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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Open Thread

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  1. There are a couple stories that are slipping under the radar while we listen to the riders in the Republican clown car slap each other around and tell us that Hillary is going to arm ISIS and tell them to kill our kids.

    1. An unelected overseer was given carte blanche by the governor of Michigan and then decided to poison the city of Flint.
    As one interviewee said on The Majority Report , "probably the only ones to see jail will be the protesters".
    You're poor, you get the Full Ayn Rand.
    A disgraceful moment for the sliver of American democracy that's left. Shame on us for letting this slide.

    2. The methane leak in California which is also sickening neighborhoods and won't be stopped for a considerable time. Just business as usual. The leak is probably the result of over reaching Federal regulation that the Clown Car is always taking about.

    Look over there, scary Muslims.

    1. I'm seeing more coverage of that first story, not so much of the second story.

    2. Methane? Isn't that a Gaia prodct, ducky?

    3. "tell us that Hillary is going to arm ISIS and tell them to kill our kids."
      Can you link for us which Republican said that? Thanks.
      And wait, there ARE no 'scary muslims' anywhere? WHo killed the folks in San Bernardino, or Paris, or Boston,...or......
      Please get it through your head that SOME MUSLIMS are problematic; that would be a big step toward beneficial conversation here. Thanks.

    4. It is useful to remember that Flint, like Detroit, was destroyed by generations of Democrat "leadership," done in by the crony troika of big biz-big labor-big government.

      Those managers were appointed by law because the city and county governments were rotten with official corruption. Nobody cared until Michigan elected a GOP governor, and now it's all his fault. (But Obama fanbois are still blaming Bush)

      Only a loony lefty could buy that spin. Leftwing progressivism wrecked it--you own it.

      California is a one-party Democrat state that makes Venezuela's dictator jealous. Democrats own California, Obama owns all the federal agencies...

      So, it looks like there is no one left to blame, but Democrats.

    5. Too bad Democrat California doesn't have any heavy industry left.

      If it were Wyoming, the leak would have been capped already.

    6. SIlver, you'll get no argument from me re: Dems in places in Detroit. I have no idea why any group would continue to vote for a party if that party has demonstrated an inability to improve the circumstances in a place like Detroit, or Flint.

      That being said, the current water problems in Flint do not seem to have Dem fingerprints as the city council is non partisan, kust like in many cities nationwide. A GOP governor appointed an emergency manager who made a horrible decision that in some cases, will change children's lives forever, at least according to leading pediatricians.

      The Flint folks and the city manager, were trying to save money and they did, at the expense of some pretty poor folks. Now that same manager has been put in charge of the school system of Detroit.

      Do you think anyone should be held accountable for this? Should anyone lose their job for such a poor decision? Should a governor from a party that regularly stands against federal funds being used to help people, companies and organizations that do not plan ahead even be asking for federal help?

      This is a horrible situation, plain and simple. There are families that will pay for this for the rest of their lives in increased medical bills, lowered expectations for their kids, destroyed home values, etc.

      It's a total mess.

      As for the well in So Cal... I've heard nothing that says this is gonna be an easy fix, the Wyoming boys notwithstanding...

      BTW... I've never been a Bowie fan, but I appreciate his place in rock and roll...

    7. "An unelected overseer was given carte blanche by the governor of Michigan and then decided to poison the city of Flint"
      NO. A democratic mayor (Dayne Walling) tried to save money by disconnecting the city from Detroit water using the Flint River. Would not switch back. No problems before.

    8. Ed... the mayors office is officially non partisan...

    9. Dave, he's a democrat. All offices are "non-partisan".

    10. Regardless, the council made the decision to leave Detroit's supply, not an "unelected overseer".

    11. Z, one word Hyperbole . It is often used as a humerous device.

      In my case it is used because it softens the unease of knowing that there are some who see that freaking pie fight the clown car held as a fit subject for serious analysis.

    12. Silverfiddle, the decision was made by Republican officials in holding with the tradition of giving poor people the Full Ayn Rand.

      The decision was made by a Snyder appointee despite Ed's neurotic need to hide is sympathies for those responsible for this crime. Working for recall and jail time for these criminals Ed or are you still yelling Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi?

      This was a decision made in the tradition of all those who worship the Reagan/Thatcher theory of governance. Own it.


    13. "the mayors office is officially non partisan..."

      SO WHAT!

      "Dayne Walling (born March 3, 1974) was the mayor of Flint, Michigan from 2009-2015. Although the Flint mayor's office is a nonpartisan position, Walling is a member of the Democratic Party."

    14. Well Ducky, Looks like people from Michigan have set you straight, so I'll just point you to what Ed and Jon wrote.

      As usual, the leftwing propaganda stands up under scrutiny like a cardboard shack in a rainstorm...

      Dave: Yes. People need to go to jail over this after a thorough criminal investigation. I don't know who could conduct a non-partisan unbiased investigation... Maybe Wisconsin can send over its paramilitary Democrat operative goon squads to SWAT some political enemies...

    15. Duck,
      What about the financial realities in Flint, Michigan, such that the company was contracted?

    16. The financial realities mean they should be poisoned?
      That's what I mean by the Full Ayn Rand.

      A Republican governor appointed an emergency overseer who had administrative power in Flint and he mad the decision to swap water sources.

      The decision stood after if was learned that the river water was leeching lead into people's drinking water.
      What is curious is the right wing need to scramble and deny involvement in this disgrace.

    17. Duck,
      You know me better than to insinuate any such thing with your salvo of a question. I wasn't implying any such thing! Your cognitive bias is showing.

    18. Ducky,

      You need to stop drinking the leftwing bong water. This is a tragedy that had many hands involved.

      Morons Socialist Nut Ball Crapolas want to pin this all on the GOP governor, and only the simple-minded believe its that simple. Democrats in the mayors office and on city council were involved in this as well.

      Unlike unhinged extreme leftwingers, I call for a full investigation. I don't care who appointed the manager or who is in what party.

    19. ABC News:
      APRIL 2014: In an effort to save money, Flint begins drawing its water from the Flint River instead of relying on water from Detroit. The move is considered temporary while the city waits to connect to a new regional water system. Residents immediately complain about the smell, taste and appearance of the water. They also raise health concerns, reporting rashes, hair loss and other problems.

    20. Ducky,

      Ed's schooling you pretty good. Better give it up before you are completely discredited. Best to check all sides before you rip that propaganda sheet of the ol' teletype and start playing town crier with it...

    21. HYPERBOLE? Good try, Ducky....pathetic, too.
      "The Full Ayn Rand"

      Has it YET sunken into your head, Ducky, that none of us Republicans hate the poor, in fact some of us ARE the poor, or hate women , some of us ARE women...etc etc.?
      Has it YET occurred to you to THINK before you write?
      It's so silly, really........so immature.

    22. AOW, I don't know what to make of the reaction.

      An unelected emergency administrator appointed by the governor of Michigan decides to switch to a water supply that is known to be seriously polluted.
      When it is discovered that children in Flint are experiencing lead poisoning caused by the toxic water leeching lead into the drinking water the response was to do nothing.

      The reaction here isn't why these people are facing charges but a weak attempt to demonstrate this was a matter of Democrat mismanagement.
      I can't accept that people aren't supplied with clean drinking water despite the budgetary problems. It is certainly a basic service that shouldn't be compromised.

      The money was available somewhere and costs from the life long problems of the lead poisoned children will surpass the initial meager savings.

      The incident is inexcusable.

    23. Duck,
      I don't know exactly what's been happening in Flint, Michigan. And I prefer to get the details from someone other than Michael Moore.

    24. Ed,
      Will do later today. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. There are 16 Muslim countries that have officially banned Israelis/Jews from entering not only for security reasons but for reasons of hatred of the Jewish nation. There has never ever been an international outcry about this bigotry. Donald Trump makes a comment saying Muslims should be banned from the USA until the government works out what the hell is going on and the world is outraged. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy that is always involved when the world ignores the Islamic hatred of Jews but jumps to defend against any form of Islamaphobia. Donald Trump 2016!!!!!

  3. So Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary pause.
    When will she point out that on many state primary ballots, he couldn't vote for himself.
    "Thirteen states — Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota — have closed primaries." (Wikipedia)
    Talk about qualifications to run!

    1. Ed... the problems of relying on Wiki without checking the facts...

      Nevada has a caucus and like many states, offers same day voter registration so people can change parties on the spot. Just as Rush Limbaugh suggested GOP people do in 2008 in order to slow Obama's campaign to win the WH...

    2. Sanders register as a Dem in NH already.
      If he's a Dem, why does he only caucus with them?
      From Senate.gov:
      Sanders, Bernard - (I - VT) Class I
      332 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
      (202) 224-5141
      Contact: www.sanders.senate.gov/contact/

    3. I didn't say he couldn't change for a primary.

    4. Such quibbling over minutia! That's what leftists love to do to a good discussion. Muddy the waters with tedious disputes over the veracity of data points.

      Caroline Caucustianelli

  4. Look over here! Scary, incompetent bungling Democrat bureaucrats poisoning us...

  5. So we got our men held by Iran for 5 years back today,, and after $150 billion dollars later. Looks like Iran won again.

  6. Since it is an open thread...

    Meanwhile up in Oregon, the Bundy clan continues to occupy the federal facility they broke into. They continue to harass locals, even intimidating children. They have members who have been arrested for stealing federal resources and they show no signs of leaving.

    The Hammond family has said they are not connected with them, the sheriff and a majority of the residents wants them to leave.

    And one day they will, and not spend a day in prison.

    That will be the irony. The people that supposedly went to Burns to stand up for Steven and Dwight Hammond, openly committed crimes and will never face the inside of a cell. Meanwhile, the Hammond's will continue their sentence.

    And patriots everywhere will rejoice... because they see the cause as just.

    1. "even intimidating children."
      Out in the middle of nowhere?

    2. An interesting side bar to the sovereign citizens movement occupation in Malheur.

      "Thousands of archaeological artifacts — and maps detailing where more can be found — are kept inside the national wildlife refuge buildings currently being held by an armed group of protestors angry over federal land policy.
      Ryan Bundy, one of the leaders of the group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon, says they have no real interest in the antiquities. Still, their access to the artifacts and maps has some worried that looters could take advantage of the situation."

      I'm sure nothing will happen.

      So far these bobos have acted with the strict propriety.

    3. Ed... some of these guys are following the kids of government workers and others around in town as they walk to school or to stores. They sit outside peoples homes, and have slashed tires of people not in agreement with them, including the sheriff.

      I've spoken to parents who feel like they have to check to make sure there are none of the Bundy clan folks around so they feel safe letting their kids go out to play.

    4. Don't ya just HATE IT when righties behave like Lefties and carry out acts of civil disobedience?

      What woul Henry David Thoreau say?

    5. What would the Wall Street "Occupiers" say?

    6. Thoreau would not advocate armed occupation.

    7. Thersites... regarding OWS... was there ever an armed takeover of a federal installation? Did the OWS protestors steal any federal property? Did the OWS protestors deface federal property? Did OWS protestors intimidate kids trying to go to school?

      They might have and I just missed it.

      As far as the OWS protests went, if they broke the law, they should be charged. Period. Just like the Bundy clan.

    8. No, but the OWS rabble did do that to municipal property. Drug use, rapes, crapping public...

    9. I suspect the presence of guns isn't very conducive to a culture of rape... ;)

    10. Silver... and I just said, if they did, they should be charged, period.

      Do you, Thersites or FJ think the Bundy clan should be arrested and charged?

    11. I think Zuccotti Park was a precedent.

      In June 2012, a federal judge ruled that the protesters had not received sufficient warning that they would be arrested if they entered the roadway

      Court cases[edit]
      In May 2012, three cases in a row were thrown out of court, the most recent one for "insufficient summons".[175] In another case, photographer Alexander Arbuckle was charged with blocking traffic for standing in the middle of the street, according to NYPD Officer Elisheba Vera. However, according to Village Voice staff writer Nick Pinto, this account was not corroborated by photographic and video evidence taken by protesters and the NYPD.[176] In yet another case, Sgt. Michael Soldo, the arresting officer, said Jessica Hall was blocking traffic. But under cross-examination Soldo admitted, it was actually the NYPD metal barricades which blocked traffic. This was also corroborated by the NYPD's video documentation.[177]

      Eight men: Episcopalian Bishop George Packard, Mark Adams, Jack Boyle, Ed Mortimer, Ted Alexandro, John Lenmesin, Rev. Dr. Earl Koopercamp, and William Gusakov, all associated with Occupy Wall Street, were found guilty of misdemeanors stemming from a criminal trespass arrest on December 17, 2011. One of them, Mark Adams, was also convicted of attempted criminal mischief and attempted criminal possession of burglar’s tools for trying to slice a lock on a chain-link fence with bolt cutters. Adams was sentenced to 45 days imprisonment (he served 29 days); the other seven were convicted of criminal trespass and sentenced to community service.[178][179]

      One defendant, Michael Premo, charged with assaulting an officer, was found not guilty of all charges after the defense presented video evidence which "showed officers charging into the defendant unprovoked." The video contradicted the sworn testimony of NYPD officers, who had claimed the defendant assaulted them.[180][181]

      A court has ordered that the City pay $360,000 for their actions during the November 15, 2011 raid.[182] That case, Occupy Wall Street v. City of New York, was filed in the US District Court Southern District of New York.[183] Further, the City of New York has since begun settling cases with individual participants. The first of which was most notably represented by students of Hofstra Law School and the Occupy Wall Street Clinic.[184]

      Nkrumah Tinsley was indicted on riot offenses and assaulting a police officer during the Zuccotti Park encampment. On May 21, 2013 Tinsley plead guilty to felony assault on a police officer, and will be sentenced later 2013.

    12. Dave, sure. Trespassing...

      I'm sure the federal prostitutors can trump that up to 10-20. Federal prosecutorial abuse is what started this.

  7. I'm concerned about what-I-see-as-a ridiculous brouhaha being conjured up over the "eligibility" of two powerful Republican candidates of Cuban descent –– particularly as it applies to Marco Rubio.

    Senator Rubio's parents were not born in the United States, and were not U.S. citizens when Marco was born on American soil.

    So what?

    IF we are to accept the prevailing interpretation of the 14th amendment [with which I heartily disagree by the way], but IF we accept it, ANYONE born on OUR soil has AUTOMATIC "birthright citizenship" conferred upon him the very second he pops out of the womb and the umbilical cord is cut.

    THEREFORE, unless and until legislation negating birthright citizenship is passed by both houses of congress, and approved by whomever may be president –– and THEN confirmed by the Supreme Court after the inevitable challenge has been made ––, Marco Rubio qualifies as a NATURAL-BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN.

    End of discussion.

    The case of Senator Cruz may be a bit more complicated. He was born on CANADIAN soil. His MOTHER was an American citizen at the time, but his FATHER was NOT. Only a born-troublemaker would try to deny Cruz's eligibility to run for president, BUT we know perfectly well that virtually ALL politicians are totally unscrupulous when it comes gaining or losing political advantage. The DemonRats are sure to do their darndest to make hay with this, if Senator Cruz becomes the nominee, and Mr. Trump, of course, will exploit public doubt and ignorance to the hilt in an attempt to stop Senator Cruz from mucking up Mr. Trump's plans for himself.

    I am sure the Senator Cruz is on firm ground. He's nobody's fool, and he has a law degree from Harvard and an absolutely brilliant academic record to his credit to prove it. I can't believe he, himself, didn't do all the necessary legal research to answer this (I-think-stupid) question accurately before stepping into the arena. HOWEVER, as most of us should know , ANYONE can SUE ANYONE on ANY pretext whatsoever, and the TARGET of the suit MUST answer the charges in COURT, even if the case has no merit.

    This has happened to me, personally, and BELIEVE ME, it mucks up your entire existence for YEARS before it can be satisfactorily resolved. Eventually I WON, but it was a Pyrrhic victory, because it came at too great a cost.

    But let's leave the subject of desperately needed TORT REFORM for another day. I shall maintain, however, to my dying day that anyone who brings on a lawsuit should by all that's holy be made to pay the legal costs of the person he attacked.

    1. The bigger problem for Cruz is how Trump handed him his ass when Cruz tried to get cute with his "New York values" snipe.

      Cruz ended up looking panderish and petty, and he looked guilty when pinned down, like a shifty-eyed sneak trying to crab-walk it back.

    2. FT,
      As I mentioned in another thread, SCOTUS rulings can change. Not that I think a reversal of that sort likely. But we are living in turbulent times.

    3. Listen, Silver. I happen to BE a New Yorker born and bred, and I knew EXACTLY what Senator Cruz meant when he said Mr. Trump has "Hew York values."

      Senator Cruz is exactly right. Perhaps he's one of those rare individuals who truly MEANS it when he says, "I'd rather right than president?" §; ^]

      That said, I lost respect for Trump, Cruz, Rubio and FOX for permitting themselves to get inveigled in a messy brawl over nothing.

      I found the debate to be as embarrassing as it was irritating –– the worst in the series yet, although I have nothing but high praise for the cordial, well-spoken Ms. Regan, she of the shining mane of the most beautiful red hair I've seen since the glory days of Peggy Noonan –– thirty years ago.

    4. FT,
      Cruz took a stab, and Teump stabbed back. The victor of the NY values portion of the debate is in the eyes of the beholders.

    5. Trump pulled the 911 card which distracted from the topic.

    6. I'd say non-politician Trump just schooled a stage-full of politicians. That was right out of the Democrat "It's for the Children!!!" book, and he did it effortlessly.

    7. The larger problem is that many in the GOP felt Obama was not qualified for office because they felt he was not born in the US.

      Birthers made this exact argument and some who comment here continue to hold that view.

      Ted Cruz was, in fact, born in Canada. Period. No one even contests this. The larger question is whether those within GOP and conservative circles, when faced with the exact same example, albeit from their side of the aisle, will maintain consistency and disqualify Trump.

  8. BY THE WAY:

    What did you think of the role FOX Business Channel in the persons of Ms. Regan and Mr. Cavuto played in this last debate?

    Why do you think they deliberately avoided asking questions of Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich to the extent they did?

    Was there a hidden agenda behind that, or was it just a natural occurrence?

    Why did they appear to allow a loud, pointless, shockingly unruly dispute over the citizenship eligibility of Senators Cruz and and Rubio with Donald Trump take up so much valuable time?

    It irritated the hell out of me, because it took the focus away from things that really matter like growing chaos and brutal hostility in the Middle East, falsified employment statistics, bogus claims of increased prestige abroad and growing prosperity at home when NINETY-FOUR-MILLION have left the work force, use of FOOD STAMPS is at record highs, the cost of so-called higher education is OBSCENE, and the stock market has declined SIXTEEN-HUNDRED POINTS since the first of the year. That's more than TWELVE PERCENT.

    1. FT,
      Fox doing the bidding of Karl Rove and his cohorts. They will do anything to try to make the GOP candidate an establishment candidate.

    2. I heard Cavuto this morning and don't for a minute think anybody told them who to address questions to...it was much more freestyle than I'd have imaged, with people, if mentioned, having the ability to chime in because their name was mentioned, etc...that was open to any of them.
      ALSO, Carson is so far down in the polls and only rarely spoke up, but he did interrupt from time to time; which is really what they must do to get the most speaking time.
      Kasich, I thought, did fine.
      I trust Neil Cavuto, maybe more than some would think I should, but I do.

      I think some of that loud unruly stuff is awful and they did let them spend time, but it was fascinating and some good personality traits came out in that, I thought.

      I"m still not sure how much of a liar Christie is, we know he is one. I don't know how mean Rubio can be; he showed a side I wasn't thrilled with that night.
      Cruz just smiled as Rubio called him out, which I felt was "okay, he got me on those"..not good.

      Bush, though I like him way more than any of you seem to, is the establishment candidate number one, and he truly didn't get much time......
      The NON traditional establishment people got more; the candidates polling the best just get more attention....that's the way of the world these days, sadly.
      I predict that Carson will be on the B Debate next time...

    3. Z,
      personality traits came out

      Certainly, a leader's personality matters to some extent -- probably quite a bit when it comes to electabilty because voters today are right-brained.

      But, in my view, personality doesn't not equal good governance.

      I would like to have heard more solid details about proposed policies instead of hearing shouted campaign promises or smoothly-uttered platitudes.

      I predict that Carson will be on the B Debate next time...

      Agreed. He's done as the candidate at the top of the GOP ticket.

      I still have the impression that Fox has a strongly pro-establishment-GOP agenda. Pfffft. "Outsiders" are polling well for good reasons.


  9. Cruz has nothing to apologize for . NY liberals have brought us Schumer, Clinton, The Cuomos, and Diblasio, and the rest of the Bums. And I'm a New Yorker. Hard working blue collar people & conservatives have been suffering under these tyrants

  10. Iran has zero credibility and trustworthiness period, so why should we believe anything that they or Obama say about this phones prisoner swap
    when the whole thing sounds so fishy...i think it was prearranged to make Obama's nuclear agreement deal look more creditable.

  11. Look on the bright side. Next year's State Of The Union (SOTU) address will be given _NOT_ by President Obama. The next eight years SOTU will be delivered by President Sanders!

    Feel The Bern ... Thanks Obama ...

    Ema Nymton

    1. That would be way better than from Hellary...

      Go, Bernie Go!

    2. Enema is back (loose)! The releasing mental institution must have a budget short-fall.

  12. Bernie looks unhealthy. Hillary is unhealthy. We don't need the White House turned into a geriatric ward.

    1. Prince,
      We don't need the White House turned into a geriatric ward.

      LOL! No kidding!

  13. Last night Hellary just reinforced that [she], along with: her dismal record, propensity to lie and evil demeanor is one of, if not the worst, contenders for POTUS in the history of the Republic!

    1. Jon,
      No kidding!

      Can you imagine having to hear her shrieking for four years -- or, God forbid, eight years?

  14. How many times have the ignorant white people who know little to nothing about U.S. history -- accused African-Americans of wanting and getting "free stuff" from the U.S. government?

  15. 10:56 AM
    Palin's Trump endorsement: Epic imbecility.

    I've lived long enough to confidently say that this is the most embarrassing time in American politics. A demagogue gets an endorsement from a quitter/loser idiot and the fringe right is sure that'll put Trump in the White House? Don't people remember how she helped John McCain lose the presidency? Her quitting her governorship? Her dysfunctional family? Her high negatives? How will a woman who is globally disliked escept for the loonies on the right gonna make things great for Trump?

  16. Trump will not choose Palin as a running mate. For all of his faults, yes he's stupid, but hes not that stupid. My guess. He will not declare a running mate. He will wait until he is nominated or possibly elected before he reveals his choice.


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