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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spain Versus Morocco

The price of having Muslims as neighbors...

From Morocco World News (March 10, 2014), via Sharia Unveiled:
A few days after hundreds of African migrants stormed a border fence in an attempt to cross into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from northern Morocco, Spain is planning to tighten its security around Ceuta and Melilla.


Spain´s Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz, who spoke to Euro Weekly News, specified that reinforcements in the coming weeks will include “lining the six-meter-high fences that surround both cities with a type of mesh designed to impede anyone from climbing”.

He added that in Ceuta, “an additional 20 civil security agents are to be deployed and a helicopter to help with the dissuasion and detection of migrants..in Melilla, the government is planning to build three watch towers that will be equipped with heat-sensitive cameras.”
Just what Spain's ailing economy needs, right?

Additional information about the Ceuta border fence

Additional information about the Melilla border fence


  1. Very interesting article. I can understand Morocco's attitude about what are effectively Spanish colonies. However, if the population of those two areas are happy with being part of Spain, then Morocco should leave the alone.

  2. The First Lady is prancing around in China with her Mother etc... Our president is out playing golf and is on his way to a "Separate" vacation. all these goodies while
    Russia threatens to turn U.S. into "radioactive dust"
    This confirms once again what has been proven over and over and over - that Barack Obama is a naive, immature, arrogant, idealist who truly believed he was the special "chosen one" to unite communists (like him) around the world with the U.S. And while dictators around the world mock him and are doubled-over laughing at him, he continues to appease them in his quest to unite communists.

    On Russian television, state-controlled television, the main state-controlled channel - Dmitry Kiselyov, a prominent Russian television anchor, posed in front of a mushroom cloud and warned that Russia is the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S. into “radioactive dust.

  3. Sure; more people working for cheaper wages and a greater sucking sound on the teat of the Spanish people. But hey, votes. . .


  4. Moslems respect "the strong man" -- not the appeasers.

    The West has forgotten than lesson, which should have been learned over the centuries.

  5. Sounds like the Spanish take border security seriously. Too bad this isn't another example of where Obama wants the U.S. to look more like Europe.


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