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Monday, October 19, 2015

Clock Boy's Award

CAIR's Muslim of the Year Award (2015) for Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed. The award includes a gold clock on the right panel:

Clock Boy will be participating in Astronomy Night at the White House tonight by special invitation from Barack Hussein Obama. Astronomy Night honors top scientists.

Clock Boy's "invention" ("cool clock," according to Obama):


  1. Re: Astronomy Night.
    I watched The Martian yesterday.
    Halfway through I realized the political implication of the movie.
    A Republican must have been elected, because we had a space program sending people to space, not to glorify Islam.

    1. Ed,
      The Martian? I'm unfamiliar with it.

      What are the political implications of the film.

    2. The political implication is that we have a space program again. A Dem admin would veto that.
      Everyone is telling me that the book is better than the movie, so now I have to read the book. :)

  2. This explains why much of the muslim world is still mired in the dark ages.

  3. In my proudly arrogant opinion The Clock Boy is a bit of a CLUCK - ;-) –– and so are President Obama –– and all the leftist sycophants who suck up to his agenda –– who've chosen to magnify, glorify –– and practically deify –– a rather silly boy whose main purpose in perpetrating this idiotic hullaballoo seems to have been merely to call attention to himself.

    Whether he was put up to it by agenda-driven Islamaniacal parents or other nefarious influences remains to be seen.

    The most discouraging aspect of the phenomenon is the way EVERYONE on ALL sides acted rashly,and quickly jumped to conclusions –– ESPECIALLY President Obama whose biases in favor of anything that seems opposed to traditional American values and mores –– and the citizens who embody and exemplify those values best –– are becoming more egregious every day.

    1. FT,
      I can tell you that I personally did not jumps to conclusions about Clock Boy. Befor coming to ANY conclusion, I carefully considered all available evidence.

      As for the handcuffs, it is Texas law that anyone over the age of 12 is placed in handcuffs if that person is taken into custody. Furthermore, taking him into custody was appropriate -- for several reasons.

      And one more thing: Obama tweeted out "Cool clock" befor the photo of the actual "clock" was even available. Obams's jumping to issue that Tweet is akin to his coming down on the side of the Cambridge professor before the facts leading to the professor's arrest were even known.

  4. Ed's comment brought to mind an old post of mine. The gist of it:
    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his “foremost” mission as the head of America’s space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.

    Though international diplomacy would seem well outside NASA’s orbit, Bolden said in an interview with Al Jazeera that strengthening those ties was among the top tasks President Obama assigned him. He said better interaction with the Muslim world would ultimately advance space travel.

  5. Stinky Progressive CheeseOctober 19, 2015 at 11:55:00 AM CDT


    They are giving an award to a kid for tearing a clock apart and putting the innards into a pencil box.

    I'd say the anti-American CAIR group and you loony libs are the ones obsessing.

    Pathetic is the fact that so many of you consider this an "accomplishment."

  6. CAIR's 'Muslim of the Year Award' must have some really low standards of accomplishment! Including, but not limited to, the ability to fog a mirror.

  7. He's 14, for crying out loud! Why do you right wingers always see conspiracies where there aren't any? Seek help!

  8. Upvote for SPC's comment, which is the point of this blog post.

    The many honors being showered upon Clock Boy are absurd. Period!

    Furthermore, as a result of all this undeserved attention, Clock Boy appears to be developing clinical megalomania.

  9. Ed,
    You're wrong. This is not about a child. And if you can't see that reality, you should refrain from showing your abtuseness by commenting here.

  10. Clock Boy as the Rosa Parks for "Islamophobia":


  11. Stinky Progressive CheeseOctober 19, 2015 at 9:58:00 PM CDT

    If the kid had actually done something other than take an electrical appliance out of it's safe, ergonomic packaging and repackage it as a shambolic safety hazard, we'd applaud!

  12. And of course clock boy didn't put the 'clock' together in the first place. It was purchased. That obama invites this pathetic nonsense to the white house further exposes obama as the islamic moron tool that he is. Why didn't obama invite the veteran who took out the Oregon school shooter after he'd been shot 7 times. now there is a hero.

    Come on admit it you pathetic libtard pieces of obama loving human garbage - you can see the difference right? Gee let's have a genuine hero come tot he the white house who saved a goodly number of college children? or let's invite this little piece of garbage ahmed who makes a clock that looks exactly like a briefcase bomb and takes it to school.

    Come on ! Come on now you libtards.! ;-) Put your best case together and tell me why ahmed the POS moslem should be invited to the white house and the 7 times shot man who saved an untold number of college kids should not even be named by your hero barry soetoro the traitorous POS that you elected twice toe the white house. I can't wait to hear it.

    I've even subscribed to this one to hear you pathetic libtard POS's bleat about it.

    1. AOW, Thank you. Now why do you think the 'usual suspects' didn't take an opportunity, a golden opportunity, to defend their moslem master in the white house over this issue? Frankly I'm very surprised my inbox wasn't full of nonsense from most of them and a sane looking but still way off the mark sanity wise reply from dave miller.

      Come on lefties! Can you not put even a single sentence together on this to defend your liberal progressive/communist masters ???

      I'm verklempt.

    2. Kid,
      Early this evening the story that the Elhassan family is moving to Qatar. Immediately -- just after Ahmed visited the White House yesterday,

      They are clocking out.

  13. AOW - How is this NOT about a child when the boy is 14 years old and you folks on the right are practically calling the boy a terrorist simply because of his religion. I have a child about the same age as this one and this type of science project is very normal. Certainly not the type of thing that should subject a child to the treatment your side is subjecting him to. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and if you had any decency you'd stop this nonsense.

  14. Does your kid get to go to the White House with a clock you can buy on ebay? What has happened is teachers are now afraid to turn any child in who has something that might be questionable...do you understand that? This is less about his religion and more about safety for our kids.
    Sadly, his religion happens to be the one causing most of the problems in the world today; that's not our fault.
    You should be ashamed to even suggest that it's FINE that this child who was just feted by the terrorists Sudanese president is being feted at the White House (WHY?, by the way? WHY?..see Kid's comment below)
    God forbid that your child will ever be in a class with a kid who actually brings a weapon in and whose teacher thinks "better not say anything...I don't want to be in THE NEWS"

  15. There's a lot wrong with this incident. The teacher acted properly. I would have reported it too - who wouldn't? The school police went over the top. As did Obama. As did CAIR. And of course the MSM. This end game invite to the white house makes no sense in a sane world. It was never presented as a 'science project.' While a 14 year old is NOT a child, he certainly lacked the sense to handle it like a responsible adult. I sense more guile than inventiveness, though. People are too damn sensitive.

    Back to school police: this case is only one of 100's that hit the news where they have gone over the top. Anyone remember the 12 year olds arrested and strip searched for ... slap butt day in McMinnville? Or the girl suspended for taking Midol for her cramps?

    1. Baysider,
      The school police went over the top.

      Ahmed Mohamed has, um, a bit of a history of disciplinary infractions. That video only scratches the surface.

      He was using his "clock" to disrupt classes. He wasn't merely showing the "clock" around -- after one teacher earlier in the day had told him not to show the device to others because it might be mistaken for a bomb.

      Ahmed chose to show the "clock" in every subsequent class. In the last class of the day (English class, probably a large class in a school of 2800 students), he plugged in the "clock" and set the alarm to beep so as to disrupt the class.

      Furthermore, the parents have refused the release of the police report -- despite many requests from the police to do so.

      The photo of Clock Boy in handcuffs was staged. He was indeed cuffed (Texas law -- see my comment above in this thread -- but the sister told the police not to remove the cuffs so that she could take a photo of Ahmed in handcuffs.

    2. Yes, I heard he had prior suspension(s), which sounded like acting out kid of stuff. And the school should have the authority to keep order with disruptives. But the news I read sounded like he was cuffed and frog marched off. I think schools have abrogated their authority and when they get challenged they zip to the police. You teach in a different setting, but probably have a more informed opinion of this. But it seems to me that schools have gotten heavy handed on the one hand, but are backing off the worst torublemakers (thanks, fed govt).

      Little Ahmed and family are moving to Qatar, now.

    3. Baysider,
      Ahmed was suspended for several days while he was in sixth grade. For what, exactly, do 6th graders get suspended?

      According to this story in the Daily Beast, he was suspended for blowing bubbles in the bathroom at school.

      Does that sound like a suspension offense to you? There has to be more to the story. Multiple discipinary infractions, perhaps? Likely, we'll never know because cume files cannot be released willy-nilly.

      the news I read sounded like he was cuffed and frog marched off

      A scripted narrative in play?

      I think schools have abrogated their authority and when they get challenged they zip to the police.

      Because of (1) rulings in school law and (2) the fear of litigation.

      BTW, the Irving mayor's long interview with Glenn Beck has disappeared from the web. In that interview, she provided details about what happened. Did you happen to see that interview, Baysider?

    4. No, I did not see it. With the way this has all played out, it looks like a script - getting publicity for free education offers and maybe a 'free ride' home for the father, as they're moving to Qatar with scholarships for the boy.

    5. Baysider,
      The family is very wealthy, with no need for scholarships.

      Definitely there has been a narrative in play -- a movement of sorts. Perhaps the ElHassans' buddying up with the Butxher of Darfur is a factor. Did you see that photo of the ElHassans being so friendly with the Butcher?

  16. Ed,
    You have one correct word in your comment: nonsense.

    It is nonsense to laud a kid for taking the guts out of a clock and put those guts into a pencil box novelty (shaped like a suitcase).

    You need to do some research about the facts involved.

  17. I heard on the news that schools all across America are now "revisiting" their suspension policies because of "what happened to Ahmed Mohamed."

    So, does that mean that Muslim students can disrupt schools with impunity?

  18. From this source:

    ...Ahmed, who did not bring the device with him to Washington, said he hopes to talk to Obama about his experience as a Muslim who came to the United States after 9/11.

    “I’m going to talk to him about, like, how hard it is growing up in America,” he said. “It was pretty hard living in America and going to school being Muslim.”


    "If I was a Caucasian male, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten arrested,” Ahmed said Monday....

    A bit of megalomania?

    As for his next invention?

    “I’m working on a power generator,” he said. “I’m hoping it gets used somewhere where there isn’t electricity.”

    1. BTW, Ahmed admits in the video interview that his science teacher was not impressed by the "clock."

    2. "So, does that mean that Muslim students can disrupt schools with impunity?"

      That was my first thought.

    3. "I I was [sic] a Caucasian..." Don't be so sure there, little Ahmed. I strongly disagree. I think schools will be scrambling to find any offense among whites to 'balance' disciplinary numbers when the feds open their books and threaten to pull federal funds from districts that don't discipline by race, instead of by offense.

  19. Z,
    Does your kid get to go to the White House with a clock you can buy on ebay? What has happened is teachers are now afraid to turn any child in who has something that might be questionable.

    Bias in favor of a kid that didn't even make a clock!

    Agenda, agenda, agenda: he's an African Muslim and must be praised to the high heavens for taking an old clock and putting it into a pencil box that looked like a suitcase.

    this child who was just feted by the terrorists Sudanese president

    Omar al-Bashir beheads children in front of their parents. And that's just the beginning of the kinds of atrocities he perpetrates.

  20. "Clock Boy" as an inventor is tantamount to B.O. as a leader. I wish that the latter would join the former in the relocation to Qatar. This would be a big win-win for America!


  21. @ EP,

    "this type of science project is very normal"

    Well, no wonder the US is falling behind!


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