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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Transgender Recognition

Coming soon to schools in your district — and perhaps to other places and organizations receiving federal funds or federal tax exemptions for non-profits (emphases mine):
Fairfax County Public Schools’ Gender Identity Policy Passed Amid Massive Protest, Board Says Feds Made Them Do It

Transgender bathroom concerns were voiced loudly at a Fairfax County Public Schools Board meeting after “gender identity” was added to the district’s non-discrimination policy. A massive amount of opposition to the policy was reportedly expressed by the community to the Virginia school board, but the transgender policy was approved as police were called for crowd control.

Fairfax County Public Schools parents and community members argued that the gender identity policy would lead to transgender bathrooms and permit boys to use the girls bathrooms and locker rooms — and vice versa. Parents of Virginia students also noted their concerns about the possible hiring of transgender teachers within the district.

The United States Department of Education issued a mandate from its Office of Civil Rights about gender identity policy requirements, according to the Fairfax County school board. The mandate also reportedly threatened to yank federal funding if such a policy was not approved.

The district said they were mandated by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to add “gender identity” to the policy or else risk losing federal funding....


[The] federal government is requiring the district to hire a consultant to “advise them on how school divisions should handle individual cases of transgender students.”...
Read the rest HERE.

Meanwhile (dated May 8, 2015):
The wrong time for a raise

Last month, the chairman of the Fairfax County School Board made an impassioned plea to the Board of Supervisors to provide $14 million more to balance next year’s school budget. Two days later, she and four colleagues — a minority of the board, given three abstentions — voted themselves a 60 percent pay raise. Some tried to double their pay but lacked the votes.
Our government at work and "representing" WE THE PEOPLE.


  1. This transgender thing is unacceptable to me. Our Progressive government is going off the deep end for the extreme minorities. It is now the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many...but at whose cost?

    And this pay stuff. That is hideous.

    1. P47koji,
      And this pay stuff. That is hideous.

      Thank you for mentioning that point. I haven't anybody else taking note of that portion of this blog post.

  2. Funny how an infinitesimal percentage of the population can drive so much societal sturm un drang.

    And when I say "funny," I mean frightening. This is way past fighting for simple accommodation and tolerance.

    1. Our nation has become like a poor dog with an ever-increasing number of TAILS each of which strives with all its might and main to wag the poor animal in a confounding variety of conflicting directions.

      Is it any wonder the poor dog is foaming at the mouth now and giving every sign he will soon have to be put down, because of incurable distemper?

    2. Says the man currently pushing for halal and kosher lunches... ;)

    3. FT: Love the vivid analogy!

      Watch out, Farmer Grudy's off his meds...

    4. FT,
      Yes, the various tails are destroying the dog!

    5. I heard a couple electricians at work today make the same comment.

  3. Once again it's the parents who are freaking out for no good reason.

    Kids must wonder what the fuss is all about.

    1. Can't you just use the Men's Room, ducky?

    2. Hey Ducky,

      Do you find those trans- folks to be some sort of a turn-on?

    3. Duck,
      Do you have any concerns about your niece having to deal with transsexuals in the girls' restroom? In gym showers?

    4. It's just amazing to hear someone say something like what Duck said.
      It's us majority of weirdos who are out of touch.
      Imagine, wanting the boys to stay out of your daughters restroom facility.

    5. Yes, Ed...and transsexuals are 'ordinary,' too, :-)
      Yes, it's WE who are out of touch. as if.

    6. What adult would THROW A FIT if a transsexual walked in? ANYBODY?

      But leave our kids alone, please. Let them explore and mature on their own.

    7. I'd be more concerned, AOW, for people who have to deal with Caleigh.

    8. Doesn't it stand to reason that if a transgendered person is successful in making the sought after change, NO ONE would be aware that he or she does NOT belong where he or she has chosen to go? There would be no CAUSE for raised eyebrows, or shock and outrage.

      However, if you have a PENIS, you belong in the BOYS room no matter how you "feel" about yourself.

      The converse is equally true. If you have BREASTS and a VAGINA, you belong with the GIRLS.


      Now in the very rare instances when you have the sex organs of BOTH SEXES in ONE body, God help you.


    9. FT,
      Yes, what you just explained is the sensible and should be the end of the discussion.

      It won't be the end of the discussion, of course. The transgender agenda must be furthered. Sheesh.

    10. It has nothing o do with "TRANSGENDER" but everything to do with "AGENDA."

      It's the same for ALL the "causes" taken up by the Left.

      Their aim is to USE legitimate problems as Stepping Stones on the way to ABSOLUTE POWER.

  4. Just look around @ America today. Distasteful tattooing, rampant obesity, heshe/shehes, etc. When I was a kid we had to pay a quarter to get into the side-show to see all of that.. Now it's absolutely free. That's real progress, isn't it!

    1. Jon, what gets me is so many way below the poverty line have expensive tats and women have expensive porcelain nails.....always kind of stops me in my tracks.
      I once sub'd at the high school and had to show some film on food and how some live so far from stores and some Black families (it concentrated on minorities) have $3 a day for food....very sad story....and I ALMOST said "Notice that the mother who spends $3 a day on food for her family spends at least $30 a week on her porcelain nails" but I couldn't do that to the Black kids in that class I love so much. I wondered if they noticed; they're bright kids.

  5. We have lost our ability to discern between good and evil.

    The Last English Prince

  6. Well, I DID hear of a school story about 'freaking out for no good reason', but it wasn't THIS one. Brown University had a 'debate' forum on the so-called rape culture on campuses -- with 2 women speakers. And there was a FREAK OUT with a 'safe room' with blankets and comfort items, videos of puppies playing. They figured students so could not tolerate to hear a [main stream, common sense factual] view that differed from the party line they had to be prepared to cuddle or coddle them. Now THAT is freaking out for no good reason.

    Looking at the destruction of reasonable and structurally natural cultural norms that identify men as men and women as women in order to pander to the confusion of a few aberrant individuals - now THAT'S a reason to raise one's voice to be heard.

  7. Baysider. Read my latest post. You should "raise your voice" and create an ad.

  8. I just can't help but wonder, knowing how gays are so emotionally affected, and hearing that the Amtrak emgineer is a gay activist, if that influenced the crash.

    1. Yeah, he was speeding because he's gay.

      Can you be any more foolish?

    2. A bit of a tangent here, but I'll play along....

      I do wonder why that train sped up.

      What Ed mentioned?

      Mechanical failure along the lines of a car's accelerator stuck to the floor? Something just like that happened to me circa 1975.

      Fleeing from an attack?

    3. But the fact he is gay is irrelevant.

      There was a nasty crash on the Green line here and the driver at fault was transgendered.
      Happened to be on the phone and blew through a signal.

      Now, did the T ban transgendered drivers? No.
      They did the rational thing and banned cell phones.

    4. Duck,
      Right now, we don't know what is irrelevant and what is relevant.

      Suppose that it were to come to light that a heterosexual train engineer had broke up with his significant other a few hours before a train wreck with circumstances similar to those known so far about the recent train wreck in Philadelphia. Would not such an emotional upheaval be under consideration as a contributing cause of the wreck? If similar information comes along about Bostian, would that information be discounted? Just askin'.

    5. What I was thinking.
      I'm prejudiced.
      Gays react way too unstably to crap like that.
      particularly flamers.

    6. Sure there could be emotional factors although that doesn't seem to be the case here but the fact that he is homosexual doesn't make that more or less probable.

    7. Suppose the driver had been a JEW, Ed. Would THAT have affected the way he did his job?

      Suppose the driver had been a NEGRO?

      Supposed he'd been a MUSLIM?

      Suppose he'd been a convicted FELON who'd served his time, and finally got the driver's job after paying his debt to society?

      Suppose he'd been an EYE-talian?

      A CRIPPLE?

      A JAP?

      A GOOK?

      A WOG?

      A member of ANY minority that does not look or function precisely like your vision of a good ALL-AMERICAN individual?

      It happens very rarely, but for once I have to agree with DUCKY on this one.

      And please try to remember whenever you see someone who strikes you as ugly, inappropriate, unfortunate or a misfit, "THERE but for the GRACE of GOD go I."

      "In so much as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

    8. FT,
      The media make much of the torment suffered by gays and transgender people.

      Is it out of the realm of possibility that such a tormented individual might commit mass murder via train wreck? No, it isn't out of the realm of possibility, IMO. I have my doubts that Bostian was so depressed that he did such a thing, but I know others who think that he might have done so -- and I'm not referring only to Ed's comment above.

      Remember that trouble airline pilot who flew a jetliner into the Alps a few months ago?

      Anyway, we don't have all the information about Bostian yet. Let's see what comes down the pike.

    9. Strange "coincidence":

      ...Bostian, 32, is safety-minded — the lifelong train buff has written online for years about the need for better rail safety on the website Trainorders.com, it was revealed Thursday.

      In one 2012 posting, Bostian blasted railroads for not installing Positive Train Control, or PTC, systems to prevent crashes exactly like the one he was just in.

      “At any point over the previous EIGHTY years the railroad could have voluntarily implemented some form of this technology,” Bostian wrote in the post, which was first reported by The New York Times.

      It wasn’t the first time he’d complained about the lack of a safety system on the website for “hungry train enthusiasts.”...

      More at the above link.

    10. FT. Except for felon, you listed races. I'm talking emotional disorder.
      Many homosexuals are alcoholic for a reason.
      They are and act disturbed by their proclivities.
      That's fact. Many engage in dangerous behavior, and I won't describe it.
      I'd bet that this is the last time he took that curve at speed.

    11. There may be more to the train wreck we have been discussing in this thread:

      From the New York Times...

      Amtrak Train Possibly Hit Before Wreck

      PHILADELPHIA — The Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring more than 200, may have been struck by an object before it careened off the tracks, an assistant conductor on the train told investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board.
      At a news conference on Friday, Robert L. Sumwalt, the safety board official who is leading the investigation, said an assistant conductor had reported that she believed she heard a radio transmission in which an engineer on a regional line said his train had been struck by a projectile and the engineer on the Amtrak train replied that his had been struck, too.
      Mr. Sumwalt said that investigators had found a fist-size circular area of impact on the left side of the Amtrak train’s windshield and that they had asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze it. He said that the F.B.I. had been called in because it has the forensics expertise needed for the investigation, but that it had not yet begun its analysis. ...

      Read the rest HERE.

  9. women will no longer be safe anywhere..sigh.....Have a terrific weekend my friend! :-)

    1. What makes you think women ever were –– or men either for that matter?

      As ling as we remain mortal, we are not safe at any time, anywhere, ever, UNLESS we are clothed with the armor of true faith.

  10. Farmer, isn't there an anti-gay pogrom you're late for?

  11. SF typed in: Funny how an infinitesimal percentage of the population can drive so much societal sturm un drang.

    What is the percentage of gender-identity-challenged children in our school systems?

    1. I read an article earlier this week, and I think it said something in the range of a tenth of a percent. It's confusing, because gender dysphoria gets conflated with homosexuality and all the other colors of the rainbow in the popular press.

    2. Imagine how few must be accomodated at the expense of those who'd rather not have their children exposed to something they don't really have to be?
      I believe Facebook now lists 76 options on their forms for GENDER.

    3. Z,
      Facebook now lists 76 options on their forms for GENDER

      How ridiculous is that!

    4. AOW, it shows a real sign of sickness in our country, that's for sure. I mean, when MALE or FEMALE doesn't work anymore and there are 76 ways to describe how that doesn't work; wow.
      My heart's with those who tell us what uncomfortable lives they live, etc., but when that teensy percentage starts warranting forms and signs to accomodate their gender, that's nuts.

  12. It's right after the NAMBLA meeting that YOU'RE late for.

  13. "To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves."

    ~ Alexander Pope

  14. Wow. It only took you 4 1/2 hours to craft that witty retort!

  15. ...and you only 11 hours to craft a remarkably less witty one!

  16. I don't get the humor in Farmer's remark. He's outed himself as virulently anti-gay, so Fred's jape came from a grain of truth.

    Can anyone find any comments from Fred that reveal hints of pedophilia?

    I mean really, Farmer's hatred of gays is downright wahhabist!

  17. Francis,
    Because today's political correctness demands respect for a particular element, I often find humor in remarks which fly in the face of political correctness. See mark Twain's satires.

  18. Pardon all typos. I am still getting used to using this iPad.

  19. Perhaps Francis can point out a post where I've ever stated that I favour a pogrom for gays, or the death penalty. I am anti-sodomy, plain & simple. Heterosexual OR homosexual.

    And the "grain of truth" in my remark is lie in the vast quantities of boys who are sexually molested by men. I don't approve of people taking sexual advantage of minors, either.


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