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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Open Thread

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  1. LIBERALS: Are You Really That Ignorant? Your Party Is Betting That You Are! And That’s Why They Are Still Behind That Lying Douchbag Hillary Clinton!
    Cosmetic people and hairdressers that can freshen. And fix up her look..
    Stylists can dress her beautifully;
    Speech coaches that can help her appear friendly and sincere, and give her a new accent to use at every venue.
    Handlers that can pick favorable venues with pre-selected “participants”, that will say whatever they want them to say.
    The MSM can and will call on those reporters that are guaranteed to ask softball questions and spin the story of having the power to regulate her own email activities. But even CNN the one LIBERAL NETWORK that will not lie to protect this scum.
    But you Progressives, Liberals ass-holes will follow her to the destruction of this country! WHY?

    But like a Leopard, Hillary Clinton cannot change her spots... …She said that she turned over all e-mails, if new ones have been discovered on her server, that she deleted, claiming that she had the right to do this because the e-mails were all personal, but in fact they were about Benghazi, she lied, and did so under oath. It's a felony.
    And yet YOU Progressives will follow this corrupt, lying, obstructing justice, and incompetence POS and present this evil witch as a viable candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

  2. Replies
    1. Just another example of 'elites' trying to create a worldwide proletariate class INSTEAD of a society of middle class owners.

    2. Nothing much of note. Wealthy nations routinely sign on to these "goals" at climate and economic summits.
      The Davos crowd just continues to pollute and extract rents.

      Strictly kabuki for Rollo.

    3. lol!

      Ever notice the prevalence of Democrats at Davos? Rent's due on the Pond, Ducky!

    4. The Syrian Exodus to Europe signals the "end" of Davos Liberalism. The Rigth-Wing Nationalists are BACK! :)

    5. How many sock puppets do you use, Farmer?

      kuhncat was the best. You should revive him.

    6. Ducky has a point.

      We never signed on to Kyoto, but we've come closer to the goal than any of the signatories.

    7. Do you have an opinion on China's "cap and trade" announcement?

      My feeling is it's legit since the pollution is so bad they have to do something.

    8. When you going to revive your 'beakerkin' puppet, ducky? Your ideas always had more credibility when you posted at your own blog.

    9. The least you couuld do is bring back your upstown steve. :p

  3. Look at the graph:


    The U.S. always plays the "submissive" in the U.N.'s policies against us.

    Sez I - Let Samantha Powers relinquish her family trust to assist the poor in an act of good faith. Otherwise, she needs to keep her hands out of my pocket.

    The U.N. is a pernicious group of individuals.

    The Last English Prince

    1. Notice the complete absence of China, the "world's largest economy", in any of those charts...

    2. Notice that despite the right's claims of our generosity the U.S. is near the bottom as a percentage of GDI.
      Factor out the portion that is simply arms money laundering and we're most likely even lower.

    3. Maybe we should add those hundreds of billions the government spends on arms money defending the Left's "cause du jour" to those numbers, think, duckman? I'd bet that we'd own number one in GDI if you included those.

    4. Overseas weapons sales by the United States totaled $66.3 billion last year/ That's way more than the $40b in the chart.

    5. These aid numbers have typically been so misleading because they factor in the money only from government sources. In Europe, this is big, because private charity is so small. But here in the U.S. private charity is huge! Leftie globalists criticized the U.S., as usual, after a particular catastrophe brought big aid dollars from governments all over the world. The U.S. number was 'low' per capita, and Americans called selfish,etc. They ignored the private aid which far exceeded public monies and again showed the eleemosynarial impulse of the American people.

    6. And what is the primary organization, Baysider, The Red Cross?

      I'm sure you've followed the story of their impressive accounting in Haiti or internally their performance after Sandy. Not good. They don't know where the money went. Wanna guess?

      The organization considered the most effective delivering aid is Médecins Sans Frontières and they were formed by the French.

      Yes, Americans do contribute to charities and that shouldn't be downplayed but the issue is the meme that cynically uses this to advance the exceptionalism nonsense.

    7. Samantha Power should be sharing a jail cell with Hellary Rotten Clinton and Susan Rice for international war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      The European deluge is the direct result of the failed adventures of Obama's Amateur Warlord Girls Club.

    8. Yeah, Bush/Cheney, Condo Rice, Rumsfeld ... they were blameless.

      Could Obama have stopped the purge of Sunni's by the Shia government in Iraq and the subsequent formation of ISIS ?
      History might be able to unwind that but we know how that Shia government was installed.

      Remember when Chucklenuts Bush appointed Bernie Kerik as Iraqi Interior minister? Rudy Giuliani's bagman as Interior minister and you think it went south with Obama?
      Please stop.

    9. Duck,
      Who here at this blog has said that Bush/Cheney, Condo Rice, Rumsfeld were blameless?

      If you want to spread guilt, go back further than that -- and include others besides Western leaders.

      How about starting with the source: the Sunni-Shia split in Islam CENTURIES AGO?

    10. Apologies to Churchill, Ducky is a pyromaniac is a field of strawmen.

      As I have said repeatedly, in the same forums Ducky visits, Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld are guilty of blowing up the Muslim world. Then Obama and his gang of Sophmore Zena Warrior wanna-be's came in and blew up the pieces into even smaller pieced, then lit them on fire.

      Unlike the hyper-partisan propaganda gobblers on the left, we on the right have both eyes open.

    11. SF,
      Ducky is a pyromaniac is a field of strawmen.


      Great metaphor!

    12. AOW: That formulation belongs to William F. Buckley, not I (nor Churchill, whom I erroneously attributed it to).

    13. SF,
      Buckley did have a way with words, didn't he?

  4. A German nurse gets the boot from her flat to make way for refugee resettlement.

    How is any part of this right?


    1. Redistribution of wealth so that the Third Worlders can get a good start.


    2. It sounds like evacuating your home to allow the termites to have more free roam!

    3. I'm speechless. You hear about how the government in Germany provides housing to their invaders. But kicking people out of their homes --- for the invasion? That is nuts! Who said you (Germany) have to provide housing for anyone? Why don't they tell the 'refugee' to find housing instead of putting that burden on their own [taxpaying] citizens?

    4. Jon and Baysider,
      Just imagine if this were to happen to us!

      Can't you just see me packing up Mr. AOW and three cats -- and trying to move, to find another place to live?

    5. The modern-day version of war profiteering, as a result of perverse government incentives. No society is immune...

    6. It's not just Germany. This, from Gatestone Institute: The question is: Where will they [muslim immigrants] live? More and more people are now worrying that the government will confiscate the homes of Swedes and give them to asylum seekers. In 1992, the "Threat and Risk Assessment Commission" established that the government should have the option to seize property, especially summer homes, from the Swedish people in a time of crisis. In early September, editorial columnist Anna Dahlberg of Expressen, one of Sweden's largest dailies, urged Swedes to "make way" and "hand over the keys to their apartments to those in greater need."

    7. Baysider,
      The West is determined to commit cultural suicide.

  5. Sadly under the radar

    Let's hear how Obamacare is the cause of your insurance increases.
    I'm willing to be he had a plan to tax shelter the income.

    And if your insurance doesn't cover it then screw you.

    Should this have been pursued and used to investigate drug pricing and the commonly held myth that the high pricing is needed to cover R&D? Of course.
    Will it? Well not on Faux Snooze. New York Review of Books or The Nation may cover it but the right wing media is letting it slide.

    1. One evil price gouger is responsible for the failure of Obamacare?

      You're sniffing your own fumes if you believe that one...

  6. Is anyone else suffering from Papal overkill?

  7. The Clinton Foundation invited everyone from Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio to Bill de Blasio and Janet Yellen to its showcase gathering starting Saturday in New York City, according to multiple sources familiar with the planning.

    But those invitations were among the dozens turned down by all manner of celebrities, dignitaries and donors, according to the sources, who said the controversies swirling around the foundation and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have made some bold-faced names and donors wary of the foundation.

    The glitzy Clinton Global Initiative gathering in New York, which has the lofty title “The Future of Impact,” was supposed to have been a celebration of the accomplishments of the $2-billion Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation’s past work as it pivots towards a future with Chelsea Clinton at the helm.

    Instead, it’s become emblematic of the foundation’s struggles to regain its luster, while scaling back some of its ambitions and restructuring amid heightened scrutiny of its internal workings, the diminished role of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the prospect that former president Bill Clinton also could be forced to step back.

    1. The Clinton Foundation is owned and run by a bunch of ugly, grotesque, obscenely greedy lying people. Power hungry and Money hungry,and treasonous people.

    2. The only future of impact I would like to see is the Clintons and their corrupt co-conspirators landing in jail.

  8. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been in the public eye for so long that the distinct person(s) who originally inhabited the two relevant bodies are long gone. When speaking in public, Clinton has one basic objective: tell the listener what the listener wants to hear. "The Era of Big Government is Over!".

    Any connection between what these two Hillary or Bill Clinton says and the Truth is pure coincidence. Indeed, the only time when Clinton tells the truth is when forced by circumstance to do so (e.g., the semen-stained dress).

    We recently have one person of the Clinton claiming to have exchanged numerous emails with the other person of the Clinton, while that second person is known not to use email. Surprising? Not at all.

    We now know that the ugly shrewish Clinton person conducted essentially all of her official and unofficial/personal communications while Secretary of State using a private email server that guaranteed it would never have to divulge emails that the Clinton wanted kept secret. The fact that this process would have gotten anyone else on Government payroll summarily fired is to be ignored. Indeed, one can make a strong argument that Clinton's conduct of its emails was felonious. The fact that "we" can never know what those emails said is now established, and we are supposed to be content with that.

    And yet the Clinton tells us that it has divulged all of the "relevant" emails to the State Department and it pines for the day when the State Department will release them to its adoring public.
    Both Clinton’s are known liars. Why would anyone believe a word they say?
    Are we supposed to believe this? Are we supposed to believe anything these Trailer Trash- Scumbags say?

    1. "Trailer Trash- Scumbags"

      Yeah, high profile SCUM! That's what we seem to have come to.

  9. Remember the siege at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney last December?

    Dateline Australia now:

    Lindt siege survivor the target of kidnap threat by Auburn deputy mayor

    And what is the deputy mayor's name?


  10. Sanders 46% Hillary 30%

    That old, ugly, has been, lying, crook,Hillaty can't even beat an Old Ugly Socilaist!

    Doesn't surprise me at all.

    But one has to wonder just how many times must she be caught lying before the the Old Hags campaign comes to an end?

    And yet, her followers are still loyal to the Old Bitch! Doesn't that tell you something?
    Times Change, Idiot's Don't.

  11. Reading conservative commentary and listening to conservative rhetoric, as well as reading fringe rightwing weblogs that have been trashing Pope Francis for being, in their myopic view a Marxist and a commie, has convinced that there are indeed large numbers on the right who have lost their ability to think and reason. It is impossible for the thinking women and man to gasp the thought process of those folks because of the absurdity of it all.

  12. After reading the comment above and putting a part of it into google I found its true author, and I wasn't really shocked to find it was written by our old friend RN.
    So let me say this about it.
    I can only hope that some day, be it 10 or even 20 years from now, I can wake up and find that idiots who think this way like the misguided person that wrote this was suffering from some sickness or a mental disorder and that's the reason he wrote this stupid and paranoid comment . Because that's the way it sounded, and I will blame his rantings on temporary insanity brought on by the difficult times that we all had suffered under the current President.

    1. Mark,
      I just did the search after reading your comment and see that you are correct that No Name Given's comment is lifted directly from RN's nation.

      I could check my site meter to see who copied and pasted that comment into this thread. But I don't care!

      Pope Francis is exceedingly political. The Roman Catholic Church's historical record with regard to political involvement is hardly pure.


  13. The Pope is a Marxist, and I’ll be more than happy to tell you why! First of all, he’s a Marxist for espousing income redistribution and condemning capitalism. Also his utter foolish in his belief in the global warming hoax..
    I'm sorry, but this Pope has embraced every idiotic bed wetter cause from open borders to confiscatory tax rates to globabble whining. He pretends to embrace a simple existence by riding in shitty cars. All he has left to do is parade around in a North Korean commie uniform.
    Having said this, I think that he is a Moonbat through and through. It is because the Church has allowed fudge packers and commies into it's ranks that the church that once nearly ruled the world of Christianity is in ruin. I grew up catholic but I have no faith any longer in that religion. My faith in God has never been stronger but the catholic church has clearly been infiltrated by the agents of lucifer.
    Look, I don't want to be disrespectful, but I feel that I must speak my mind on these important issues... I don't consider him an expert on Global Warming, or Climate change or anything else regarding the environmental. So why don’t he keep his mouth shut on issues such as those and speak about what he does know and not about environmental issues here in the USA. Let him go to China a preach to them about that.
    Why is it that the “Holy Father” failed to, or decided NOT to talk about abortion and the selling of baby parts as Planned Parenthood has been clearly doing these days?? ,And because he didn’t we know he is completely in bed with the Leftists. But he sure as Hell spoke about the “greed of the right wing” and the corporations that they support.

    Why is it that people who clearly are Moonbats pretend to be something else? Some bed wetters like Bernie Sanders at least make no bones about who they are, but so many libtard douchebags pretend to be "moderate" or in the case of assholes like the Jerks Lindsey Graham, or McCain who insist they're conservative.

    Why don't conservatives or anyone else pretend to be Moonbats?

    You know why? It's because anyone with their synapses firing on time knows that liberals are mouth breathing oxygen thieves. They produce nothing of value and are generally parasitic in nature. Only a dangerously stupid person would profess to being a liberal.
    The democrat’s, or Liberals, or as the call themselves today “Progressives left has successfully brought themselves to a new level of idiocy. The level of utter idiocy one must suffer from in order to be a Moonbat should be classified as “Weapons Grade” Stupidity.
    So Mr. Pope, please go away, go back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and stop transferring everyone else’s own character flaws on us. We do more for the environment than anyone else in the world.

    The Pope specifically addressed the Hispanic immigrants and sympathized with the “sacrifices” they made to get to the United States. Well then maybe the Vatican should be taking in all those fence jumpers and leave us alone to fight these problems as we see fit. Climate change, anti-Capitalism, globalization, income inequality, social justice, acceptance of illegal immigration, and all of his other left-wing ideas unfortunately, should not be preached to us in our Congress from someone who comes here for 36 hours and leaves.
    If he thinks that the World is a “Pile of Filth” as he put it. Then let him go to those Third World Nations who made it so. Not here.

  14. Its good to see the pope concentrating on things that matter, like blaming the earth's natural cycles on humanity. And letting things like taking body parts for babies just slide...

    I think the pope should stay in his own backyard and keep his nose out of our affairs.
    Its no wonder the United States is losing or has lost its leadership of the free world.

    With bozos like Obama in charge, and this Pope coming here to preach to us... we don’t have to much hope for “Hope and Change” for the good.

    These are the same Religious twerps, who keep wanting to impose their religious mania 'beliefs' into the politics of a secular democracy, so tell the Pope to keep out of our politics because it goes against the crimes of "Sabotage and Denial" they are perpetrating against humanity's sustainable and healthy future, which has ruined our country in so many ways at home and abroad. What total useless and dangerous twerps they are.

  15. Talk is Cheap Mr. Pope, If you like all these Illegal Immigrants, then you can take them home with you.
    But don’t come to MY country and insult us and expect ME to keep my mouth zippered up. I don’t do that.
    In this country, there is no place for politics in the church. Assholes like Obama may agree with you, but I don’t!

  16. The truth is Ms. Moochie, who give a hoot about you and your dress. , between you and husband we have the 2 biggest BS artists since the Clintons. I wish you and your husband were as concerned with the avarage American family, as you both are in impressing the Biggest Commies in the world. . See you two profess so much concern for your race but do little for them " notice said you two " reason you and Valerie are militant and Bozo's advisors and between you three have ruined any and all foreign policy or advances made by predecessors
    And to be perfectly honest, I think that the First Lady of China has more class than you ever had and ever will have.
    And I feel SO much better knowing that we struggling taxpayers bought Moochelle a $2,000+ Vera Wang dress that she'll only wear once!!!

    And since when has that Progressive Witch become a fashion expert?

  17. During Pope Francis’ address to Congress in joint session, four names were given by the pontiff as examples of honorable American people. The first two are well-known, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr, but most people aren’t familiar with the other two, Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day. Most would be shocked at the real truth behind this subtle stunt by the Jesuit Pope to promote his Marxist agenda.

    Basically, Pope Francis is attempting what the Soviet Union could not manage to pull off in the past, and that’s to forcibly convert the US to Communist ideology.

    1. Laura,
      It figures that Pope Francis would cite Dorothy Day. She espoused the the Catholic economic theory of distributism.

      She also worked to establish the Catholic Worker Movement. :

      The movement campaigns for nonviolence and is active in opposing both war and the unequal global distribution of wealth.


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