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Sunday, September 6, 2015

About That Dead "Refugee" Toddler

What is truth? Hard to tell in the Orwellian times in which we live.

From the beginning, I've had some doubts as to the explanation for that dead toddler-refugee on the beach. The photo looked staged to me.

But appearances are not proof of anything, are they? So, until now, I've not opined anywhere other than at Infidel Bloggers Alliance earlier today, that I have my doubts about that photo.

Over the weekend, I found the following on the web....

From The Muslim Issue:
Lie after lie after lie, that’s the reality behind the so called “poor refugee from a war zone” who sent his own wife and small children to their death, even when he had no reason to do so since he never lived in a war zone, had funds to sustain him for over one year and was safely settled in Turkey for THREE years.

The Abdullah Kurdi lies are unfolding when his stories kept constantly changing, depending on who he told his tale to. Abdullah never was on the ship on which he supposedly was the only survivor. It was all lies. Adullah claims he “did not mind” that his wife and children died so his story could be told to the world? What story? The usual migration fraud, initiated by terrorists and funded from Saudi Arabia. Abdullah Kurdi is not the only one encouraged to lie and relocate to a non-Muslim country. This is how the Israel wars started.

Since Kobani doesn’t have ISIS occupation where Abdullah Kurdi has his relatives, he had no problems flying there safely by plane two days ago, to attend a funeral. No real war zone then.


The family of two Syrian toddlers who drowned as they tried to reach Greece had not yet applied to enter Canada, the extended family said on Thursday, despite earlier reports that their refugee application had been rejected.

A photograph of Aylan Kurdi’s tiny body in a bright red T-shirt and dark shorts, face-down in the surf, appeared in newspapers around the world, prompting sympathy and outrage at the perceived inaction of developed nations in helping refugees....
Read the rest HERE.

Also see Family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi had been given FREE housing in Turkey, while father’s story is full of holes. Excerpt:
...[Abdullah Kurdi's sister Fatima] said that while he was still in the water, Abdullah saw his wife’s dead body floating in the water ‘like a balloon’, causing him to struggle to recognise her.

Sobbing uncontrollably Abdullah yesterday recalled his terror when the flimsy and overcrowded dinghy overturned, causing the night to be pierced by the screams of his fellow Syrian refugees as he clung on to his wife.

‘I was holding her, but my children slipped through my hands,’ he said.

‘We tried to cling to the boat, but it was deflating. It was dark and everyone was screaming. I could not hear the voices of my children and my wife.’

The wife was ‘a balloon’ in less than three hours? The rate of decay to a dead body in water is not instant. Obviously Abdullah had no idea how dead people in water decay and he knew at some point they would bloat, so he described his wife in a condition of decay that takes days to mature. Here from The Forensic Library is a description:

Bloated (2-6 days)
This stage of decomposition includes the first visible signs of decay, namely the inflation of the abdomen due to a build-up of various gases produced by bacteria inside the cadaver. This bloating is particularly visible around the tongue and eyes as the build-up of gases cause them to protrude. The skin may exhibit a certain colour change, taking on a marbled appearance due to the transformation of haemoglobin in the blood into other pigments....
Read the rest HERE.

Also see this (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

So, what is the truth about the circumstances leading up to that dead toddler-refugee on the beach?

Additional reading about the migrant crisis in Europe: 'Just wait…' Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe.


  1. Yes indeed. We should have sympathy for the plight of fellow human beings everywhere, but "news" photographers are plucking every note of every heartstring with their pictures.

    Why not show anguished friends and family crying over the elderly Sicilian couple murdered by a "refugee" from Africa?

    Why not show once-beautiful European neighborhoods turned into squalid slums by 7th century muslim refugees?

  2. While I am not a cold hearted fiend, I think, there are so many deaths of children due to active cruelty of ISIS, et al, I find it hard to get worked up about this as if I was expected to fix the cause of it.
    Oh, wait. I guess I am.

  3. Sadly, we live in a world where we have to ask this question. We have the Mohammed al-Dura hoax which successfully generated so much sympathy while the media went mum on the true story of the brutal murder of 5 members of the [Jewish] Fogel family which - unlike al-Dura - left a scene behind with actual blood. If it worked once before ....

    1. Shhhh, you know what happens to characters in movies when they discover the truth and start to talk about it.....

  4. Please read and watch the following:


  5. A must see!


  6. I have enough medical and criminal forensic knowledge to know when I first saw that picture it was not was it appeared. And, yes, people who drown do not "pop to the surface" and "float like balloons."

    I also have very, very deep suspicions over the Virginia newscasters who were shot on live TV, and did from the first time I saw the video. On second thought, I will spit it out. That "live TV" shooting was staged. No doubt in my mind. None.

    1. Adrienne,
      Here's evidence that at least part of the newscaster story is fishy. Allison Parker was supposed to have moved in with Chris Hurst as a "lover". Yet, she was deeply in love and had been for years with someone named Daniel Wulz (https://youtu.be/IM36qduWrvg) .

      There's a lot of strangeness here...

    2. that'll be an improvement from blaming it on "Calvinists" :-)

    3. Alec - I saw all that about Wulz on one or another of the videos that have been posted.

      One of the biggest clues is how fast this fell off the MSM radar. Really? Two people just got shot on live TV, and two days later it's all forgotten?

    4. Yes, isn't that telling? All of these shootings coming and going are something like a part of one of those dramatic fireworks displays. You only see the picture when you look at the afterburn of all of them in total.

  7. I can't wait for Ducky to come in here and explain to us how a tragic drowning death in Turkey is the fault of the Europeans.

  8. Adrienne! Do you think that VA newscaster murder was staged and they're ALIVE? You're not the only one to think that, but.............??!!

    AOW, this reminds me of that Palestinian child supposedly killed by Israelis...remember that famous picture of him hiding behind his father as they crouched near a wall to stay safe? He was supposedly shot and killed in Jenin? He never died...the truth came out...He was alive, it was a Palestinian hoax to make Israel looks as bad as possible.
    The story was on the front cover of every periodical, the correction was Pg 34 bottom column. VERY few carried the correction and, by then, it was a forgotten story.
    THIS is hideous......this story should have the truth told to ALL AMERICANS, not just the conservatives who care about the truth.

    1. Yes, Z - I really believe it was staged. None of it adds up. There are only two pictures of the balcony from overhead. By comparing the roof line and pillars in those pictures and the close up shots, I can accurately pinpoint where Parker was standing and where the interviewee was standing. There is no way the interviewee could not have seen the "shooter" approach. She was facing directly in his line of sight. I can't find one of the two pics, and it appears that it has been scrubbed. The one that is still out there (I was smarter this time and saved it), shows the interviewee laying on the balcony curled on her side while a few people are standing around. There is not one speck of blood visible anywhere. Exactly why would a live woman be laying untended, and where did the dead Adam go? Am I to believe that they hauled off a dead body and left a wounded women lay there?

      That is just one of the indicators to me that something was off. The very first time I saw the videos my spidey sense was set aquiver. A person shot many times at point blank range does not go romping down the balcony in platform wedgie shoes screaming the whole time. Meantime, we are to believe that the photographer, who was standing right next to the shooter, didn't do anything.

      There's many very well done Youtube vids out there that will give you much more information than I can at almost 1am. (Why, of why, am I still up???)

      If you want to see the pic, I'll be happy to email it to you. adrienne@icehouse.net

      I might add that the photo I saved is linked to Parker's TV station, yet it is nowhere on their site.

    2. Adrienne,
      If the killing on the air is a faked story, what would be the purpose of faking such a story? In other words, who benefits?

      Those are the questions I always ask with any possible fraud or scam.

    3. Adrienne, I will email you......thanks.

      So you think they're actually not dead...then where are they? You know, it's odd you should say this because the one shot I saw that was allowed on TV only once, I believe, was when the girl does turn to the shooter and does a big "O" with her mouth ...it seemed so staged.... not a cringe but an "OH!"....The video made her mouth like a perfectly round black circle, which made me think "What is that?"


    4. I don't know anybody on the ground in that area of Virginia.

    5. More silly push for gun control, AOW. The "powers that be be" must, must, must get our guns away from us.

    6. Adrienne,
      Yeah, that makes sense agenda-wise.

      But I've heard nothing since the first few days after the incident.

    7. am I missing something or shouldn't they be alive if they've not been killed?!!

  9. That would be the Mohammed al-Dura story. Philippe Karsenty ended up in court with France 2 (I believe, but forgive me, the details are from years ago). He tried to force the release of 'extra footage' claimed to show al-Dura alive. Certainly, there was no blood, etc. He's been back and forth in French courts for years over this, over defamation of his character.

    Israeli reports were pooh poohed. Years later a German documentary crew investigated and concluded that from the only angles of 'fire' possible it would have been impossible for al-Dura to have been killed by Israelis. Which led to the theory of a 'sacrificial' murder by armed Palestinians to get a martyr. Then Karsenty's story is there was no death all.

    It's certainly been shown that the Israelis weren't responsible. But al-Dura's been elevated to a saint, got his own stamp, and all. Hard to un-write that history.

    Could this have been staged? Well, we know other deaths have. One 'corpse' on a litter was accidentally tilted over and fell during a funeral procession and got up and ran away. They certainly have a lot of helpers in media over the years staging stuff for them. So why not al-Dura?

    1. Wikipedia offers this entry about the Muhammad al-Durrah story. Worth a look.

  10. Replies
    1. Originally between rocks, then moved?


  11. Ever hear of the 1983 made-for-TV movie Special Bulletin? It shows how even 30 years ago this type of thing could be presented in a convincing way.

    A smoking gun example is CNN's fake 1991 coverage of the very real Gulf War, including the now classic scene of reporter Charles Jaco pretending to be on a battlefield in Saudi Arabia, when he's really in a studio.

    Both are available on YouTube.

    With the currently known and little-known technology available, it's unwise to view everything seen on mainstream media as "true" without further confirmation. This includes FOX.

    1. Alec - I view almost nothing as being true anymore.

  12. The beginning point of the deluge of "refugees" into Europe is immigration fraud. For decades, many individuals have sought to immigrate to Europe, whether by a long legal process, or the luck of the lottery system. I know a man and his family who came to the U.S. as a result of the lottery. They are now full-fledged citizens.

    Immigration fraud is now rampant because there is no rule of law in Europe regarding their policies.

    But collapsing the refugees into the next largest envelope, we have and exploited/exploitation model of business.

    Collapsing that into the next envelope, we have traffickers in human cargo. Behind them, the hidden hand of darkness: the state and non-state players.

    For those who missed my prediction of this mess in September of 2014, hop over to my blog and read. I predicted that human energy would be used as human pile drivers against national borders. Hello!

    Europe does have a crisis of their own making. They are to blame for the lack of foresight and pre-staging assets for the management of the same. They are to blame for what looks like an LSD helter-skelter business model.

    AOW posted an image on an earlier blog of a large mass of refugees disembarking from a ferry. Where, might I ask, was the empty ferry docked ready to send the same back? Traffickers will continue to enrich themselves as long as there are allowances for the same. They see a lack of coherency and will in the response of European leadership.

    The Last English Prince.

  13. This link shows photo of boy washed up between rocks, then moved for a better shot:

    Media Manipulation Exposed: Invader Child's Body Moved to Get Better Photo


    1. Mullah,
      Thanks for that link.

      Are the rocks in Foto 1 in the background in Foto 2?

    2. It's difficult to say - there are similar rocks on other views, but this is weird - a Turkish barman and his friend dragged the body from the water, with a small pier in the background, but the pier disappears and a policeman picks up the body in the waves.

      # Report of barman and the policeman with pics:


      # Story with pics and the strange video:


    3. Mullah,
      From that second link:

      "He only wanted to go to Europe for the sake of his children," said Suleiman Kurdi, an uncle of the grieving father.

      Not so! He wanted to go to Europe to get free dental implants.

  14. A common sense rule of thumb that should be applied by all nations: You are not a refugee if you can travel back to the land you are seeking refuge from. Let's call it the Tsarnev Protocol, in honor of the Chechens we granted refuge to here, only to have them repeatedly vacation in the country they were so in fear of.

    Another rule of thumb: If you skipped over other countries to get here, you're not a refugee.

    Another rule of thumb: Refugees need to seek refuge in countries amenable to their religious and cultural sensitivities.

    1. From your lips to God's ears....To your point about 'skipping countries,' in my post today, which I know you read and commented so wisely on, my daughter talks about the refugees not staying in Hungary "Why, if they could get a roof and food in Hungary, are they traveling on?" Which is obvious, of course. Germans PAY AND PAY AND PAY.
      My other question comes from a point made my someone either here or at my place "How is it that all those babies and wives are left behind? Why is it almost only MEN who are refugees when women and children would need the food and shelter even more?"

      This is planned, in my opinion. Also, I thought most of the refugees would surely be CHristians since they're the group in most immediate trouble, but it's mostly Muslim.

    2. SF + 1

      And Z, our own history illustrates that we should believe the actions we see, not what the actors say. We had an 'immigrant' group that proclaimed they were carrying the gospel to the Indians. But they brought no wives or children or any sort of missionary accouterments. They gave backers an 'official' missionary story, while actually taking people with skills in metallurgy, assay-ists, and so on. These were the original Jamestown settlers, and they were hunting for the kind of gold in north America that Spain had found in the south. These able-bodied young muslim men with cell phones are not refugees by and large.

    3. Z,
      You may be interested in reading this: ‘Syrian Refugee Crisis’? Many Not Even Syrian.


      We revealed the false media story behind the death of ‘Aylan Kurdi’ whose family had been living in Turkey for three years. Aylan’s family were actually economic migrants, they were already safe living in Turkey for three years. But many many more of the ‘refugees’ are not even Syrian, and are hopping on the ‘refugee crisis’ to get to the gravy train of social welfare in such countries as Germany....

      More at the link.

    4. Baysider, the 1607 Jamestown settlement was all men and boys...in 1608 came women and more children. Your analogy is interesting and harsh, I believe. VERY interesting..

      I do believe profit was a huge part of taking their lives in their hands to sail the seas that long ago (leaving women and kids behind possibly out of fear for their safety), in such conditions as of that time, and there were also good Reverends who preached a kind of manifest destiny and also kept the colonialists in line in spite of famine, death, etc....putting them in moods which could have made things go awfully awry!
      Whatever the purpose, thank God for the blessings that came from it.

    5. The original Jamestown colony is sometimes referred to as the first colony of the British Empire. If that reference is true -- and I believe that it is -- then Baysider's comparison should also help us to draw this conclusion: the hordes of mostly young males streaming into Europe right now are part of the caliphate's expansion.

      Many of these migrants -- I'm not referring to the caliphate right now -- streaming into Europe are angry. Watch THIS VIDEO ("Italy: Illegal immigrants complain and riot over ''poor living conditions''); this particular group is from Ghana. Again we see angry young men with chips on their shoulders.

  15. Watching YouTube with a search term of "refugee crisis Europe" gives a view of "the angry newly arrived" in some of the videos. It seems quite different than the immigration experience of those who came to America for a better life in the 19th and 20th century. Such immigrants at times suffered immense poverty and hardship whilst harboring hope that their sacrifices would benefit their future generations. They did not expect a hand out. They were willing to sacrifice a great deal for the blessing of American citizenship.

    Today, I am seeing videos of refugees throwing away food and demanding something different to eat. I see refugees bitching about being housed in new tents which have plastic floors installed. (Our military is at times housed in less comfortable tents in the field. I know, because I have experienced it. I once slept in a tent with ice on the floor.

    There seems to be a delusional sense of entitlement:" I am here. House me in quarters equal to your own, provide for my every need, and give me an instant paycheck." I find such delusion to be based in an extreme arrogance.

    While cognizant that such videos are merely vignettes, and not the full story, I find these things deeply troubling.


    The Last English Prince

    1. It's "Care for us -- or else!"

      The ingrates will overwhelm the grateful.

      Watch for it.

  16. A quatrain from Nostradamus (1503-1566):

    In the Danube & of the Rhine will come to drink
    The great Camel, not repenting it:
    Those of the Rhône tremble & much more so those of the Loire,
    And near the Alps the Cock will ruin him.

  17. Excerpt from Raging Horror: Muslim Migrants Go On Rampage at Austria/Italy Border, Eyewitness Account:

    “I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass.

    "A car with humanitarian aid came. Food and water. They just toppled it and stole everything.”

    Here is a firsthand account of what I have been describing and writing about for well over a week now =- the Muslim invasion of Europe.

    Read the rest HERE.

  18. Rush Limbaugh is talking about this today. But regardless of the actual circumstances of the family of this boy it's impossible to deny that tens of thousands of children have been killed as a result of the war in Syria. And that war is far worse because of the indifference of leaders like Obama who have stood there and watched this thing unfold. The current refugee crisis will weaken Europe and present new opportunities for terrorists to exploit and recruit the people who have lost everything.

  19. Mike, that's the point, isn't it; look at that little boy lying in the tide...it's heart breaking......
    If only Obama'd done something in Syria.
    Yes, this is all about new opportunities for terrorists; a perfect example of why the EU was a dismal failure; OPEN BORDERS FOR EVERYONE.
    GOD FORBID Turkey is admitted to the EU.

    1. If only Eve hadn't fallen prey to the Serpent's temptation, all would doubtless be well in a land of sunshine eternally flowing with milk and honey.

      Of all the words from tongue or pen
      The saddest are these, "It might have been."

      If only! If only! If only! If only! If only!

      "Things would be so different if they were not as they are.

  20. The EU's open borders polices are now going to exact a terrible price. See:


    1. And Saudi Arabia is even helping now, to wit: Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques - one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend

  21. That turd, John McCain, was crying his eyes out, and bleating like a little lamb with a knife at his throat begging his audience to take in more, more, MORE of these most desperate dregs of suffering humanity and clasp them to our proverbial bosom.

    Many of these poor, pathetic creatures could well be VIPERS.

    How I wish McCain would permanently absent himself from public life! He is one of the most despicable of all the despicable RINOS who hold the GOP captive and make any true progress toward regaining our liberty, reinstituting our national identity, and reinstating our uniquely benevolent form of hegemony impossible.

    And Mr. Trump was right. McCain is NOT a war hero. He was a VICTIM of Circumstances who managed to SURVIVE against insuperable odds. As such he deserves our RESPECT but hardly our VENERATION.

    1. FT,
      Check out this post which appeared this morning at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

      It's The Beginning of the End of Europe.

      Pastorius commented as follows:

      Europe is ignoring it's [sic] own history with Islam.

      One of the stupidest distortions of history - and we hear this one all the time - is that the time of the Islamic ransacking of Constantinople, Alexandria, and the Iberian Pensinsula brought on the "Golden Age of Islam," which is depicted as "a time of great learning", when Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in peace and harmony.

      If that is true, why did Europeans think it necessary to kick the Muslims the f*@# out of their countries?

      My advice: READ HISTORY.


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