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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yet Another ObamaCare Delay

If true, it figures! [Update: The delay has been announced and extends into 2017]

Another admission of the failure of ObamaCare and more politicization of Obama's "signature legislation."

From The Hill:

New ObamaCare delay to help Democrats in midterm elections

The Obama administration is set to announce another major delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act, easing election pressure on Democrats.

As early as this week, according to two sources, the White House will announce a new directive allowing insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare’s minimum coverage requirements....
Please read the rest HERE.

As of the time of the drafting of this post, the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services deny that any such announcement is forthcoming. We shall see.

Meanwhile, many of us who have policies which comply with ObamaCare's so-called superior coverage saw significant hikes in our premiums. 

My policy premium went up nearly 20%.

Additional reading: "Obama to insurance companies: keep selling those ‘bad apple’ plans to save Democrats in the midterms." Brief excerpt:
...This is going to be tough for Obama’s loyal defenders to spin. For one thing, they spent months parroting their beloved leader’s early ObamaCare-meltdown spin, in which he said “okay, maybe that ‘like your plan, keep your plan’ promise is no longer operative, but you’re better off without those terrible bad-apple insurance plans I’m killing. I’m doing you a favor by wiping out your old plans, America!”

Now he’s going to waive the mandates so those bad-apple plans can keep right on dropping from insurance company trees?...


  1. Sure is nice to be the king. Sort of an irony...seeing unconstitutional changes to an unconstitutional law*.

    (*yes, I know SCOTUS disagrees with me)

    1. Hello, CI.
      The POTUS has the Constitutional latitude for enforcement of laws.

      Obama, however, is going beyond that latitude. For what reasons?

    2. Agreed, but is changing the legal parameters of a law 'enforcement'? I realize that with signing statements, this has almost become a moot point.

  2. Replies
    1. Wasn't that the plan, all along?

    2. Mustang,
      I believe that a few a so stated openly -- a long while back.

  3. The American people seem to have little hesitance cooperating with the government to slit their own throats. Numbers-wise, O-Care will help a very small number of people, while penalizing a vastly large number of people. It is quite simply an example of the tyranny of the minority over the majority. To claim that the American left are useful idiots is a gross understatement.

    1. Sam,
      Numbers-wise, O-Care will help a very small number of people, while penalizing a vastly large number of people.

      Are Americans today capable of realizing that?

      The middle class is being ground down by increments. Again, the American people seem oblivious to what's happening. After all, their Smart Phones and other "essential" devices are still working.

  4. Sadly, the Founders were wrong in thinking that by providing a "separation of powers" that the different powers would be so jealous of their powers they would not let another branch usurp them. Congress has allowed the Executive branch to usurp their powers for many years.

  5. Good grief!

    HHS: We need $1.8B to run Obamacare portal.

    President Obama's top health officials said Tuesday they expect Congress to front the money needed to fund Obamacare's federal marketplace in fiscal 2015 as they work to make HealthCare.gov operate better this fall.

    The Health and Human Services Department said it needs a projected $1.8 billion to maintain the federally run exchange it operates on behalf of about three dozen states....

    For one year???

  6. How many people could the government provided for with all that has been spent to get a broken system limping. Seems like they have spent a few billion and are not even close to a workable system.
    We need to constantly remind the left that they shut the government down rather than delay or change obamacare. So much for working for the people.

    BTW, hows the eye healing?

    1. Skudrunner,
      Who gets the kickback from all web site tweaks, which typically are effected by paid contractors?


      Thanks for asking about my eye!

      I have more than the usual visual distortion today -- that is, the straight lines in the URL have a lot of waves and spikes. Yesterday, I had almost no waviness at all! Strange in that every day brings something at least slightly different from the day before. My ophthalmologist said to expect fluctuations such as what I'm experiencing today and not to be alarmed if there isn't a drop in visual acuity and/or no flashes or showers of floaters.

  7. this is one disaster after another AOW..MY insurance changed and I lost coverage too...sigh......................

    1. Angel,

      I kept the coverage I had -- but only because my policy was grandfathered. Many others didn't get that stroke of luck.

    2. I am lucky, I'm on Medicare now so Obamacare can't hurt me now. I'm pretty sure there are decent men and women in Congress who will prevent anyone from taking away or reducing the benefits I have been promised.

      For those readers of AOW who don't know me - please read the sentence above as if it were dripping with sarcasm.

    3. Hi, Bernie. Good to see you here.

      Mr. AOW is going through those Medicare cuts too. Good thing that those cuts didn't arrive before he got the therapy that he needed! The therapy has made such a good difference in our lives. He can now get to the porcelain potty. He can now get to the kitchen to eat meals. In other words, I no longer have to wait on him hand and foot. It was the therapy that made all these advances possible. But now post-stroke patients will not be getting that kind of therapy.

  8. Update: The delay has been announced and extends into 2017.

    How convenient! The delay extends past the 2016 National Election.

    1. On the plus side for me personally (maybe): I'll be getting Medicare before the delay terminates. IF Obama doesn't once again change the legislation and if I can afford to pay the premiums, that is.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. How magnanimous of king obama when he "decided to allow". "the right" has nothing to do with this monstrosity.

    2. And you and me continue to pick up the tab thanks to the squawking of wingnuts.

    3. "Liberalmann,"
      This latest delay is not old news. The announcement that this blog post refers just happened.

    4. Copy-and-paste spam will be removed as soon as it is detected.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. Liberalmann,
      The topic of this blog post is not old news. Another delay was announced this week. See this and the date thereon.

      Now, put this in your pipe (or bong) and smoke it (WaPo, dated March 6, 2014): "New health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans, two surveys find." The ACA;s primary goal is not being met -- because the ACA isn't properly structured. Money quote:

      This week, administration officials said that people could keep for three years health plans whose benefits do not meet the law’s standards. Last week, they said the government would pay for people in certain states to collect federal subsidies for insurance policies outside the exchanges. Two weeks before that, they gave medium-size and large employers two additional years before they must offer coverage to their full-time workers.

      Quit making a fool of yourself on my blog site, bandwidth for which I pay. Quit. Now.

  10. WSJ Commie rag

    Can't wait till we learn what the real effects are.

    1. Did you read the entire article or merely the headline?

      From the article:

      The payments are categorized as “transfer receipts.” That is, the money is transferred from one household to another via government taxes.


      “So there is indeed evidence of a shift in the composition in spending — consumers in January spent more on heating bills and health care at the expense of other goods and services,” said Michelle Girard, economist at Royal Bank of Scotland.


      the figures could be heavily revised as more information — directly about the new health-care law — becomes available.

      Perhaps those receiving government subsidies to help pay for health insurance premiums. The rest of us are paying more. Furthermore, those receiving the subsidies weren't spending much to stimulate the economy in the first place.

      The men are moving around on the chess board, but any victory isn't being advanced.

  11. And here's another thing....My cousin's policy was canceled on January 1 because the policy he had was a "bad apple" policy. Due to life-threatening illness and time confined to the hospital, he was unable to try to get a new policy until mid-February. Now he's out of coverage until the new policy takes effect. Now along comes Obama to say that my cousin's policy should be extended. But it's too late! It's after the 30 day grace period.


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