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Monday, March 17, 2014

How Stupid Are People?

THIS stupid! 

Listen to the patter, and watch people sign the petition:

(with thanks to Mustang, who emailed me the link to the above video)


  1. This is what happens when you have an amateur running the country.

  2. Perhaps The Moocher feeds them

  3. From near and far
    Burn the Bra
    Ban the Car
    Eliminate all trace of tar.

    Cleanse the earth
    Of all Mirth
    Live with Dearth
    It has great worth.

    The Rule by Ass
    One day shall pass
    Oil is crass,
    So just smoke grass.

    Set the tone
    Whine and moan
    Frown and groan
    Cut to the bone

    Traces of Modernity
    Let's return to Savagery
    In that way we shall be free
    To serve The Earth eternally.

    Utter no ifs, ands or buts
    Salvation lies in Going Nuts!

    ~ A FreeThinke "Off-the-Cuff" original ;-)

    1. Thanks, AOW. I just love to poke fun at the absurdities of the day. It may not change anything for the better, but it helps relieve the kind of tension that leads to nausea and migraine headaches. ;-)

  4. It all makes sense to me. After all, isn't liberalism about making one feel better. Like these dolts could change the worlds weather patterns.

  5. More reason why there should be a minimum IQ requirement to be allowed to vote.

    1. Or to be President

    2. An IQ test wouldn't help. We need a poll test for common sense, there being no direct correlation between the two.

  6. Speaking of stupidity, read THIS. Brief excerpt (Spew alert!):

    Several years ago I gave a lecture at the University of Washington on the situation of women in ancient Rome. Afterwards, two co-eds asked me about the Roman Empire. Where and when was it, they wanted to know.

    Thinking this was some sort of tease, I told them it ruled Southern California in the 1920s. I was stunned when they began to write that down.

    So, after I explained about Rome, I quizzed them further, to test what they did know about history.

    Not much, it turns out.

    They did not know in what century the Civil War had occurred, they had never heard of the Crusades, and they guessed that D-Day might be a Roman Catholic holiday.

    These were intelligent young women who earned good grades....

    Read the entire article at the above link.

    1. Harry Hardcastle said:

      Sounds like those coeds received a first-class four-letter education.


      Another way f saying PATHETIC.

    2. Okay, I am horrendous at history, but even I know THAT much! That is just sad... and pathetic... and wrong. So, so, so wrong. An elementary student could answer over half, if not all of those questions! Or at least elementary students at my old school -.-

      Not surprised though. People show in their actions that they have NO CLUE about history... at all. A good, solid knowledge of history should be required for ANY college entrance!


  7. I always love these, because it documents just how stupid some people are. Most of the time they do not even see how stupid they look. At least the one guy admitted he flew from Colorado and would not go 'carbon free'.

    Right Truth

  8. A millennium later and Canute's lesson has yet to penetrate? I think Mr. Barnum grossly underestimated the birth rate of suckers.

  9. The title of this video is very misleading, she was telling people the petition was about fracking and doing things to help lower the EARTHS temperature. The only idiot is the climate change denier trying to get people to sign a fake petition.

    1. So...write letter expressing your views for your descendents. Use 'algore' as much as you want. Put it in a safe place. I'm betting future generations of your family will regard you as the family fool.

    2. write letter expressing your views for your descendents

      Speaking of "the family fool"...The indefinite article is needed before letter and descendents is spelled "descendAnts."

      Thus ends the grammar lesson for today.

  10. Reminds me of the idiots who wanted to ban di-hydrogen monoxide, because it is in our rivers, streams, and lakes.

  11. That's great. The guy who flew to DC from Boulder, CO so he could protest CO2.

    Yeah, those loons should all take the "carbon free pledge." They can stop exhaling CO2 anytime they want. It won't hurt them in the least as it's clear most of them are already brain dead zombies who can only parrot back the lies they have been told.

    1. Mike,
      dead zombies who can only parrot back the lies they have been told

      I'm running into that problem over at Facebook.

      I lay out some facts, then get this response from Obamabots: "I can't be in this conversation."


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