD! I look forward to seeing it reappear. I hope it won't "upstaged" again by another fundamentally trivial, yet over-publicized, freakish, sensationalistic event signifying little or nothing.

  6. ON TOPIC:

    Florida man, Cesar Sayoc Jr., arrested in probe of mail bombs targeting Obama, Clinton and other Trump critics


    by Dan Mangan

    A 56-year-old man, Cesar Sayoc Jr., was arrested Friday morning in Florida in connection the investigation of 12 suspected mail bombs sent to former president Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other leading Democratic critics of President Donald Trump. Sayoc, a registered Republican voter who lives in Aventura, Florida, will face federal criminal charges for the mailed devices, according to NBC News. In 2002, according to public records, Sayoc was arrested for allegedly making a threat to throw, place, project or discharge a destructive device ...


    A Genuine VILLAIN, a Well-Meaning Misgided Fool, or a classic Fall Guy? Will we ever know?

    1. His business partner, "Justin Humberger" may have been the source for the bomb tech? Former US Marine, and also claims to be Native American... although would appear to have a stellar credit record.

      You'll note that the address for the limited partnership is a US Postal Service Box... and the company was only formed 3 months ago. I wonder what "Ver Tech AG" stands for...

    2. FJ,
      Was Sayoc a bouncer in a strip club?

      A stripper himself?

    3. He's a bit over the hill and overweight... but his young partner at Ver Tech AG wasn't (company formed 3 months ago).

      I've been trying to figure out what Ver Tech AG represents.

      AG - Army Group/Attack Group/Action Group???

    4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seminole_Wars

      AG = Anti-Government

  7. I see that Cesar Sayoc has a long criminal history. Whom was he targeting before and for what "reason"?

  8. CESAR SYOC'S PICTURE is now posted at my blog:


  9. Replies
    1. His Twitter feed, one of them anyways. If you go way back to early 2016, it looks like he went to some kind of military school for kids...

    2. I think Cesar is in the right hand side, and his partner is in the center of the banner photo.

    3. wow, they just shut down his acct... Cesar Altieri


      Current Booking Agent/Sales/Marketing/Promotions/Project Mgr Live Events Seminole Hard Rock Live.Former Professional Soccer Player, Wrestler, Cage Fighter.

       Sunny Isle Bch / Hollywood Florida

       Joined April 2016

      Tweet to Cesar AltieriMention Cesar Altieri in a Tweet

    4. So they caught a guy.
      A fingerprint.
      I'm awaiting video of him at the P.O.
      And receipts.

    5. No, Ed, they caught the guy and it's time to admit that while this jerk only represents a subset, there is a tone of violence that has been fostered by the preznit and right wing media.

    6. If you can't see it on your own side, Ducky, you are worthless.

    7. There are no "IFS" about it, Silver. He may have a redeeming feature or two in his private life, but as he routinely presents himself in the blogosphere CANARDO is the very ESSENCE of WORTHLESSNESS.

    8. Not quite, silverfiddle. The contemporary republican party started to come into being with Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and hate radio and the "Brooks Bros." riot that stopped the Broward recount.

      The Red Death is in the castle and we are all paying for the right wing's creation.

    9. Ricin attacks on Trump and Mattis.
      White powder mailed at Trump sons.
      Steve Scalise shot up and others shot at.
      Joe Biden would take Trump behind the gym.
      Deniro would like to punch him in the face.
      Madonna would blow him up.
      Rand Paul with six broken ribs.

      Don't tell me who's violent.
      You haven't a clue.

    10. Ed,
      Thank you for short list!

      Civility in America has been seriously eroding since the 1960s. Is it any wonder that we've now reached partisan violence and the Left's call for both harassment and violence?

    11. Duck,
      Speech is not violence. Period. Full stop.

    12. Interesting but inaccurate list, Ed.

      1. The Rand Paul dust up is generally considered non political but rather a neighborhood dispute. There is actual evidence for that point of view.

      2. Ricin was not sent to Trump or Mattis but rather a harmless substance. This has become the national pastime (Go Sox!) ever since live anthrax spoors were mailed by an unidentified perp just after 9/11.
      Just last month New Hampshire liberal, Carol Shea-Porter, received a suspicious substance at her HQ. It has become common.

      3. Scalise was a tragic escalation.

      4. The rest are speech which has turned increasingly nasty since Gingrich and Limbaugh but AOW says it is not violence.
      The souls in the Pittsburgh temple might disagree reviewing the Charlottesville chant, "Jews will not replace us".

  10. Bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc had been kicked out by his parents, so he has living in the van that we have seen in pictures today, according to a law enforcement official.

    The sticker-covered white van was taken to an FBI facility in Miramar, Florida.

    The FBI agents used flash bangs in making the arrest and took him into custody near the AutoZone in Plantation, the official said.

    Sayoc was initially somewhat cooperative, the official said. He told investigators that the pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    1. This is particularly curious given the very carefully worded statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the nature of the device(s): “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction.” While Director Wray went to great lengths to state the devices were “not a hoax“, if the device was an actual explosive device the charges for each of the incidents would equal a life-term.

      The terminology: “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction“, could literally mean just about anything from CoffeeMate powered coffee creamer, to any other powered combustible.

      As former federal proseuctor Andrew McCarthy noted, if the mailed IED devices were “functionally explosive” they would fall under the category “weapons of mass destruction” [defined here by U.S. code] and the indictment would include 18 US Code 2332a [SEE HERE] The absence of this charge infers the devices were not functionally explosive.

      The pattern within the indictment in combination with the comments from the DOJ and FBI seems odd; and, in my humble opinion, rather political in nature from the perspective of FBI Director Christopher Wray (whom I think is extremely sketchy).

    2. Bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc had been kicked out by his parents

      Good grief! At his age?


  11. http://archive.org/stream/thewasteland01321gut/wslnd11.txt


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