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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Slippery Slope

From Stop using ISIL footage, Obama administration asks networks (dated May 13, 2015):
Frustrated that coverage of the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant isn’t reflecting reality on the ground, senior Obama administration officials are urging television networks to update their footage of the radical militant group.
Read the rest HERE.

Hot on the heels of the above May 13, 2015 link come the White House's statement that this administration's strategy to defeat the rising caliphate is working and these photos showing ISIS's celebration of the May 17, 2015 fall of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province in Iraq (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the photos below):

Review the plot of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the dystopian novel published in 1949, specifically the following:
Winston [Smith] works at the Ministry of Truth, or "Minitrue", as an editor responsible for historical revisionism. He rewrites records and alters photographs to conform to the state's ever-changing version of the truth...
In the novel, the Party's slogans are WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

George Orwell was a prophet:


  1. The lead item on C-Span's Washington Journal this morning showed film clips of Obama fiercely declaiming Global Warming as THE most serious THREAT and the gravest danger to National Security, Defense and Economic Stability on the planet.

    As always the calls pro and con were divided STRICTLY along party lines.

    This, of course, gives the Left the excuse they think they need to call those who remain skeptical "Morons," "Cretins," "Troglodytes," "Ostriches," –– you name it.

    I don't DISBELIEVE in climate Change, because the earth has undergone CONSTANT climate change since it was first formed. However, the idea that GOVERNMENT could and should "do something about it" is absolutely preposterous.

    Obama is a bastard president in the classic sense of the term. His qualifications for the job have been –– and remain –– spurious. His presidency us ILLEGITIMATE –– a farce, a vain show, a travesty. And he, himself, is a MOUNTEBANK –– a CHARLATAN –– a POSEUR. And WE, as a nation, ought to be bitterly ashamed of ourselves for electing such HOLLOW, PREENING EGOMANIAC to the highest office in the land.

    The Political Scene in Washington, DC resembles more and more one of the comic operettas by Gilbert & Sullivan –– without the Wit, the Charm, and the Humor of Gilbert's texts, or the Grace and Beauty of Sullivan's music.

    1. FT,
      Until recently, if one were writing a novel with the plot you are describing, the novel would be decried as implausible.

      Is there anything which is now implausible?

    2. He just green lighted arctic drilling.

      Some day, far off I fear, you'll figure out that you should pay attention to what he DOES .

      What he says is generally scraps for Rollo.

    3. If ever That One should happen to do a right thing, you may be sure it is always for the wrong reasons.

      The od saw about the broken clock being right twice a day springs easily to mind.

  2. lol! The Administration is fighting a media/propaganda war against ISIS, who use swords/guns. I've got a feeling that I can already predict the outcome...

    1. Do you think we might get luckly and see ISIS put our precious prexy's pouting puss on a pike?

      That would we WIZARD. (:-o

      ***** Draconia de Vito *****

    2. FJ,
      But, remember, Marie Harf has declared that one cannot defeat an enemy by killing the enemy. **snerk**

      You know what? The Obama administration believes that talking is action. Now all that they need to do is convince ISIS of that. **snerk again**

    3. She must have forgotten that only to the victors is the privilege of "writing history" granted.

    4. And isn't that just as it SHOULD be?

      Who wants to hear from LOSERS? Whining, lamenting, and endless recriminations are too too BAAAAAWRING.

    5. Since the old ones aren't very effective, isn't it time for the lefties to unveil their new hashtags?


  3. Did the US invent ISIS?

    Are they a convenient enemy our government really doesn't want to defeat?

    I have no facts, but I would love to know what's really going on underneath the surface. It's not like there are 20 ways into Ramadi. It's one road from ISIS territory. Not that hard to monitor and launch strikes.

    There is much more here than meets the eye. Much of it can be chalked up to standard Middle East political intrigue, but I'd like to hear someone explain it, because it's not making sense as it is being presented to us.

    1. Look, the Sunni's in Syria and Iraq are fed up with all the Iranian/Shi'a inspired crap. They are going to merge all the Sunni's in Iraq and Syria (and more regions when the opportunities present themselves) into a new Sunni Superstate. Get used to it. The Saudi's and other Sunni kingdoms are loving it. This is the Sunni-Shi'a Reformation. And we should be playing a "Balance of Powers" game, not foolishly choosing sides.

    2. SF,
      It's not like there are 20 ways into Ramadi. It's one road from ISIS territory. Not that hard to monitor and launch strikes.

      Well, well, well. Isn't that an interesting point? Have the media made that point to any any extent?

      So, what is Obama's goal? A Sunni caliphate?

    3. To be fair, there are +/- seven hardball MSRs into Ramadi. I'm not read on to Middle East political intrigue with any level of significance...but the long standing ghosts of Iraqi military malfeasance, corruption and work ethics....certainly come into play...as they always have.

    4. CI: But how many come from IS held territory? IS doesn't hold Karbala, for example.

      Thersites. Agreed the Sunni powers hate Iran. So are their actions against ISIS all a sham? Given the history, I wouldn't put that past them?

    5. Not ALL a sham. Mostly a sham. The Sunni Saudi's could care less that the Sunni-Kurds are also taking a beating from ISIS. But then, the Sunni-Kurds are ethnically closer to the Iranians, than the Arabs.

  4. Winning a war against ISIS is as easy as riding a bike....

    I wonder who DESIGNED this bike?

  5. When this admin doesn't like what's going on, they ask the news channels to change the video they show? They could be right; maybe ISIS isn't as hearty as video shows; but they took Ramadi so they're doing something effectively...and other towns, obviously. I'm thinking that's not done by NOT appearing hearty as the video shows?
    Maybe when Obama said we need to change media, he meant just show what HE wants to show? No big surprise.
    Now ISIS is driving around in our tanks, having beheaded Americans, taking over cities we'd conquered and left......and we're running scared and don't want Americans to see their power?
    WOW. Better not have any of those generals who talk truth at FOX on CNN; that'd really blow it for Obama. I guess he'll be wanting to stop them, too.

  6. Pretty dumb stuff comin from someone who just got back from what he called a "very successful fund raising in CN. Where he raised One Million Dollars , HE spent over 3 million tax payers dollars to get there, flying his limo and over 50 secret service men, etc.
    Way to go Pres...

  7. I have a feeling he knows he is doing and watching us spin in the wind. Sadistic you know what.

  8. While I think there is some validity to the idea, who can possible trust this administration - and what's behind their thinking? They're not even been right as often as a broken clock.

    Superficially, you can claim that showing an epic version of small events is akin to showing a handgun on the background screen when somebody was just stabbed (I watched them do this for years). It was a message they wanted to send even if it conflicted with reality. The Obama administration does this all the time. In 6 years we've not seen any good motive or result leak out afterward. This will be no different.

  9. Maybe Blumenthal can e-mail them to tell them what the narrative should be.

  10. Chris Christy is Right!
    We DO have a double standard, why not hold Hlary up to the same "grilling" that Christy is getting???

  11. somehow we have to keep the faith AOW!! :-)

  12. The Obola administration is a baggy pants farce that might work in a Mel Brooks movie but in real life is a serious threat to our freedom and safety.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. http://spectator.org/articles/62678/seven-lessons-left-will-never-learn

    From Mustang's blog....
    Every liberal should read this and try HARD to understand it....HARD. I admit, it'll take some thinking on their part.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. You should work on your self esteem Lib.

    3. Wow, now that is a sophisticated argument.

      First the idiot posits that a rational being thinks income dsparity cn be elimineated. Who thinks it can be eliminated?
      The goal is to limit it so that it doesn't disrupt social mobility or drain so much wealth that it creates an underclass.
      But nice try, z. Vapid as ever.

      And who the hll is demonizing productivity? That's unusually dumb even for The Spectator.
      The concern is that the fruits of productivity increases (pretty damn necesry for growth as every sane persone believes) are not distributed exclusively to the investor class.

      That article is so shabby and stupid Bill Kristol might have written it.
      It is instructive that you know absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, rien, nights about the left.

    4. Duck,
      And who the hll is demonizing productivity?

      The EPA -- as the essay Spectator implies with these words: blocking economic activity in the name of environmental activism.

    5. The entire War on Carbon is the Left demonizing productivity. They know that there can be no "social progress" without denser and denser energy sources.and yet they dream of wind and solar power...a return to the pre-Enlightenment seventeenth century.

    6. And once again, Nostradumbass, displays his total lack of self-awareness.

      But please do go on Dumpy. Watching you post is at least as good as a Far Side cartoon turned reality. Any day of the week!


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