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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recommended Reading

See Hijacking America at A Texas View.  America has been sleeping! Even those who think that they are aware of the Progressive onslaught have been sleeping! Mustang explains in his essay at the link above.


  1. All normal people now realize that the universal good of public schools have in reality been government indoctrination camps.

  2. Bless, Mustang, for dong the research to help prove what I have merely "known" from decades spent observing the dismal changes that have occurred in our country and aboard.

  3. More hysteria about Agenda 21.
    It's not as if we've been through these climate summits and you've seen promises made and promises ignored. This is different.
    It rises a bit above the hysteria that the Blue Helmets are going to come and take our guns but not much.

    Meanwhile, has anyone been following the story on Exxon's climate research and subsequent "attitude" conditioning.
    Hard to see how the U.N. offering a second opinion is going to be the end of western excess.

    Then we move on to common core.

    I wish I could get the straight story here without the bus heading off into Alex Jones land.

    I see it as just a sop to the testing industry and the Gates foundation in a move to bust the teachers unions.
    The whole charter and privatization movement has me a little mystified. We seem to still be waiting for them to deliver on innovation. So far nothing.

    So if someone can explain Common Core I'd love to here it.

    I suppose I don't have dog in the fight as I'm paying for my grand niece to attend private school and yes she is receiving some indoctrination. She's receiving a heavy dose of arts education which would be difficult in the public schools.

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    2. A display of erudition to be proud of, FT.

    3. "The whole charter and privatization movement has me a little mystified. We seem to still be waiting for them to deliver on innovation. So far nothing."
      Your right. Solid education principles proven prior to the nonsense in most schools today is NOT innovation.
      It is sanity. And the grades and resulting students validate it.

      Common Core (tm) is the hijacking of a sane proposal that when students migrate from one school to another, particularly interstate, that the core curriculum and grade level requirements would be similar.
      It now is an imprimatur put on texts and practices that reject conservative values and Common Sense solutions to math problems.
      You're welcome.

    4. Why are "conservative values" sacrosanct and are they completely ignored.

      I've seen some of the controversy over the math curricula and really don't see why an introduction to alternative algorithms is a negative.

    5. ...because complexity is confusing. If you want to learn 10 different ways to solve the same problem, do it AFTER you've learned at least one. Otherwise, which one should you believe you should attempt to learn? And what if it's the most difficult one and you never get "it"?

    6. Next you'll be complaining about low expectations.

  4. I just wanted to encourage all libtards to go over and [try to] comment at Mustangs place. Hey, this is a public/libtard service message. I KNOW how much you libtards love rejection. It could be nirvanna for you.

    1. You don't offer "debate," Canardo. You offer nothing but sour-mouthed, snotty, sneering, belligerence loaded with stale leftist clichés when you're addressing political issues.


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