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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Islamic Jihad pretends Manhattan explosion is from their rockets

Obama Surgeon General pick wants doctors to ask patients about guns in home, include information in ObamaCare database, and make banning guns part of medicine

Bill Clinton cashes in on struggling nonprofit hospital: Gets $225,000 in speaking fees as workers laid off

Obama Says Supporters Doing 'God's Work'

The resignation of Sharyl Attkisson, CBS investigative reporter, whose questions about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra were not answered by the Obama administration

FBI Documents Detailing a 22-site Network of Jihad Training Villages Across the United States

Obama stimulus funds spent on DC dog parks

Obama: “Carbon Pollution Was Having Severe Impacts On Our Weather” Until I Became President

Study: Uninsured Patients Get Better Care Than Insured

Glitch In Maryland’s Obamacare Exchange To Cost State $30.5 Million In Excess Medicaid Payments

Cost of Obamacare Contract [the computer cloud] Has at Least Quintupled

Vast majority of Saudi men say: “Eye makeup on women is what causes them to be sexually assaulted”

Report: Al-Qaeda Recruiting Americans Fighting In Syria To Undertake Special Training To Carry Out Terror Attacks When They Return Home

Fourth Georgia hospital closes due to Obamacare payment cuts

Refugee Jihad: Hundreds of Syrian Refugees Arriving in North Jersey - Thousands More Expected

British Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in historic London cemetery for Muslim burial site

5 Stories...Revealing Sharia's Spread in the West

Egyptian Regime And Muslim Brotherhood Accuse Each Other of Being Jews

[Tampa] Family left hallucinating after eating steak laced with LSD

Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Activist to Host Fundraiser for [Virginia] Democrat Gerry Connolly


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The Liberals-Progressives are on the warpath about us Republicans-Conservatives saying that the president is weak.
    Putin and the rest of the world do not need to hear what the Republicans-Conservatives say to determine the Strength or Weakness of our President.

    The fact that any of you think that he does is humorous in itself.

    But using that logic(or lack thereof)...

    What affect did it have when Harry Reid announced to the world that we lost the Iraq war? Typical liberal dem non-thinking!

    Besides, It has already been proven how weak Obama is. Just look at all his failures .I myself, do believe on the face, we are responding with weakness. Perhaps the situation room has more "strong" ideas brewing, that I can not say or deny,....but on the face? From what we see? I see it as a WEAK position!

  3. Obama is neither weak nor stupid. I am morally certain his mission has been to do everything possible to DESTROY our Ascendancy, DESTROY our Advantages, DESTROY our Heritage, DESTROY our Confidence in Ourselves as a People, and DESTROY our Security.

    In implementing this depraved agenda his STRENGTH has been IMMENSE. His SUCCESS unqualified. He has not done this on his own, of course. I firmly believe he the PUPPET of Nefarious Forces that Control us from Behind the Scenes.

    His success in achieving these perverted goals cannot be questioned.

    If Lincoln was The Great Emancipator, Jimmy Carter The Great Equivocater, Mr. Reagan The Great Communicator, and Bill Clinton The Great Prevaricator, then surely Barack Hussein Obama deserves to go down in history as The Great Desecrator.

    But no one should make the mistake of calling him WEAK. PERVERTED, yes -- DEMENTED, possibly -- but NOT weak.

  4. "FBI Documents Detailing a 22-site Network of Jihad Training Villages Across the United States.'

    Yes, and it's a national DISGRACE that squads of "Rough Riders" have not been dispatched to break them up, burn them down and massacre the inhabitants.

    After all, look what Janet Reno did to the poor little Branch Davidians, a small,insignificant sect of weirdos who had harmed no one. They were BURNED ALIVE in the compound.

    Look at what happened at Ruby Ridge!

    NEVER FORGET that Jack-Booted THUGS armed with AK47's broke down the door, and rousted six-year-old Elian Gonzalez from the loving arms of family in order to DEPORT him to COMMUNIST CUBA.

    If D'Rat operatives can do things like that without being called to account, why un GOD's NAME can we not attack and DESTROY these violence-prone, militantly subversive forces and kick their deranged followers OUT of the USA?

    We have gone INSANE.

  5. Nothing has really changed Russian politics in more than 50years, although some really ignorant politicians have come into the picture, I can only wonder how weak we will be if the Hildabeast gets in the White House.

    1. Unless we get lucky, and Her Heinous gets a disease and dies before the 2016 election, I have no doubt that we will find that out. Unfortunately "only the good die young" -- or so it seems. And she is already old, anyway.

    2. Only time will tell, but we need to remember it's better to deal with 'the devil you know," Than Unknown who may be worse.

    3. See "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" by Rudyard Kipling. It was published at FreeThinke's blog a few days ago, but it's readily available at Google. A great paean to the virtue of Common Sense and a squarely REALISTIC view of life.

      Kipling was a wise, chillingly prophetic individual. He saw what was coming a hundred years ago, and wrote eloquently trying to warn us about what we were doing to ourselves.

      See also his poem RECESSIONAL, often referred to as "Lest We Forget" -- a memorable tag line in the refrain.

      There's more truth in [good] poetry than in a thousand pages of statistics.

  6. "Obama: “Carbon Pollution Was Having Severe Impacts On Our Weather” Until I Became President"

    MORE clear and convincing evidence that our president is a MEGALOMANIAC with a pronounced God Complex.


  7. "Vast majority of Saudi men say: “Eye makeup on women is what causes them to be sexually assaulted”

    MORE evidence that Islamists are dangerous lunatics -- and as STUPID as a field full of pasture pies.

  8. Always remember that doctors may ask whatever they wish, but patients are under no obligation to tell them anything but to pound sand.

    1. AMEN! And let me repeat the old cliché once more for the record :

      "Better DEAD than RED."

  9. The Muslim POTUS has shown time after time that he is a pathological liar and his words mean NOTHING and that he’s a weak president with NO backbone. The ONLY reason he is still in power is because the media is behind him as he leads this country into destruction. Example, the word comes out that BHO absolutely knew that Benghazi was the result of a terrorist attack and Not some fictitious video. Yet, the Marxist media, and the bleeding heat progressives spent 2 weeks destroying Chris Christie because one of his aides closed a lane on the George Washington Bridge! How pathetic is that!!!

  10. In regard to. Bengazhi, Obama should either take responsibility for that or resign ,,

    1. Sure, and if pigs had wings, surely they'd fly.

      In other words don't hold your breath.

  11. You are within your rights to decline answering questions to your doctor if they are not applicable as to why you are there.

    And you are under no obligation to sign a HIPAA form as well.

    We need to continue educating ourselves because this current administration believes that we are all ignorant sheep unwilling or unable to understand our rights as citizens of the US.

  12. Yes, we can refuse to answer questions.

    However, for our health insurance to pay for the doctor's visit or the treatment plan, we may be required to answer questions about ethnicity and race. I'm not sure if that same kind of requirement applies or will apply to other intrusive questions.

    1. I always put "HUMAN" in any blank space that asks my race.

      No one ever gave me ration of sh-t over it either.

      I REVEL in Civil Disobedience when ASSES are in charge..

  13. "Report: Al-Qaeda Recruiting Americans Fighting In Syria To Undertake Special Training To Carry Out Terror Attacks When They Return Home"

    These are not "AMERICANS." These are either lunatics or worthless delinquent scum. Anyone who attacks his own country should be deported to an Islamic hellhole, or shot dead. I don't care if he was born here or not.

    Treason is a CAPITAL offense.

  14. No surprise that hospitals are closing in Georgia.
    They reject Medicaid payments and wonder why hospitals are in trouble.

    But the ACA is responsible. Stunning.

    1. Of COURSE Obamacare is responsible, Idioto. If the disgusting, damnable, Marx-inspired mess had not been FOISTED on an unwilling American Public by a foul-minded, over-zealous, power-mad Dictocratic majority in congress, neither Georgia -- nor any other state, still trying desperately to hang onto whatever shreds of independence and autonomy may be left in the face of the Dictocratic Juggernaut perverting, and subverting our Constitution -- would not have thought to make such a move.

      You really are a very dirty Communist Dog, Canardo.

    2. Sooner rather than later, most will feel the deleterious effects of ObamaCare. Nothing like learning through the School of Hard Knocks!

    3. Mr. AOW saw his neurologist last week. This was the first time he had seen his neurologist since January 2014.


      This new protocol is imposed by the ACA. If a patient doesn't have the ability to follow the new protocol, it is the responsibility of the patient or the patient's guardian to find a way to comply.

      Mr. AOW is a techtard. Guess who has to spend the time to get this new protocol set up so that we can communicate with the neurologist?

  15. Five examples of creeping sharia.

    I counted zero.
    Don't see what sharia had to do with any of them except maybe tangentially in Dearborn. Not that most communities wouldn't want order in public parks.

    1. Ever read the parable of The Camel in the Tent, Idioto? It was published at FreeThinke's blog many mnths ago. I'd advise you to LOOK it UP. There are links to "The Camel in the Tent all over Google.

      But, of course, you won't 'get it," because "There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to SEE.

    2. The law in Frane predates any Muslim suit.
      Or maybe you believe Muslims should not have access to the courts.

    3. "Sharia patrol" is a term use by the writer of the article.

      As for censorship. That proposal is made by fundamentalists all the time. "Friends of the Family" is happy to cenor. Nothing unique to Muslims.

    4. Duck,
      The law in Frane predates any Muslim suit.

      Similar laws exist in many part of Europe, I think.

      But how much were these laws recently enforced unless Muslims were involved?

    5. Duck,
      About Dearborn....Have you recently been there?

      As for censorship. That proposal is made by fundamentalists all the time.

      As you well know, I'm opposed to censorship as part of the rule of civil law. Freedom of expression is messy and often undesirable, but selective freedom of expression is dangerous. You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

    6. I'm opposed to censorship too, AOW, but NOT where TRAITORS, SEDITI(NISTS, MARXISTS and MUSLIMS and their apologists are concerned.

      I said this below in reference to the despicable pervert Lynne Stewart, and I'll repeat it here for emphasis:

      I sick to DEATH of these vicious thugs, weasely creeps, perverts and intellectual morons determined to rule and thus RUIN us.

      "Freedom" can NOT be extended to people who are dedicated to the promotion of PERVERSION, social DEGENERATION and the DESTRUCTION of LIBERTY.

      The ONE thing we cannot TOLERATE is INTOLERANCE.

      If someone breaks into my house and tries to smash my china or pee on my carpets, he's gonna get his BALLS SHOT OFF -- or WORSE. The stealth invasion by intellectual aggressors and now by Islamists is tantamount to armed robbery, and should have been dealt with VERY harshly before it got out of control. Poor Joe McCarthy tried, but he inadvertently set himself against the you-know-who's, and NO ONE survives who attacks THEM.

  16. NEVER FORGET that Jack-Booted THUGS armed with AK47's broke down the door, and rousted six-year-old Elian Gonzalez from the loving arms of family in order to DEPORT him to COMMUNIST CUBA.

    AK's? You sure, FT?

    By the way there was a legitimate court order to reunite the boy with his father.
    Where are your family values?

    1. A "legitimate" court order, eh?

      I see you are running true to form and fulfilling all expectations, Canardo. As long as a vicious atrocity is committed by LEFTISTS, and sanctioned by one of THEIR Kangaroo Court-style decisions, brutal coercion is just fine with you.

      IF the Klinton Regime had been truly "legitimate" it would have used all that Power and Might of the State to make certain Elian Gonzales was reunited with his father in whm The Powers would have moved heaven and earth to grant Instant American Citizenship.

      The boy's mother DIED in a desperate effort to bring little Elian to the relative blessings and freedom of the USA -- blessings and freedoms people of your sorry political ilk are working ceaselessly to destroy.

      The sympathies of D'RATS have been with America's worst enemies since before FDR referred to the Tyrannical Mass Murderer, Josef Stalin, as "Uncle Joe."

    2. What happened with and to Elian Gonzalez was a travesty.

      I'll never forget the look of terror on that little boy's face when he was removed by armed federal officers from those people who were trying to protect the boy's young life.

  17. It wasn't any worse in Germany in the 1930's

  18. The Loony Left liberals, and the “Progressive” Bloggers are freaking out over the Koch brother’s $100M hospital gift.
    I never saw a picket line over a hospital receiving a gift or funding from George Soros Soros even funded Lynne Stewart’s appeal, We all know Lynne Stewart, don’t we” She’s the the radical lawyer who served four years in prison for illegally slipping in material etc to her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian cleric convicted of planning terror attacks on New York, and support to al Qaeda terrorism.
    She was sentenced to 10 years in prison but got out early because she is sick! Sick in the head!
    But let’s not sweat it. It’s not like Soros backs terrorists. He merely backs those who back terrorists, so it’s cool.

    1. FT - This is a statement that I have sympathy with. Realistically, I would not wish to deny freedom to any citizen based on their beliefs, but there's a certain mental satisfaction in thinking about it.

      The problem arises when we are forced to define the metrics you proffer. I, for example, would place fundamentalists of any religion in the categories above. Liberty means just that....not a paradigm merely defined by a religious belief or a political party.

  19. As always, the Liberals here on these boards are incapable of discussing the facts. I 'e previously posted and the documented facts from the lead Security Contractor on site at Benghazi. All you have are guesses to defend your ideology. If you have some facts, please post them for us. Otherwise, you're just babbling.. And we have that Obama apologist Dave once again playing the Blame Bush game.
    We already know the truth! Now we want Obama and Hillary properly held responsible (God forbid, right). We know it was a planned attack - not a YouTube video as Obama lied about.

  20. Look who we have for a “President” here in USSA: Barack Hussein Obama. Who has brought more war, disaster, drone attacks, expansion of big government and an everyday assault on American Liberty. He is a racist, illegal-firster, pro-partial birth abortion, a womanizer, a Communist radical who passes one executive order after the next. Sends in NGO’s and overthrown governments, causes chaos, disorder and division.
    Look at present day England: A Muslim, ass-kissing country who enforces ‘hate speech’ laws on its indigenous people, allows illegals and immigrants to rule over the English, won’t allow a piggy bank in offices so they don’t offend the Fundie Muslims, their underage girls are being raped, they can’t put their own flag anywhere: it might offend Muslims and Marxists. Fabian Marxism is the reason that England is a current hell hole. Any questions?
    Since BO has occupied the White House-We have seen: Egypt go through 2 revolutions, the first revolt: “The Arab Spring” was brought on by Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Susan Rice and John McCain. The first phony revolution brought the Islamic radical, Morsi into power who lead many Coptic Christians to slaughter. Americans should be ashamed by this but only a few are. Egypt’s 2nd true revolt (brought on by US backed coup/revolt) was to oust their country of these Islamic radicals and Morsi: Obama’s militant, Islamic puppet.
    Libya also went through a phony revolution. The continuation of the “Arab Spring.” We saw Gaddafi murdered after he was sodomized to death. Putin is the only leader who questioned these insane actions: Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing rebels. Hillary Clinton and Obama demanded that Gaddafi step down. We suffered Benghazi for these actions. Many Christians have been murdered and are persecuted now. Libya is leaderless at present. Thanks to US foreign policy. It is immaterial if we like or hate Gaddafi, he was Libya’s leader & the US govt. broke international law by aiding the same rebels who murdered Libya’s leader, Gaddafi.

    We have seen Clinton and Obama demand that Syria’s Assad step down from HIS leadership: Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama. We have seen John McCain photo’d with Al Qaeda, Muslim bro’hood in Syria. America is funding these same terrorists: CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – CNN.com. We have seen a hundred thousand deaths of civilians & Christians in Syria, decapitations, cannibalism, dead priests, persecuted nuns in Aleppo & Damascus at the hands of these US backed Islamic ‘rebels.’ Cities leveled and destroyed there and Obama/McCain want to bring MORE war to Syria.

    Putins Russia has been the only one to stand and ask why US is supporting these savages: Obama authorizes arms supplies to Syrian rebels.

    Now, we see the US Govt overthrow another leader: Viktor Yanukovch and install a US/EU ‘leadership’ in Ukraine. Call their Coup D’Etat: “Freedom.” Complete with radical elements in Ukraine who destroyed the city of Kiev: Who John McCain endorsed. The same John McCain who refuses to seal OUR borders is worried about Russia being on the border of Ukraine?!
    Now, they want to take us to WWIII with Russia just to make Obama look tough?!
    Any questions?

  21. The answer to anyone posing a question which an individual finds intrusive is "Why do you want to know?"

    It seems a breach of the Hippocratic oath for a physician to "report back" to the government regarding a non-medical issue. It also is inappropriate in light of our Constitutional right to bear arms.

    I would follow through with my own query: "Do you have guns in your home?"

    Only the stupid, will even answer that question. It violates doctor-client privilege.


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