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Monday, September 28, 2015

Why The Trump Phenomenon

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These principles also apply to Ben Carson's and Carly Fiorina's rise in the polls. Many in the electorate are fed up with electing representatives who don't even try to keep their campaign promises. Those who are guilty of political malpractice are a plague upon the land and stink up the whole place.

Related and a must-read: Cold Anger at Conservative Treehouse.

2014 electorate map


  1. In this race, Trump is the lowest common denominator. He appeals to the same. He gives a face to base and irrational emotion.

    1. CI,
      In my view, your explanation is too simplistic. Please see Cold Anger, which I just added to the body of the blog post.

    2. I agree...it's only two lines of text...it can't really be much more than simplistic. But it matches Trump's policy positions. The 'Cold Anger' article was interesting, but ultimately rhetorical.

    3. CI,
      I know several people living in "flyover country." Some who weren't angry before are now angry.

      Something is simmering.

    4. CI: Please explain how anger at a government spinning out of control is "irrational."

      It's quite rational, especially given this quote, which I love:

      "Donald Trump is not our candidate. He is our murder weapon. And the GOP is our victim."

    5. Please explain how anger at a government spinning out of control is "irrational."

      Nowhere did I state or imply that anger is irrational, where it is thoughtful and constructive. The verbal equivalent of a tantrum however, is irrational, unproductive and serves only to portray one's position as intellectually immature. Trump carries the banner for this faction.

      Now, if you're argument is that Trump is being used by some on the right, to destroy the GOP from within....I would possibly agree....though the end result probably isn't going to be pretty, given the use of this "murder weapon".

    6. CI: You said "He gives a face to base and irrational emotion."

      The emotion is not base, and it is not irrational. These are real grievances and righteous anger at government malfeasance.

      What is irrational (on the surface) is pouring this into Trump himself as a candidate, because he is a half-baked temper tantrum.

      When none of the adults will take up your cause, you throw a temper tantrum.

    7. The emotion is not base, and it is not irrational. These are real grievances and righteous anger at government malfeasance.

      I don't disagree that the genesis of this anger is worthy.

    8. OK. We agree Trump is not the answer, but can you see why people are backing him?

      They are righteously angry and (this is where it gets irrational) they enjoy seeing a man come out and start slugging their smartass tormenters in the face and busting up some cherished crockery.

      What's the alternative? Give money to Jebby so he can pander everybody into catatonic boredom?

    9. It's always been understood why people are backing Trump. And I would caution against asking me what the GOP base should do. But I believe the short term satisfaction of seeing Trump speak and act off-the-cuff....will be outweighed by the long term consequences of handing the election to Hillary [or perhaps Biden]. I suppose this could be mitigated if his bubble pops and a reasonable candidate like Kasich or Fiorina can siphon that demographic....but I think it needs to happen sooner, vice later.

    10. As an aside, I can't access Disqus-powered sites from work, or I'd weigh in a bit more at your site.

    11. CI,
      I'm not so sure about the long term consequences you mentioned.

      In my own lifetime, I've never seen a pre-election season such as this one.

      I do think that it's possible that we are witnessing the demise of the GOP. But, IMO, Trump isn't killing the party. The establishment big boys (such as Karl Rove) are. Many so-called conservative pundits are acolytes of Karl Rove. Especially the new-con pundits.

      The Karl Rove Era ended in 2008, but he refuses to admit that his era is over, and neither are his acolytes.

    12. AOW - I certainly wouldn't pin the GOPs demise just on Trump...but how is he helping the party? I get it that he's energizing the base a bit......but he's got the policy depth and intellectual charisma of Sarah Palin...and I don't think that turned out terribly well.

    13. Trump is not helping the party, and if were nominated, it would guarantee a Democrat victory for whoever they run.

      GOOP voters are mad, and many of them are prepared to blow up the joint, even if it means a Democrat gets elected. Others are deluded into thinking Trump could actually win.

      my opinion


      Never get into a fight
      With one who knows he's always right.
      Those who tend to self anoint
      Stay blind to any others' point.
      They can't admit they might be wrong,
      So they'll harangue you all day long.
      They never will express contrition
      So you get conquered through attrition.

      ~ Anne Animus

    15. The world is filed with endless woe
      By egotists who THINK they know.

      ~ Anne Animus

    16. True. Is that why you've stuck to stilted poetry, invented acronyms and multiple identities?

    17. CI,

      No need to attack another commenter who happens to be a friend of this blog.

    18. Of course. That would be petty...whether couched in poetry or prose.

    19. CI.
      I like FT's quips in verse -- and his acrostic sonnets.

      I myself can't write poetry of any kind. Strange for a musical person such as I, but my brain must not be wired to write poetry.

    20. Thank you, AOW. Interesting how a politely phrased, generalized criticism in verse of a certain type of behavior is taken personally, isn't it? Reminds me of another rhyme by my dear friend Anne Animus:

      He who easily gets annoyed
      Quite possibly may be paranoid.

      ~ Anne Animus

    21. Great point FT, I agree! If one doesn't have conviction in one's positions, they could reasonably be expected to display antipathy towards one who does......a level of paranoia if you will.

  2. Jeb Bush, also known as Brother Schlubb of the Shrub family as I would prefer to call him, says Pope Francis should not discuss climate change because the pontiff is “not a scientist.”
    Brother Schlubb Jeb is a politician, not a scientist. Crusty Christy, a Roman Catholic, says the pontiff should “stay away from politics.” Rick Sanctimoniously Stupid Santorum, also a Roman Catholic, says the pontiff should “leave science to the scientists.”
    None of these quack politicians are scientists. Yet, all share these traits in common: All are Roman Catholic who privilege themselves to speak against climate change, but think the Pope has no right to join the conversation.
    Here’s an inconvenient truth: Pope Francis holds a degree in chemistry and worked in a lab before joining the Church. The Pope, more than any of these hacks, has the education, experience and qualifications to understand climate science. Yet, here is another lame excuse by crackpot politicians to marginalize another voice.

    Brother JEB, Little Ricky, and Crispy Christie should have nothing to say about de-funding Planned Parenthood, since they're not women; they should have nothing to say about cutting food stamps, since they're not poor; and they should, since the profess to be Catholics, brush up on what their Savior says about doing for the least of His flock. HINT TO JEB! Jesus gave away "free stuff" to the hungry: Fish and bread! In addition to free health care, since, IIRC, the NT says he healed the sick, and didn't charge for his services. So there's that.

    Apparently they do not like this Pope, or perhaps any other Pope.

    1. To the Moron who wrote the above comment....Learn to write, you semi-literate dingbat.

    2. Ok, if you're done. bring on the next retarded moron Liberal please.

      Furthermore, the pope has no business whatsoever trying to manipulate US policy on globabble whining, economics or immigration.

      And furthermore...Jug Ears is just as dumb and maybe a whole lot dumber..

    3. Let's put "In MY humble opinion's" comments in context by examining the Democrat Party's slate of candidates, which looks more like a Queen's Coronation.

      Her Rotten Heinous, Hillary Rodham Clinton, mishandled state secrets, disregarded federal laws, is married to a serial pedo-rapist, has destroyed the Middle East, aided the criminal crime organization known as the Clinton Foundation peddle influence and sell access to the highest reaches of US government while vacuuming up tens of millions of dollars, and despite it all, she incredibly believe she is entitled to the US Presidency.

      Next up, communist mouth-breather Bernie "Bolshevik" Sanders, who belongs in the 1930's bellowing from a soap box about the wonders of Uncle Joe Stalin.

      There are other Democrat candidates bowing and scraping to the #BlackLesbianMarxists movement, but the Hildebeast Dirigible is blocking the sun, so they wither and grow mold in the darkness.

    4. It is worth noting that the "free stuff" Jesus gave away was from his own storehouse of treasure. He did not take it from others and redistribute it.

      He did command us to share what we have with others, but he did not mandate that our gifts be laundered through a horribly inefficient bureaucracy that skims off dollars and then flings a few pennies to the poor.

    5. Excuse me? He attended the Escuela Técnica Industrial secondary school and has what would be in the US a Vo-Tech certificate. In fact, Jorge Bergoglio never graduated from University prior to entering the seminary he holds a Licentiate in Philosophy from the Colegio de San Jose, which is the equivalent of a US M.A.

      Bush holds a B.A in Latin American Studies, Santorum has a B.A in political science, and MBA, and a JD, Christie has a B.A in political science, and also holds a J.D.

      So if you're going to toss around academic credentials you ought to get your facts straight...

      Aside from the fact that we have a word in American English for those with Argentinian Chemistry degrees, Russian Doctorates in Medicine, and Eastern European Dentistry... we call them cab drivers.

    6. Finntann,
      Pope Francis vo-tech and not a credentialed scientist? Now, that is something the media have made sure to exclude.

      I had to laugh at your term "cab drivers." Good one -- and accurate, too!

    7. It's curious, that the article I read describing the Popes academic credentials was the National Catholic Reporter. It's not the church that's trying to obfuscate his C.V, it's the media themselves.

  3. "Many in the electorate are fed up with electing representatives who don't even try to keep their campaign promises."

    True but I'm fed up with the Fraud-in-Chief for trying, keeping his!

  4. When the well attired lady leaves the checkout line carrying steaks and shrimp using an EBT card, the door is still held open for her; yet notations necessarily embed.

    Can't imagine how he managed to omit the Welfare Cadillac .
    And doesn't this meme usually include lobsters?
    Anyway, it's false.

    When the U.S. flag lay gleefully undefended, they do not lay unnoticed.

    What is he talking about?
    Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi ?
    Just wht campaign promise will the Republican nominee keep? "Crazy" Fiorina's vow to send troops?

    When a school community cannot openly pray, it does not mean the prayerful were absent.

    Isn't going to change.

    I thought Trump's propose to tax the hedgies what pretty direct but it isn't getting much play. Someone might not want you to think about it or you may very well be a party that believes the "no poor man ever gave me a job" meme.
    It's the same old same old for you.

    1. You got one thing right, duckman: The lady leaving the checkout line would be carrying doritos, grape flavored cigarillos and an armload of 40's.

      Been there, ain't done that, ain't goin back.

      You white crackers kill me.


      So tell us, has a poor man ever given you a job, Sahib Quacker?

      Can you lift the needle on your broken record and tell us if you know anyone given a job by a poor man?

    3. Okay, my bad.

      A corporate executive is sitting around in a period of low demand and thinks to himself, I can take this profit and use it to hire someone whose productive capacity isn't needed or I can use it for stock buybacks to protect my options and manipulate the share price. Now which does he do?

      I would think that job creation depends on having a product in demand, requiring additional productive capacity and access to capital. Absent those maybe you can explain why profit wealth will generate jobs.

    4. Duck,
      maybe you can explain why profit wealth will generate jobs

      Come, now. Profit wealth does indeed generate jobs if the one taking the risk has a venture which can generate jobs.

      One thing is certain: the poor do not generate jobs -- except indirectly: that is, jobs helping the poor to access entitlements or medical treatment. Those jobs are charity- or taxpayer-funded. Or perhaps corporate funded in some situations providing medical care.

    5. Also, profit wealth often leads to greater consumption of goods; that consumption often generates jobs.


      "I would think that job creation depends on having a product in demand, requiring additional productive capacity and access to capital. Absent those maybe you can explain why profit wealth will generate jobs."

      How about someone with money in their pocket needing their car washed? or a small business owner needing someone to answer phones or make sales calls?

      Obfuscation is Ducky's friend, and that says it all.

    7. I'm interested in this idea that profit necessarily generates consumption.

      Companies expand in a period of low consumption?
      Once again, demand generates jobs.

    8. Here's a light to pierce the fog of Ducky's blather:

      Supply and Demand. Can't have one without the other. Beware propaganda vectors peddling failed ideologies.


    9. Durita Chippe said

      What that patos maricone needs is a hot turpentine enema.

    10. Still pushing supply side, eh Silverfiddle?

      "In normal, meaning non-recessionary, times, with full employment and reasonably flexible wages, Say’s Law holds."
      Just the situation we have, right?

    11. Still fighting Keynes liquidity trap aren't you, Silverfiddle?

      Oh well, so is Janet Yellen.

      Myself, I still think Marx's theory of use value has a place.

      But we know you think Hayek is the only economist who never shined his shoes with poo. Kinda doctrinaire and short sighted

    12. Duck,
      I'm interested in this idea that profit necessarily generates consumption.

      Two words to answer your query: disposable income.

      If my little business made more of a profit, Mr. AOW and I would go on a cruise. That's consumption.

    13. Ducky,

      I appreciate your ability to reduce complex discussions to high cartoon relief of black and white. I now see you have a comprehension problem. Supply and Demand. Keynes and Hayek (if you knew anything, you would understand that the two men's theories are not diametrically opposed, that there is overlap), but that detracts from adult conversations...

      You may think Marx's theory of use values has a place, and so do I: In the Museum of Discredited Crackpot Theories Tried and Discarded by People in the Real World.

      So c'mon tell us again how the stimulus wasn't big enough...

    14. We understand where you're coming from ,Nostradumbass. You think that parasitism is a magical formula for free shit and you're to much of a pussy to rob your neighbors yourself.


    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell AND House Speaker John Boehner

  6. Ducky Said:
    What is he talking about?
    Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi ?


    1. What's a "herion"?

      Anyway, I'm always amused by the assumption that being a leftist somehow correlates to immediate support for a center/right figure like Hillary.

    2. Ducky, you need to learn about the center/right and stop spouting what you think are facts. Man, I know you've always loved to supposedly yank chains by calling Obama a centrist, and now Hillary, but that only shows you need some brushing up. Don't look now, but talk about demagogues; you're playing on emotions with people far too bright for that.

    3. Where would I learn it, Z? Fox and Friends?

      Please, who would you call a centrist? Someone to the right of Ben Carson?

    4. I googled HERION, and found nothing. Google insisted on telling me I meant HEROIN. ;-) Well, I knew that couldn't possibly apply in the context cited, so I thought a bit, then looked up HYPERION, and found this:

      HYPERION (from WIKI)

      In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky or Heaven) who, led by Cronus, overthrew Uranus and were themselves later overthrown by the Olympians. With his sister, the Titaness Theia, Hyperion fathered Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn).

      Hyperion's son Helios was referred to in early mythological writings as Helios Hyperion ("Sun High-one"). In Homer's Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony and the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, the Sun is once in each work called Hyperionides ("son of Hyperion"), and Hesiod certainly imagines Hyperion as a separate being in other writings. In later Greek literature, Hyperion is always distinguished from Helios; the former was ascribed the characteristics of the "God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and the Light", while the latter became the physical incarnation of the Sun. Hyperion is an obscure figure in Greek culture and mythology, mainly appearing in lists of the twelve Titans:

      Of Hyperion we are told that he was the first to understand, by diligent attention and observation, the movement of both the sun and the moon and the other stars, and the seasons as well, in that they are caused by these bodies, and to make these facts known to others; and that for this reason he was called the father of these bodies, since he had begotten, so to speak, the speculation about them and their nature.

      —  Diodorus Siculus (5.67.1)

      There is little or no reference to Hyperion during the Titanomachy, the epic in which the Olympians battle the ruling Titans.

      As the father of Helios, Hyperion was regarded as the "first principle" by Emperor Julian, though his relevance in Julian's notions of theurgy is unknown.

      Shakespeare's Hamlet characterizes his wicked stepfather as no more like his natural father than HYPERION is to a SATYR.

    5. Herion is what one blogger, at another site many here frequent, typed when they mean to enter Heroine, referring to HRC and how dumb people were for admiring her.

      And thus, it started...

      Apparently few saw the irony of someone calling others dumb, while at the same time misspelling their example...


  7. As Christians are being slaughtered mercilessly in the Middle East and elsewhere, all of the Pope’s wishes, prayers, and teachings are NOT about keeping the flock safe. But about spreading his Socialistic BS.

    This Pope is unlike any other – he is obviously a socialist. He has upset a lot of people, including Catholics over his comments on Islam and Christianity, immigration, and Jesus as a failure at the end of his life…
    When and if the Pope cedes the Vatican to be a US President and when and IF the Pope is given full control of the US, then he MIGHT say something that I’d give a crap about... governed.

    Until then, he can bugger off. I really don’t know what to say. And that includes anythin that Salvador Dalí! has to say as well.


    This blog post is NOT about the Pope.

  9. This morning, I watched video footage of Jeb Bush's mealy-mouthing around: "These early polls don't mean anything."

    More blah, blah, blah.

    The reality: Jeb isn't leading in Florida, where he served as governor.

    His time as a POTUS candidate should be over. Many in the electorate are no longer interesting in "leadership" from neo-cons.

  10. @ Exposing......................

    "all of the Pope’s wishes, prayers, and teachings are NOT about keeping the flock safe. But about spreading his Socialistic BS."

    Yes and the media's four day, ad nauseam, in your face coverage of it was unbearable! So, Francis was a chemist; he shouldn't have quit his day job.

  11. What's THIS?

    Grover Norquist has endorsed Trump's tax plan:


    1. Do you think taxing carried interest is a bad idea?

    2. Duck,
      I don't know the ins and outs of the matter.

  12. The Catholic Church and its Popes have a sterling record when it comes to appreciation of scientific principles. Galileo comes to mind-- but what the heck. Why doesn't the Vatican take in a couple of thousand of the so called "refugees" for a start. Always easy to tell the rest of the world how to live. By the way, the Climate change ruse will wind up killing thousands. One Billion don't even have electricity for boiling water, fridges for cooling food. Can't wait until the price of fossil fuels go through the roof.

  13. Why the Trump phenomena?

    Because voters are pissed. It's pretty obvious.
    They've been worked up into a lather for a couple decades now and keep going deeper in the hole.

    The tragic element is that the stock in trade of the candidates on the clown car is demagoguery. They aren't going to deliver on anything.
    You get upset about Trump's tax statement (an uncharacteristic moment of sanity) but have you looked at Jeb's?

    It's going to get worse because it's getting to the point that the right has been worked up to the point where what they want most is to be angry.

    1. I'd say the left is throwing a pretty snotty temper tantrum as well, young man!

      You have an entitled, incompetent, corrupt old queen ducky all questions until after her coronation.

      Right behind her you have communist mouth-breather Bernie "Bolshevik" Sanders, who belongs on a 1930's street corner in a rumpled suit bellowing from a soap box about the wonders of Uncle Joe Stalin.

      There are other Democrat candidates bowing and scraping to the #BlackLesbianMarxists movement, but the Hildebeast Dirigible is blocking the sun, so they wither and grow mold in the darkness.

      I'd say you have troubles of your own. Once Trump's Hindenburg goes out in a roaring ball of gaseous flame, the real fun will be the Democratic circus.

    2. And what the Left wants most is to keep spending for votes....how's that wash for you? Do you understand the money is GONE and we're trillions in the hole? Free Obama phones?> SURE! Free college? SURE! Reductions on your mortgages? WE'LL pay for it! SURE! Take in thousands of immigrants? SURE, what's the big deal? $$$

      If Bernie Sanders says it, it's brilliant and informational, if people you disagree with/hate say it, it's demagoguery. Listen to yourself.
      There can be no conversation when all of the onslaught is insult.

      By the way, nobody 'wants' to be angry: we want the unreasonable, irresponsible spending to stop. We want sanity to reign. We want an honest media that gives both sides on ALL media venues, not just FOX, we want a lot.....we had it before.

    3. Obamaphones? Oh, you mean the Lifeline program started by his nibs, Saint Ronnie Raygun himself. If you weren't in a blind rage you could research it.

      Reductions in mortgages? Obama didn't restructure mortgages.
      Not a bad idea in areas that were seeing property values dive due to foreclosures if done right.

      Free college? Nothing happening and I don't support it.
      Do you know which schools are the largest recipients of student loans? Interesting that 9 of the top 10 were useless for profit colleges like "University" of Phoenix. NYU was the only private university in the top 10 and they have been declining.
      That pant load Arnie Duncan has finally made an effort to block the for profits. Their stocks were tanking before the recent market drop.

      Immigrants? I'm sure you see them in the checkout line with their free Obamaphones buying lobsters with their EBT cards.
      I see abuses but I also know that NAFTA and the War on Drugs has forced a lot of emigration from Mexico and Central America but you are to blinded by anger to be able to see clearly.

      Like I say, you've let the rabies media whip you into such a lather that you're close to just wanting to be angry.

      And anyone who thinks that Faux Snooze is the only media entity giving both sides is just out of touch.
      You don't think the left wants quality media and reporting? If you don't you are even more isolated and out of touch than I imagined.

      Name a leftist on Faux.

    4. Duck,
      The Lifeline Program, which was established a discounted program for qualifying low-income consumers and free Obamaphones (Buying votes!) do not equate.

      And anyone who thinks that Faux Snooze is the only media entity giving both sides is just out of touch.

      Stop it. You know that Z and I access other media.

      Furthermore, the Lifeline Program was three decades ago.

    5. To be fair, the "Obama phones" are part of the still-current Lifeline Program, which was altered in 2005 to include wireless plans.

    6. Whoops! I did not mean to call Here's Ducky an old queen in my remarks above. I meant to describe Hillary Clinton as a "corrupt old queen ducking all questions until after her coronation."

      Please accept my apologies.

    7. Remove all lies, smears, sneers, distortion and contortions, and Ducky has no argument.

      His hallmark is dishonesty and a sour contempt for those he argues with.

    8. BRAVO, Mr. Dali! You have just described the essence of what it means to be a LEFTIST. Their strength lies in absolute, obduracy and adamancy. They are sworn NEVER –– EVER –– to concede a point no matter how well researched and how well phrased the counter argument to their hyper-aggressive ROTTIST agenda might be.

      Canardo is a ROTTIST of the first water. He's been afflicted since birth with the disease of ROTTISM. I therefore suggest we should describe him as ROTTISTIC from now in.

      It would be far better for anyone within sight or earshot of this poor benighted pervert if he were AUTISTIC instead of ROTTISTIC, because we would hear far less from him, and therefore be freer from exposure to his toxic, malformed thought processes.

    9. Ducky, name a leftist at Fox News? you really think I'm going to fall into that stupid trap when you think Obama and Hillary are centrists? Get control of yourself. I don't know who has, but it's not I who says that FOX is the 'only' news outlet with two sides.....PLEASE stop slamming if you don't have the facts. I watch EVERYTHING...I'll see one Cons. a week on MSNBC, and maybe 8 on CNN. Almost every panel on FOX has two differing sides....you should watch; it might help you.

      Obama Phones are totally different /. times have changed in 30 years. Wake up. :You read this blog (and mine) and AOW's exactly right.

      You're so tiring...jumping to ridiculous conclusions, slamming everything you don't agree with, straw men, red herrings.. it's getting very boring. You must be intensely frightened to be this hateful. I'm so sorry.

  14. Ducky's here Said;

    "Why the Trump phenomena?


    It’s Because Voters the Are So Pissed, at the Scum That We Have in Office Right Now! . And That’s Pretty Obvious"

  15. Pope Francis Said...” You’re Not a Christian If You Own a Gun”

    Who the heck gave the Pope the right to judge who is and isn’t a Christian?

    1. Carlos,
      The Pope needs to check the definition of Christian. It has zero to do with gun ownership.

    2. PS: And Jesus's disciple Peter had a sword.

    3. "The Pope needs to check the definition of Christian. It has nothing to do with gun ownership."

      True, AOW, but it DOES have EVERYTHING to do with the USES to which one PUTS the GUN in his possession. ;-)

  16. Imagine if the electoral vote for each representative went to the party who won that vote in that district. The democraps would never win another national election.

    1. Kid speaks to electoral apportionment. I like this plan, but it would have to be decoupled from the allotment of House seats, per United States Code (3 U.S.C. section 4). Although gerrymandering would take on an insane importance, it could give third and fourth parties a chance to start gaining electoral votes.

    2. Gerrymandering runs counter to the spirit of Representative Republican Democracy. It should be eliminated, and a simple permanent GRID PATTERN should be imposed, instead, thus ensuring "fairness" by letting the "chips" fall where they may.

      Let the changing demographics of a given area dictate policy preferences.

    3. AOW, So, if California and many other states voter tallies result in 50.000000000000001% for the dems, the dems get all the electoral votes. But say in Marin Country, the repubs won by a wide margin. Give those electoral votes to the repubs regardless of state totals, and in this scenario, the dems would never win another national election,

  17. A comment that I found over at Facebook, and I think that the person who made this comment has made excellent points about Trump's plan for tax reform:

    No one else has said a damned thing about what they would do. It's fair to criticize the merits or lack thereof, but overall it's a proposal of SOME kind.

    For too many years now, the GOP has done nothing but criticize the Left Wing that is in power. They have offered nothing as an alternative.

    So please rip into this all you want, offer a better idea, make a better argument. But know that this is the starting point of the conversation, because no one else has said sh*t. So when you evaluate your options, have an idea or two, but we cannot say we have better ideas without better ideas.

  18. By releasing his tax reform plan, Trump is leading the way in this field of GOP candidates.

    The others are mealy-mouthing around and speaking in generalities (for the most part). But Trump has released both an immigration plan and a tax plan.

    With Norquist's declaration of "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs," the GOP establishment must be shaken up a bit. I wonder what Karl Rove is thinking now?

    Not that I like Karl Rove. I despise him! But he does have power within the establishment GOP. If his boy Jeb Bush comes out with a tax plan, Trump and Norquist have upped the game so that Jeb's plan will look like an imitation of Trump's plan.

  19. Replies
    1. Reasons the comment was removed:

      1. We're not interested in blog gossip here. I don't care what is being posted at progressive blogs and don't waste my time writing rebuttal posts thereof.

      2. This blog post is not about Ted Cruz, nor is it an open thread.


      If its' the last thing I ever do, I WILL eliminate IRRELEVANT commentary from my blog n matter how well-written or "reasonable" it may seem.

      Our people have become so stupidly churlish and unruly the majority most desperately NEED to be treated like the brash, untutored, ill-trained elementary school CHILDREN they truly are.

      A Representative Republic is only as good as the average quality of its citizenry. If that number falls below a certain median, the country may be given up for lost.

      Why else do you think the Leftist Fiends have A) deliberately ENGINEERED the process of deliberately "ignorantizing" the public through the corrupt system of miseducation, B) messed up our natural demographic pattern by changing immigration standards (1965) to GUARANTEE the DEMISE of our Caucasian, Christian Majority?


  20. Yes,it is time America picks itself up and gets moving again. As one people with a common goal to provide opportunities that will raise all not just the few. But that won't start to happen until we get RID of that Cancer who we have in the White House right now.
    Go Trump.

  21. @Laura,

    "one people with a common goal "

    That's a great thought. I would even settle for a MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE. Sadly though, the Left with it's indoctrination corps, known as Public Education K-12, has been quite successful in their quest to eliminate the latter.

  22. (No, I haven't read anyone's comments or politics for months now. I'm weighing in as a college student).

    Why is Trump popular? Several reasons. One is that people are fed up with politicians. Politicians are fundamentally liars, cheats, weasels and cowards. Trump, by being controversial, say-what-I-think and do-what-I-want, proves that he is not a politician. He's a jackass, but at least we know what he will do.

    But more importantly... people are not logical.

    Every now and again when I ghost around here, I see everyone complaining about the new style of news, media, thinking, etc. It's soundbites, emotional, not philosophical enough... whatever. It's fundamentally a generation gap. My generation was raised to absorb knowledge and spit out soundbites, to listen to emotional pleas instead of cold-hearted rhetoric, to blindly follow whoever seemed most worthy of being a leader. BOTH SIDES are like this.

    Talking to young conservatives and young liberals nets the same result= blindness. Very recently, two fellow college student got into an arguments about politics. Conservative started it by asking me about Trump. I replied that I wasn't following the race (knowing how horrible this topic is in an East-Coast school). Liberal chimed in, blasting Trump. I sat back and listened.

    They were identical. They were both talking without listening to the other, spitting out soundbites and catchy bits of data (Trump has good immigration policy! A businessman knows nothing of politics! etc). They were actually talking at the same time, babbling at the same high frequency. Neither could defend his position if actually challenged- both the Liberal and myself challenged the others with "So what?" to receive no actual response.

    The babble around campus also confirms this. People either are soundboards for each other, or pathetically attack opponents.

    This generation was taught two (conflicting) things: 1) To blindly accept what your parents/teachers/schools/books say, and 2) That everything is relative (and thus, everyone's opinions and views are equally valid and worthless). The net result? No one can think. No one is SUPPOSE to think.

    We simply do what we were told to do. For private schoolers, it's to be superior and "intellectual," for public schoolers, it's to do it the easiest way, for homeschoolers, it's to do it your (parents) way. But never to think, or have new ideas, or challenge the system.

    So, we get Trump, an embodiment of rage and soundbites. His crassness appeals to those tired of lies; his bully nature appeals to those not wanting to lead themselves; his simplicity/openness appeal to those not wanting to think.

    For the older crowd, I'm not sure. I'd image the anger aspect is pretty much the leading cause. But I'm pretty sure, for my peers, it's that we simply were never allowed to think.


    1. Wildstar,
      I'm not sure that I agree with all of your comment. About the root causes, I mean.

      But of THIS, I am sure: this is the most cantankerous pre-election season I my memory. Some of this has to do with there not being an incumbent, but that fact doesn't explain all of what I'm seeing.

      I speak for myself now....I'm weary of political theatre and the media's complicitness thereto. Smoke and mirrors everywhere! The 24/7 news cycle is also a factor; included in the 24/7 is also the always-accessible Internet. And one more thing....We are now a nation of non-readers. Reading social media does not have nearly the value of reading things which require thinking and meditation.

    2. Oops! Also meant to say that I agree that our society has become a society too easily swayed by emotional appeals and ramped-up rhetoric.

      The generation gap has always been with us -- but only recently has that gap made the generations to inimical to one another,

    3. "So inimical" NOT "to inimical."

      On my iPad at the moment. Auto-correct is sometimes problematic.

  23. I was discussing the Trump phenomena on the radio.


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