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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Luxury Hotel Converted Into Housing For Migrants

Chancellor of Germany Angel Merkel posing for a selfie with one of the migrants

I typically do not post subtitled videos. This time, however, I am making an exception. Please make time to watch (read) the video about Maritim Hotel in Halle, Germany (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Hundreds of jobs lost.

Businesses closed.

No notice.

No compensation.

This is the remaking of Europe into Eurabia, and the citizens are becoming exiles in their own native lands.

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If you have never read Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints, now is the time to do so!


  1. Analysis?

    Merkel has been turned. She has said the Shahada.

    1. Very possible. What else makes logical sense?

  2. Something has gone down. Whoever is pulling the strings we know not. But don't tell me that in a few short years the world has simply gone mad. And this is total madness.

  3. The global elites (Davos men and women, those who gather at the Aspen Institute, corporations, George Soros types) do not like a heterogenous world consisting of nations and pockets of people each with their own customs, languages and border.

    It is disorderly, inefficient and you cannot mass market material goods and ideological propaganda to them. You must tailor your approach for each market.

    More sinister, they detest happy, self-sufficient people in small German (or French or Italian) villages and vast swathes of American heartland. These are the people who must be assimilated into the global community and all of its standards and norms.

    Even more sinister, these global elites benefit from chaos, the more the better. Societies in upheaval or with ongoing cultural clashes require more government, indeed the people demand it for safety reasons! For this reason, the elites detest homogeneous societies with neatly-defined and jealously-protected borders.

    The elites travel in their own circles and live in their own guarded enclaves protected from the societal chaos, crime and neighborhood dereliction they actively engender. Do you think the German or American power elite worry about their neighborhood decaying due to economic stagnation and invasion by unassimilable polyglot hordes? Hell no!

    And if the situation gets out of hand and starts to tip over, they have contingency plans to escape to New Zealand as the nation they have plundered burns.

    I hate to say this, but the rich are not our friends, and until they, their families and their property are just as vulnerable to violence, robbery and governmental predations as the rest of us, nothing will change.

    In the progressive era up through the 1950's, the rich had to live here, they loved this nation, so they had a selfish motive to ensure the masses had education and jobs, and they fostered societal cohesion.

    Not anymore.

    1. An example of global marketing, of which I know a tiny bit about after attempting to sell some novels and movie scripts...

      Notice how movies have changed? (Please chime in, Ducky). No way in hell could a move like Five Easy Piece be made today. No way. Hollywood is marketing to a global audience, so your concept must be "high" and immediately 'appealable' to people of any culture or society, hence the dumbed-down action hero, car chase, visual humor crap.

      Same goes for books, to a lesser extent.

      Interestingly, music has resisted this, and the second tier, below the global superstars like U2, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, etc, are doing their own indy thing, which require a lot of touring and personal appearances and concerts to make their bones.

      Novels are going that way, but for new authors, it is a dicey proposition. There are excellent marketing streams for the self-published, but you are casting your work upon a vast sea of crap. Most of it has been rejected by traditional publishers for very obvious reasons.

    2. While I am in agreement with you for the most part it is the motivation that is difficult to accept. As plausible as it is, even they must know that New Zealand will eventually fall. The instinct to protect one's young is a keen motivator and appears to be lost on these folks. It is that which causes me to question the NWO.

    3. Bunker,

      I struggle with this as well. I am not adamant that I am right, it is just the most plausible theory my brain can come up with.

  4. A massive political earthquake occurred after 9/11. We are merely the recipients of the continuous tremors since the event.

    I have never faulted Bush II for his actions. Entry into the Middle East, establishment of AFRICOM and other movements merely accelerated the timeline for events which would undoubtedly occur in the future. Unrest, flawed governance models, imagination sparked by an act of chaos against America have all contributed to tributaries of thought.

    Such thoughts have now reached adolescence. And there is nothing more dangerous than an adolescent with indiscriminate access to weapons and methods of asymmetrical warfare.

    Merkel is Commander-in-Chief for the coming urban warfare which will explode onto the streets of Germany as ordinary citizens develop their own sociometric for ThreatCon. Toss my family out of my home to make room for those who have not borne the sacrifices of my grandparents, parents and myself? My ThreatCon will be red.

    To be just, one cannot heap injustice on the native born Germans. PM Merkel needs a psychiatric evaluation for mental competency to serve as a head of state.

    The Last English Prince

    1. Back in 1994, Robert Kaplan predicted what we are going through.

      The Coming Anarchy

      He is a very smart man who has traveled and studied the lands he writes about. I beg everyone to read the essay.

      Kaplan developed the ideas from the Atlantic essay into an entire book published in early 2001, The Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War

      I highly recommend that book.

    2. Did that book mention anything about Germany electing a complete lunatic to its Chancellery ?

    3. SF,
      I see that my local library has a copy of Kaplan's book. I've just placed a reserve on the book.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

    4. AOW, Be prepared for a scary read.

  5. Frank Lee said

    Merkel is queer for Arab dick. It's a simple as that. Gotta be. She's an old bag whose time is growing short. They get that way when desperation setts in. This is one of many good reasons why women should never be put in positions of authority. They're less rational and more emotionally unstable than men.

  6. This is what happens in a country without a 2nd AMENDMENT!

    1. Everyone's mother sister, and daughterOctober 25, 2015 at 8:43:00 AM EDT

      Frank Lee said

      "Merkel is queer for Arab dick. It's a simple as that. Gotta be. She's an old bag whose time is growing short. They get that way when desperation setts in. This is one of many good reasons why women should never be put in positions of authority. They're less rational and more emotionally unstable than men."

      This is probably the most irrational comment on this thread, obviously written by a very old out-of-touch man who's seething with anger and resentment -- two emotions that the writer has no control over.

    2. "She's an old bag whose time is growing short."

      Does this sound like someone else that we know?

  7. Seems like a deal for the hoteliers

    ... or you can go with the Alex Jones version which might be a bit slanted.

    1. Duck,
      Saving one's own financial bacon is not necessarily in the best interests of a nation as a whole. As a Trotsky-ite, you certainly must believe that.

      As for going with the Alex Jones version, I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I've visited Alex Jones's web page. I have zero idea as to what he's said about the migrants issue.

    2. Duck,
      Please avoid the Straw Man logic fallacy.

    3. Logical Fallacies are the bricks and mortar of Progressive arguments. Remove them and the entire rotten edifice collapses.

  8. Well, I can only believe this is going to run its course and result in quite a different world and not a good one, unless a bunch of unarmed Europeans can defeat and repel the moslem invaders.

    Then again, maybe duck and friends will talk to the vermin and get them to civilize themselves somehow and flush their own korans.

    1. Kid,
      If European leaders want the different world, they are going to get it.

      But why do the European leaders seem so intent on making Europe into a different world?

    2. AOW, There isn't much that gets by me these days, but this activity all over Europe is mind bending. I know some of it is that no-one, (media, school, parents, friends) talk about the cancer and savageness that is islam, but still, the effects are being experienced in all these countries, (Sweden for example, people now carry guns everywhere) so how can it not be recognized for the threat that it is.
      It can't be revenue because these vermin don't work, they're on welfare. It can't be Intellectual Property because none of these barbarians have anything to add intellectually or talent-wise.
      So, why would these countries willingly import untalented barbarians to abuse their citizens and be a major economic drain? Damned if I know. I admit I can't even speculate. Hence my 1st comment above is all I got.

    3. Kid,
      I'm not sure that the comment I'm typing in here applies to Europe.

      Here's something I've been watching mushroom in the United States: that Islam is a Abrahamic faith. This nonsense has even appeared in the Southern Baptist Church! As well as in Bible churches (non-denominational). Members of these churches have zero problem condemning Hinduism as pagan, but insist that Islam is an Abrahamic faith.

      And not only among young people. Adults in their 60s and 70s are spewing this lie.

      By insisting that Islam is an Abrahamic faith, these Bible-believing Christians try to create a brotherhood with Islam and are only too willing to accept the lie that Islam is a religion of peace even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

      I know some of it is that no-one, (media, school, parents, friends) talk about the cancer and savageness that is islam

      Anyone trying to disabuse the above-mentioned deceived Christians of their erroneous notions are shut out of the town square.

      The other element which keeps playing in during conversations which I have: the Palestinians are persecuted and deserve great sympathy.

      And, of course, the constant drum beat of how the West has screwed up by meddling in the Middle East and that the jihadism is a reaction to the West (instead of jihadism as being an inherent doctrine in the Quran and the Hadith).

      PS: I hasten to add that often the leaders (ministers) of these churches are aware of and outspoken about the reality that Islam is not an Abrahamic faith. but many in the congregation are on a wave length called denial.

    4. Kid,
      Now, about Europe.

      One morning headline: "Poland turns sharply right." See Conservative party wins big in Poland, exit polls say:

      Poland took a decisive turn to the right in its parliamentary election Sunday, tossing out the centrist party that had governed for eight years for a socially conservative and Euroskeptic party that wants to keep migrants out and spend more on Poland's own poor.

      An exit poll showed the conservative Law and Justice party winning with 39% of the vote, enough to govern alone without forming a coalition....

      Bad news (Germany?)...Village of 60 must accept 1,500 Muslim migrants.

    5. Canada next.

      According to the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 25,000 unprocessed refugees will arrive to Canada before January 1, 2016.

      I look for Obama to open the floodgates after the November 2016 Election.

  9. Today in Oregon I met 'real' refugees who I will soon be related to by marriage - a Cambodian family who lost most of their clan in the bloodbath there in the 1970's. And they eventually escaped, too, by walking to the next country, Thailand. What a contrast their stories are from this business in Europe, though! They got sponsors here (yes - SPONSORS, through refugee organizations). They weren't mostly young healthy men in their 20's, but gradually noticed their group was becoming more and more female as their men were killed in camps. And they worked hard, and learn American language and customs. So different from much of this flotilla in Europe.

    1. Baysider,
      I know many refugees such as you describe: Vietnamese, in particular. We have a large community of Vietnamese here in the D.C. area. Most are delightful people in every sense. Christians, too.

      The waves of migrants coming into Europe include a high percentage of mostly young healthy men in their 20's. And what are they going to want relatively quickly? Mates!

      Many of these young men are Muslims. They will gladly take infidel wives. Will the children have the shahada whispered into their ears from birth and be reared as Muslims?

      Within a decade -- maybe less -- the demographics of Europe will undergo a drastic change.

    2. Completely agree.

      My new Cambodian friend re-united with her husband after 4 years - neither knowing if the other was still alive. He had made it to the U.S., and was working here. She commented that many men in her culture - in that situation, and assuming the worst had happened to their family - remarried quickly so they had someone to cook and clean for them. And the few that found mates alive were often hit with the news of a new family. Fortunately, not her. We met an extended clan and they seem like lovely people. This is NOT going to be Europe's experience.

  10. Friederich von Graustarkheit sagt

    Frank Lee nailed it:

    Merkel is queer for Arab dick. It's a simple as that. Gotta be. She's an old bag whose time is growing short. They get that way when desperation setts in. This is one of many good reasons why women should never be put in positions of authority. They're less rational and more emotionally unstable than men.

    What other explanation could there be?

    Women get HYSTERECTOMIES, because unlike men they have an innate capacity to get HYSTERICAL. They can't be trusted in a crisis.

    1. A vulgar and loutish comment that most decidedly did NOT bear repeating!

    2. Russ T. Nayles saod

      Spoken like a typical female hysteric. Always on edge, always indignant about something. Never knows when to shut up.

    3. You and your vulgar friend are boorish cads of the worst ilk!

  11. Another sad aspect of this for Germany is that all but the largest cities required almost zero policing. They have police HQs at their equivalent of county seats and above, but you rarely see the police because their society simply does not need strong-arm policing. That's all out the window now...

  12. AOW,

    I've shared the video with many others. One thing, however, that I don't understand is the apparent compliancy of the displaced employees; some appeared to be smiling. I wonder if [they] will, perhaps, now get some sort of government dole? If so and if this sort of thing is or becomes wide-spread what of the sustainability of such? Since it is unlikely that these migrants will assimilate and probably lack any skills that are needed in such an advanced industrial economy; what can be the net result? Will there ever be a 'tipping point' to this nonsense?

    1. Jon,
      I, too, was struck by the no-fight attitude of the employees. Supposedly, there is no compensation, but maybe the lack of compensation refers to from the employers.

      Those displaced employees seem to be unskilled workers or those who ply trades (hair dressers, for example). I can't imagine that in a few years, if not sooner, many migrants will be taking those kinds of jobs. Then, what?

    2. Babette Blanchard de la Bouillabaisse said

      Blind obedience to Authority is an inherent part of what it means to be German. If this were not true, the Third Reich would never have come into existence. The is the Fatal Flaw genetically built into German Character. When they said at Nuremberg, "I was only following orders," in their minds that was sufficient justification for all the atrocities they performed. In their worldview that was all that should be required to absolve them of guilt and any responsibility for their crimes.

    3. Babette,
      Blind obedience to Authority is an inherent part of what it means to be German.

      Such lockstep thinking is not limited to Germans.

  13. I predict the dude in the merkel selfie will one day cut her head off.

    1. Kid,
      Is she holding up her arm and hand in a protective position? As a Freudian slip, I mean.

  14. Lapland Ski Resort and 4-Star Ramada Hotel to Become Permanent Migrant Housing

    Also check out this paragraph from the above link:

    Fast forward to the “The Muhammad Plan,” aka Euro-Med partnership — an Islamic initiative to conquer Europe, in which Europe gives billions to Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Africa, in order to destroy European culture and dismantle the European model. The goal is to conquer and impose Islam.


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