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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dr. Julio Pino, "Lover of Angels"

Dr. Julio Pino of Kent State University

Dr. Julio Pino, tenured professor at Kent State University, should have been on the FBI's radar since at least 2002. It is just now public knowledge that he is under investigation, this time for recruiting students to join ISIS. Please note the timeline in the foregoing link.

Why wasn't Homeland Security hot on Dr. Pino's trail years earlier?

Originally posted on April 28, 2006, at my first blog site...

Who Is “Lover of Angels”?

From the above web site:
About: Behind this mask lies not a man but an idea. An idea is bullet-proof. Lover of Angels is a Knight under the Prophet's Banner and Son of the Sword of Saladin.

Interests: "Remember when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you, saying: I will help you with a thousand of the angels each behind the other in succession. This was a message of hope from your Lord to reassure and comfort your hearts, since victory comes only through the help of Allah, the Mighty, the Wise."

Expertise: Research and Writing, Public Speaking

Occupation: Artist

Industry: Education/Research
Two comments left by Lover of Angels at “Ohio Islamic Leader To Be Deported”:
Yes, My doctorate has done enormous damage to the Zionists in America, so much so that the Head Priestess at Hillel once whined, "It's a disgrace that Jewish money is going to pay for this man's salary." BTW, why has LOA never been deported? If ye only knew...
Comment by Lover of Angels— 2005/11/26 @ 01:55 PM

Yes, but think of all those "sleepers", like LOA, who are left behind, live and dangerous. Who knows when the next martyrdom operation might be coming to your town? I do.
Comment by Lover of Angels— 2005/11/28 @ 10:13 AM
The site-meter trail for the above comments appears to lead to Dr. Julio C├Ęsar Pino of Kent State University. Dr. Pino is “an outspoken apologist for Palestinian terrorism.”

Should such an individual be teaching at one of the leading universities in the United States?

[end blog post of April 28, 2006]

Discover the Networks has this information, much of which was published after the above blog post.

It is past time that Dr. Julio Pino was called to account.


  1. AOW,

    Just three quick comments regarding the posts by "Lover of Angels":

    * "Knight Under the Prophet's Banner" was part of the heavily freighted script of al-Qaeda after 9/11 and it was an umbrella statement used for recruitment.

    * The quote on thousands of angels is taken directly from Surah al-Anfal (Spoils of War) ayat 8 and it has to do with the Battle of Badr, the first decisive victory for the Muslims. An understanding of Seerah (biography) of Muhammad is necessary to completely dissect the passage.

    * If Lover of Angels knew of sleeper cells, why was he allowed to remain in play? (You and I have discussed this issue privately, and you know my feelings regarding such issues.)

  2. You know, one starts to wonder what the heck is going on, when THIS is 'free speech?' Recruiting terrorists?
    Is Homeland Security on his trail NOW? I haven't heard that...only the facts at FOX news on this guy.
    I watch a lot of CNN and MSNBC; haven't heard a thing on him there.
    no surprise

  3. AOW, Everyone is incompetent these days.

  4. The timeline mentioned in the above blog post:

    2014: FBI reportedly starts investigating Dr. Julio Pino for terrorist connections, and his home is raided – per multiple reports

    2014: Wrote an open letter addressed to children in Gaza

    2011: Shouted "death to Israel" during an open forum where the featured speaker was a former Israeli diplomat

    2009: U.S. Secret Service acknowledged that it was investigating Pino “as an individual who came to our attention who needed to be interviewed.”

    2007: Had pictures of some of the 911 bombers outside his office in a hero-like context

    2007: Accused of writing jihad blog

    2002: Wrote an opinion in the school's daily newspaper where he praised a suicide bomber

    There are also some troubling posts on Pino's Facebook page.

    In August 2012, he posted a photo of him in front of the Capitol building. The comment below said, "I come to bury D.C., not to praise it."

    In Sept. 2014, a photo of two masked Islamist fighters with the comment, " Keep it a secret: that's me on the left!

    I note that some of the photos originally embedded in the article are now removed.

  5. Many of us micro bloggers have covered stories years before they finally make some noise. It goes to show how little real news we get these days from the MSM and how incompetent the government. We are at the mercy of thees incompetents. Heaven help us.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Big bloggers covered this story, too. As did Mike Adams of Townhall.

      Yet, Pino has been allowed to continue his jihad-loving and jihad-promoting ways. While using a taxpayer-funded computer at Kent State University.

  6. One more reason to be pessimistic for our nation.

    We have too many people here who are not Americans first. They are noisy, slimy advocates for some overseas cause that has little to do with us, or is actually antithetical to what our nation and people stand for.

    And this idiot Pino...

    First he was a Latino radical, but he converted to Islam and is now an Islamoloony activist. What next? Will he pull a Bruce Jenner, don a dress and become a transgender activist?

    This may explain the left's love affair with Islam: It is the latest sword with which to attack to old order.

    The poison is spreading...

    1. Disloyal "Americans" –– by MY standards ;-) –– should be STRIPPED of THEIR CITIZENSHIP and DEPORTED POST HASTE.

    2. SF,
      Over the years, how many jihadists has Pino "inspired"?

  7. See something. Say something. Get ignored.

    That's the way it goes.

  8. See something. Say something. Have your own character and trust called into question.

    Been there, done that, will never do it again.

    1. Prince,
      In my two experiences with reporting a possible jihad threat, I got scolded for having taken an interest in the doctrines of Islam.

  9. I hope very soon, before things come to a head, that MOST red-blooded Americans will spontaneously adopt a "SEE SOMETHING DO SOMETHING" POLICY.

    When "The Law" fails in its duty to protect us, we MUST take The Law into our OWN hands and do whatever it takes to protect OURSELVES.

    Failing that, we have NO RIGHT to COMPLAIN whatsoever.

    The LAW, as administered currently, is an ASS.

    1. FT,
      Americans are patient. But the day is coming that the patience will run out. It's in our DNA.

  10. DIDADIN!

    There is only ONE sensible solution to ALL forms of Islamic Aggression. and that is a UTILITARIAN solution –– a FINAL Solution:




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    However illegal, impolitic, inadvisable, unconstitutional, un-American, immoral or impracticable others claim it to be we should maintain a position of absolute intolerance for a Muslim Presence in OUR world.

    When the Handwriting on the Wall sends a clear, uncompromising message, and STILL we fail to heed its stern warning, we DESERVE to be ECLIPSED.

    FACE IT: Either it's DIDADIN or BE DAMNED.


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