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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Many Uses Of Rubber Bands

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Please see THIS at The Many Uses Of....

You may find some information that pleasantly surprises you and offers you some handy tips!


  1. Now that's some good info! I'm gonna print that out and stick it up next to my 'A Thousand and One Uses For Duct Tape.'

    1. Marein4Ever,
      If you like helpful hints, here's one for you: to keep mice out of one's car when the weather turns cold, place dryer sheets in strategic locations. Most animals will avoid the scent. Unfortunately, brown marmorated stink bugs, a real plague here all year around, are not deterred by dryer sheets; as far as I know, only black rat snakes eat those stink bugs.

  2. What fun!

    My mother used to slide rubber bands over one of the doorknobs in the back hall next to the kitchen. It would get so thick with rubber you could hardly turn the knob. I don't think she used them very often, but it was amazing how many would collect n that old doorknob.

    The paint can idea is great. My painting days are pretty much over, but it's a good idea to pass on to "the young."

    I got a kick out of the necklace. Looks like a good project for a Girl Scout merit badge. ;-)

    1. FT,
      If I kept rubber bands on the doorknob, they wouldn't stay their for long. Both Mysti and Amber hunt down rubber bands and eat them!

      I occasionally paint and will try the rubber band trick. Should work like a charm!

  3. My question: how many times do you have to wrap a thick rubber band around ducky's neck until he stops breathing?


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