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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Insanity Rules The Day!

The Scream by Edvard Munch (1863-1944)

To this we have come: shooting the messenger.

Read Houston Grand Indicts David Daleiden [the pro-life activist who planned and organized the undercover sting videos] For Organ Trafficking, Issues No Charges Against Planned Parenthood

The pro-life activist is trafficking in organs?

Are you kidding me?

And here's even more insanity — and corruption:
Lauren Reeder, a Harris County prosecutor, has been a board member for Planned Parenthood since 2013 and a fundraiser since 2009.
Ms. Reeder didn't recuse herself?

To top it all off, the announcement about the indictment was released last night, but the actual indictment document has not been released as of this posting.

Our nation is circling the drain.


  1. The Governor says he still has an investigation ongoing. Sounds like dueling prosecutions to me.

    Abortion is a gruesome, sinful enterprise, but face it, leftwing progs don't care. Kermit Gosnell's chamber of horrors didn't even cause any of them to slow down and reflect upon what they were supporting.

    What stood out to me in this link is the conflict of interest you pointed out. That prostitutor who sits on
    PP's board was mole for that organization, and such conflicts should be illegal.

    Could you imagine the outrage from screaming, purple-faced leftards if a prosecutor cleared someone who shot and killed a perp, and we later found out that prosecutor held a position with the NRA?

    As for the filming, forget it. Unless you're Michael Moore and doing for a leftwing agenda, you'll never get any traction.

    Michael Moore is the Leni Reifenstahl of our times, and there can only be one.

    The conservative brand is dead and discredited. Anything done under that tattered, mean-faced banner gets no further than exciting those already on board the bandwagon. The right has lost the propaganda war.

    1. SF,
      What stood out to me in this link is the conflict of interest you pointed out.

      It was that apparent conflict of interest which prompted me to publish this blog post.

      I wasn't planning to publish at all today, but seeing that bit of information made me sit up and take notice -- and momentarily put aside my exhaustion after all the digging out from the Blizzard of 2016.

  2. Planned Parenthood had already been investigated by several states and gone through a series of Federal hearings. Nada. Not even a misdemeanor.

    But the right will do a Fiorina and keep on insisting.
    Why not get the head of PP and Hillary to double up on a PP/Benghazi hearing and save time and money.

    Comparing Moore to Riefenstahl is an exaggeration. Moore is an excellent editor but he hasn't done anything in a class with "Triumph of the Will" (one big Trump rally).

    The only propaganda being pushed on this issue is being pushed by the right. Maybe these little edited video games they've been playing have lost their sting.

    You've been caught. Now just accept your mistake or look as foolish as Fiorina.

    1. Duck,
      Everything that you said is not the point of this blog post.

      If the investigation that this pro-life organization conducted didn't yield anything upon which to base indicting Planned Parenthood (in your words, Maybe these little edited video games they've been playing have lost their sting, so be it.

      But to go after an investigative project in this manner and with a prosecutor who, it appears, should have recused herself, is unacceptable.

    2. Nobody meant to imply that Moore was a talented propagandist... he has no talent, only "rage".

    3. "Planned Parenthood Board Member Works in Houston District Attorney’s Office that is Investigating Planned Parenthood."

      That's the best that Operation Rescue could generate for a headline as they scream like wounded animals over the ruling.
      I haven't found anything stating that the Perry appointed prosecutor has ties to PP.

      What's "unacceptable" may vary.

      I think that the phony edited videos that have become a staple on the right for generating false charges are unacceptable.

      Trying to defame an organization that provides legal health care to women is unacceptable.

      This is just like Benghazi, No there, there.

    4. This is another example of the criminalization of politics that Democrats are now famous for. CPUSA owns the Left.

    5. "phony edited videos" have been a staple for propagandists of all stripes. However, malefactors on the left are the only ones who make them work to their advantage.

      Hog lard stuffed in human skin Michael Moore is a master of it. His high point was taking advantage of that wounded soldier. It's a sickness, and the left wallows in it.

      The right should give it up and go home. We can read our Bibles and clean our guns when the lights go out and the leftwing metrosexuals whine and cry because they're out of coffee and toilet paper and the bistro down the street that serves teh cute little Vietnamese sandwiches is closed...

    6. SF,
      The double standard is slapping everybody across the face. Some are ignoring the slaps. They will continue to ignore those slaps -- until they can no longer do so.

    7. ...and we start putting debit card readers on trees to confuse them.

      Spot on, Silverfiddle.

    8. I don't think Moore is a phony.

      Any documentarian is going to edit in a way that advances a point of view to some extent. The classic case is Robert Flaherty who carefully scripted his films and allowed them to be presented as spontaneous.

      Moore is a very fine editor but is quite up front about his sentiments. Again, to some extent all documentarians are manipulative.

      Try Fred Wiseman's High School and remember that even after Titicut Follies he managed to shoot all that right out in the open.

    9. and the leftwing metrosexuals whine and cry because they're out of coffee and toilet paper and the bistro down the street that serves teh cute little Vietnamese sandwiches is closed...

      Nah, I'll be lost because Dunko's is closed.

    10. Duck,
      So it's okay for "a documentarian" to edit, but not for others to edit?

      You are such a staunch defender of PP that one starts to wonder whether or not you own some PP stock.

    11. Duck,
      I'm sure that you don't view Moore as a phony. You agree with him ideologically.

    12. A shame Widdle Wubba Duckie's Momma didn't have an abortion, ain't it?

    13. So it's okay for "a documentarian" to edit, but not for others to edit?
      All documentarians edit. Otherwise you would have a very unfocused, dull film.

      However, when you make the cuts with the express intent to deceive and defame it's absolutely unethical. That is what these people did.

      Moore is hardly a phony. He is a skilled film maker.
      Roger and Me deserves a re-release in light of what's happening in Flint. It's a very good film made by someone with a deep affection for his home town.
      Wether or not I agree with him would not have a bearing on his film making skill.

      My question to you would be, why can't conservatives make good documentaries.

  3. Anyone who kills a child in the womb is committing an act of mercy. Life is not worth living. It's time we gave up the farce and committed suicide. The human race needs to become extinct. We are nothing but a menace to mother earth and to each other.

  4. We are circling the drain...I saw the tapes again last night of the PP ladies hoping they get a Lamborghini for selling baby parts, drinking wine, chatting....if ONLY someone could show where the edits are because it's very difficult to coordinate a sentence and movement on screen and doctor it.
    We have a country who hears that conversation and thinks it's edited and there's no truth to PP doing any wrong. "it's been proven" :-) Circling...circling..........circling...

    1. This may help, Z

      Although I feel some dissonance when the substance of the conversation is $75 vs. $100 to cover expenses and the perps are doing everything in their power to entrap the PP executive.
      Does $100 sound like Lamborghini territory to you (610-A Spyder or Aventador)?

      So we have seen the video and there is nothing of substance.
      This all seems to hang on the "double standard" implied by someone working in the Harris Count DA's office being connected to PP. Of course, it is not established that this individual had anything to do with the case at hand.
      But keep swinging.

      Let me make it clear what is happening this election cycle.
      The right had managed to leverage the so called "culture war" to a temporary advantage. That's OVER. You LOST, badly.

      Right now you are attempting to double down on supply side economics before you lose that one. Are we ready to go forward and understand that democratic socialism means a shift from the private to the public for our common good?
      Well, that's the next battle.

      Meanwhile you stoke the fear and misinformation and right now you can look at the state of your party and say "Hi" to Donald J. Trump.

    2. Duck,
      You don't find the Planned Parenthood people's attitude cavalier and callous? Really?

    3. I do find it a bit callous but that kind of callousness can accompany a grim subject.

      But it's not illegal and it's time to admit that the controversy over these videos constituted a witch hunt.

    4. "Witch hunt."

      Interesting term, freighted even. At least you have no pretense of being unbiased.

      They were doing investigative journalism, regardless of the level of professionalism.

      How many times did 60 minutes, 20/20 et al get caught with their pants down? And their helpmaids threw a towel around their nakedness and diverted everyone's attention.

      I do agree that bumbling attempts like this only discredit the side the bumblers were trying to help.

      But notice that only works one way. Dan Rather is still right, DAMMIT, even though he was wrong.

    5. I have never watched 20/20 so I can't say.

      I can't recall 60 Minutes using purposefully manipulated videos to make their case.
      Tey have been guilty of some poor reporting but the video scam seems a right wing tool.

  5. ____________ On the Floe ____________

    The sun is setting in the east these days.
    The north pole traveled southward long ago.
    The penguins in the tropics now wear leis.
    The roses in the tundra sweetly blow.

    The tides receding come in nevermore.
    The geese now migrate from the south to north.
    The ocean vast is nothing now but shore.
    The semen towards the egg will not come forth.

    Negativity we worship now as god.
    Perversity is wholesome; Virtue’s vile.
    Normality’s regarded now as odd.
    Whatever’s queer is welcomed with a smile.

    Darkness has become the Guiding Light.
    To stay alive we must not fight the Blight.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. FT,
      There may come a point that we must fight the Bloght in order to stay alive.

      It's an Orwellian world.

    2. You had me running for my dictionary... ;-)

    3. Well, here's the point of the poem as it relates to today's post.

      Those who try to fight the blight
      Those in power will indict.
      Power held by the perverted
      See all values as inverted.
      Fall in line, do it their way.
      If you would see another day.

    4. SF,
      This iPad is a wonderful convenience, but has its drawbacks.

    5. I have come to believe, AOW< that there is more Truth in Poetry than in philosophical tomes filled with dense unreadable prose.

  6. Opportunity knocks! Let's pray this will BACKFIRE big time in their faces. Lots of publicity and more opprobrium for PP. This is the SAME CITY that tried to subpoena pastors' sermons. What's going on in Houston?

    1. Baysider,
      It just might backfire. Even my liberal friends on Facebook -- pro-choice, all -- are appalled.

      Thanks for the reminder about those pastors' sermons. I'd forgotten about that!

  7. This NY Times article adds more detail to the picture...


    The filmmakers were charged with making and using fake ID's to trick PP, and with soliciting the sale of body parts. The filmmakers' defense was this was consistent with investigative journalism practices.

    I doubt the charges will hold up in a criminal trial. Even a mediocre DA could get a grand jury to indict Mother Teresa.

    The videos most likely were edited, and the most the PP wine-swilling pigs were guilty of is a callous disregard for human life, but we knew that already.

    Also, it is a sad fact and an even sadder commentary on our nation and our society that the killing and dismemberment of little human beings is all legal, even when done sarcastic, satanic snarks who laugh about it.

    I amend my earlier comment slightly: We do need to continue pushing this issue into public consciousness. The hard left--while wafting sweet propaganda--has always been indifferent to human life, but normal people in the middle can be swayed.

    1. SF,
      Thanks for that link. I read the article earlier today, but forgot to link to it.

      Glad that you haven't thrown in the towel in total disgust. I myself come close to doing so every day. My being a determined German and a stubborn Welshwoman prevent me from going to live under a rock.

    2. I will never throw in the towel, but I will advocate that the current establishmentarians in places like the RNC and various propaganda outlets get the hell out of the way so younger, less-hideous and less-odious people can take up the cause.

      The war is over. Obama and the Progs won. Line up the generals in front of a firing squad, set fire to the old war maps and plans and destroy the decrepit arms and machinery.

      Russell Kirk would make a nice foundation, and while every Christian should carry her morals into the public arena, let's leave church to the church and government to the people.

    3. The filmmakers' defense was this was consistent with investigative journalism practices.
      Good luck with that.

      Hear the shouting? It's your corner men yelling, "stay down".

    4. Technicalities...

      Different story had they been caught trying to defraud the organization out of money, but they were pulling the same shtick as Marxist Moore or 20/20. Their only crime is that they are inept amateurs.

      As I stated earlier, I doubt PP broke the law, since the law does allow for them to murder babies in the womb and chop them up (USA! USA! USA!).

      The choppy editing indicated the most damning statements were probably sarcasms.

    5. They didn't do anything 60 Minutes or 20/20 didn't do. Just as PP was guilty of nothing more that a sick disregard for human life, the filmmakers engaged in petty offenses, and there was no intent to defraud PP out of money. They'll get a slap on the wrist.

    6. There was no intent to defraud PP of money? No, just get them defunded under false pretenses.

      But your right that there probably won't be any serious punishment.
      What will happen is that we get a little closer to delegitimizing this James O'Keefe/Breitfart style of lies that masquerades as reporting.

      I consider that a benefit.

    7. They're entirely funded via false pretenses... that abortion is a minor portion of their "business".

    8. Ducky,

      You're a thoughtful man, so please consider this:

      Those filmmaker anger you and your confrères because they employ the same tactics (albeit maladroitly) that has gained the left a revolutionary victory in the pop culture wars.

  8. Dedicated to Canardo, Great Cheeser-Offer of the Right:

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    _______ ~ or ~ ______

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    Your treatment is unfair,
    You bully! How you dare
    To question my veracity
    With cruel, hard-eyed tenacity
    I do not know. My views
    Which boldly you accuse
    Of being falsely ranked
    In truth are sacrosanct.

    My thoughts are Holy Writ.
    Your thoughts are quite unfit;
    Based on selfish fears
    They inspire tears
    And dare to say the blame
    Lies squarely in the frame
    Of those whose failing lives
    Look to him who thrives
    And say: Your gold is mine,
    You greedy, bloated swine.
    You have more than you need.
    It's up to you to feed
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    Else Heaven that you seek
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    And I will see your hide
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    With stolen food and goods
    We'll raze your neighborhoods
    And laugh to see you hurt
    Dying in the dirt.
    We live for your demise.
    We thrive on righteous hate.
    It is by now too late
    To make a plan to stop us
    End the Founder's opus.
    Our Marx destroyed your God.
    He's in - not on - the sod
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    With mockery and shrill
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    We drool with sheer delight
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    Where everything that's witty,
    Charming, gracious, pretty
    Slumps to the nitty gritty,
    As we revel in the dung
    Corrupting all your young.

    For 'we are the little folk, we
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone, and soon you will see
    How quickly we'll drag down the state.'

    ~ FreeThinke
    * Rudyard Kipling

  9. Early in this thread, Duck left this link:

    Hoaxers Fail to Nail Planned Parenthood in New Video.

    The link is dated July 21, 2015.

    Since that time, many other videos were released. Are they all falsified via editing?

    It seems to me that each time a video was released, the case against Planned Parenthood became more damning.

  10. Here is the January 25, 2016 statement from the Center for Medical Progress:

    The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws. We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.


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