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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Team Too Good?

(For politics, please scroll down)

We're all heard of a bridge too far.

Now comes this — a team too good:

Girls basketball team in Minnesota is kicked out of league after other teams complained they were TOO GOOD.

A girls' basketball team has claimed they have been told they can no longer play in their local league because they are 'too talented'.

The Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association (RAYBA) girls' high school team in Minnesota say they were told by the North West Suburban Basketball League that they would be no longer welcome to play matches due to their 'skill level'.

They say that the news came in a letter just the day before they were due to play in a showcase tournament and while the girls were on a three game winning streak....
Read the rest HERE.

The logical result of the everyone-deserves-a-trophy philosophy.

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  1. The world is completely haywire. Upcoming women's Olympics open to men who decrease their testosterone for a year. No requirement of surgery. Total madness. Meanwhile the barbarians invade Europe, with the U.S. next.

  2. Being talented must be a microaggression towards those who are less talented, I guess.

    1. Mullah,
      Hello, friend.

      Yes, talent is a microaggression in the 21st Century.

      Let's all rush out and make sure that untalented surgeons operate on us.

    2. Men of Genius, Great Talent and Vision have always been objects of suspicion and derision. The story of Semmelweiss who realized the simple act of requiring midwives wash their hands before delivering babies would greatly cut down on infant mortality was laughed out of town by The Establishment of HIS time, and died a mad beggar crying in the streets.

      The old saw "I'd rather be right than president," is NOT funny.

      The world has rarely-if-ever treated the people to whom it owes the most very well.

      Look what humanity did –– and keeps doing –– to Jesus Christ, if you do 't believe me.

  3. If this is NOT a political subject, I can't imagine what would be.

    Once again I refer you to On the Floe, and Kipling's Little Man –– to poems I published yesterday. Both cover virtually all the spongy ground into which our present political perplexities are sinking, With the dawn of "Progressivism" at the beginning of the last century it has been as though our country stepped –– or was pushed –– into a morass of slow-acting quicksand from which there can be no escape.

    Everything we see today appears to be a rejection and militant reversal of every good thing learned at great cost over millennia including Common Sense, Common Decency, Good Taste and Wisdom grounded in an awareness of Reality.

    1. FT,
      If this is NOT a political subject, I can't imagine what would be.

      It may be politically related, but is more societal, IMO.

    2. Haven't they become one and the same? Like Love and Marriage, you can't have one without the other. The Left has succeeded in politicizing EVERYTHING. Nothing any of us thinks, feels or does is immune from constant ATTACK by the Left.

      Righteousness, Excellence, Superiority, High-Mindedness, Intellectual Brilliance and Creativity are routinely denigrated as "inherently unfair, discriminatory, cruel, anti-egalitarian, and just plain CRUEL.

      Surely you've noticed? ;-)

  4. I want to know who made the decision to sideline this excellent basketball team. Someone whose relative is on one of the less-talented teams?

  5. America's decline in a nutshell.

    In a thread about how immigration activists are suing the government because it 'humiliates' transgendered detainees by strip searching them caused me to declare we should rename the US, Freak Island, because that is what we've become.

    We are the most grotesque show on earth, and the freaks flock in from all over to be a part of it, and it provides endless entertainment and earns endless scorn, derision and hatred from the rest of the world.

  6. @SF,

    SPOT ON!

    While this subject may not be "political", per se, it's surely the reflection of a significant component of the[wrong headed]'progressive'(a one word oxymoron)in the context of contemporary American politics.

  7. there are so MANY ridiculous things like this lately it's even more disheartening; we don't reward the GOOD anymore, only chastise them and champion the 'less thans'...
    We don't give grades lest they make someone feel bad, we'll even change grades if the parents would prefer their little precious child not know he has a D (I know you saw that story)...

    This isn't America anymore and I think the sooner some of us realize it, the sooner we can stop feeling so miserable at what we've lost; since there's no way to fix it anymore.

  8. I stopped doing drugs years ago.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm having a flashback.
    Like today.

  9. Here's the team's statement - pay attention to 3,4,5.
    This is a little more complicated than it's made to appear.

    Rogers Area Youth Basketball statement (Jan. 25)

    Over the past several days, a tremendous amount of misinformation has been circulated related to a
    RAYB sanctioned high school team and the decision of the Northwest Suburban Basketball League (NWSBL) to temporarily suspend their participation. In an effort to clear up confusion and also to work toward a potential solution, RAYBA would like to share the following pieces of information:

    1. The NWSBL is an independent league, run by volunteers, that offers the youth of the northwest
    suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul the opportunity to participate in an organized form of
    recreational/”house” basketball. This league has been in existence for several years and until this
    year, RAYBA had never entered a team in this independent league.

    2. Due to facility constraints and the lack of participants, RAYBA has never before been able to offer
    a place for our high school aged girls to play. This year, in an effort to assist interested young
    ladies in participating, the RAYBA board reached out to the NWSBL to inquire about entering
    one or more teams into their league. The NWSBL agreed to allow RAYBA to field teams and
    participate in their league.

    3. The NWSBL informed our board that the other teams entered to participate in the league were
    composed of multiple teams from each of the other communities, with their most talented players
    dispersed equally between their community teams (through a draft process).

    4. RAYBA had a total of 14 young ladies express an interest in participating.

    5. RAYBA asked the 14 young ladies if they would split into two equal teams, comprised of seven
    players each. The decision from the participants was that they would prefer to play together on
    one team. This was communicated back to the NWSBL including the fact that the team was
    comprised of 11 seniors prior to the start of the season.

    6. The RAYBA team was allowed to participate in the first games on January 3, 2016.

    7. After the first two weekends of play, it was evident to all that the team that RAYBA sent to the
    NWSBL was comprised of players who exhibited talent beyond the other teams in the league.

    8. On Wednesday January 20th, the NWSBL reached out to RAYBA and informed the board that
    other teams in the NWSBL league did not believe that the level of skill and ability demonstrated
    by the RAYBA team was consistent with the skills and abilities of the other teams.

    9. In an effort to find a solution to the inequities between the other “balanced” community teams and
    the one RAYBA team, a meeting was scheduled for January 25, 2016 to find common ground and
    a reasonable solution.

    10. On January 23, 2016, a local media outlet was invited to attend an event sanctioned by the
    NWSBL. RAYBA did not participate in nor did the board authorize the media involvement.
    During this event, it was reported that the RAYBA team was “kicked out of the league for being
    too good.”

    To be absolutely clear, the RAYBA team was not “kicked out” or dismissed from playing by RAYBA or any of the RAYBA volunteer board members.

    1. that's good information and not surprising, as everybody's so knee-jerk (or just 'jerk', these days)...but the article AOW presents has good input from those intimately involved, too.

    2. If all the players on the various teams are the same age, then I don't quite understand why there's any controversy at all.

    3. It still sounds like an effort to dilute the better team.

    4. And More Communist Bullsh-t.

      What do leftists ALWAYS do?

      The make simple things appear unnecessarily complicated.

      They spread doubt and confusion, and call it "enlightenment."

      Their aim always is to denigrate, destroy, then dominate.

      The Left is a Cancer on the Republic..

  10. Ducky's info does shed new light on the situation. This is not a standard "whose school is better." It is a league that promotes learning and getting better through competition, so scattering players around so each mach-up is more even makes sense.

  11. Honestly, when I first read this I was waiting to read that half these girls are boys pretending to be girls. It leaves one speechless. And I just read THIS article (NYC to fine you $250,000 if you call a she a he who is a she) and could still speak.

    1. You might wish to check SNOPES for the whole story.

      When something is carried by Breitfart and Allen West your first reaction should be that you aren't getting the full story.

    2. Duck,
      Keep quacking until reality seals your bill shut.

    3. AOW, Although I lean toward Ducky on this one, that's funny!

    4. Ducky is referred to Section III, 1, c and Section IV of the actual law here which I read before posting.


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