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Friday, March 21, 2014

Islamic Slavery In Northern Virginia

(Two posts today. Please scroll down to today's first post)

See this DOJ report, dated March 5, 2014, for detailed information.

Video from ABC7 News:

Atlas Shrugs has commentary HERE.

Please note this sentence in the DOJ report:
A complaint is merely an accusation, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.
Is such a disclaimer the norm in every complaint filed under the DOJ's supervision, or is such a disclaimer given only when the complaint involves Muslims? Just asking.


  1. I've seen Filipinos do this exact same thing to their compatriots.

    Ages ago, I knew a Filipino couple -- both doctors -- both naturalized "American" citizens -- who hired me to give their daughter piano lessons. There was a Filipino woman of middle years who lived with them, and did all the cooking, all the cleaning, all the washing, ironing and mending, and of course, the baby sitting. She was the person I usually saw when I came to give the lesson. She was very nice -- and a wonderful cook! -- but there was something very sad about her eyes.

    One day about six months after I'd started teaching the little girl, this woman offered me a generous sample of the dish she was preparing, and then decided to confide in me.

    She told me she was a distant cousin of the woman of the house, and that she had been lured to the States with the promise of a good job, American citizenship, and a better life. Instead, they gave her room and board in exchange for her unlimited services, but NO MONEY, and no way for her to communicate with the authorities to try to obtain citizenship.

    The poor soul was kept a virtual prisoner in that house, was not allowed to go to church or anywhere else she might make friends, and was never allowed out of the house unaccompanied. She finally begged me to take her away from these people, so she could either get on the path to citizenship with a real paying job or find her way back to the Philippines -- anything to escape.

    Well, I was in my early twenties, green as grass, and frankly frightened by this incident. I had no idea what I could do. I talked it over with my parents, and though they were horrified, they told me it would be best not to get involved. Shortly after this I quit teaching the child, and turned my back on the disturbing situation.

    This happened more than fifty years ago, but it still haunts me. I wish I'd done something for that woman, Even a call to the police or the INS might have been enough, but I had no money then, and was afraid I might get on the wrong end of a lawsuit, or wind up with a burden I was not equipped to carry.

    Many sad things happen in this world every day everywhere. It's nothing new.

    1. FT,
      Many sad things happen in this world every day everywhere. It's nothing new.

      Not a reason for neglecting the exposure of such doings. No exposure + no discussion = no reform.

    2. What FT is describing is a common arrangement within certain cultures. But before you expose yourself to the dreaded do-gooder’s disease, stop and think about that woman’s life if she was sent packing back to the Philippines, where the life expectancy is about 15 years less than it is here. The common arrangement is this: I’ll pay for you to come to the United States, I will take care of all your medical needs, I will feed you, cloth you, and give you a nice place to stay and a modest stipend. In exchange, you work for me in some capacity. Now if this was agreed to up front, then it isn’t really the same thing as transporting the woman to the USA against her will, is it?

      There are thousands of Filipinos living in the Middle East who "signed on" to work as domestics ... which tells you that these people will do almost anything to get away from life in the Philippines.

  2. The mistreatment of domestics is not a Muslim crime.

    It also isn't unusual, unfortunately.

    1. Duck,
      Google search "Islamic slavery" or a similar phrase. Try to read some of the information NOT from a pro-Islam bias.

  3. Terrible news. It seems like most negatives today, all around the world, center around islamists and, while there are billions who are not evil and want nobody dead, we're stuck with a totally changed world because of their truly evil behavior. How I wish some would march against the terror that they're causing in England, Germany (you wouldn't believe what I'm hearing from my stepson), etc.......).....They're actually considering confiscating private apartment buildings owned through the blood, sweat and tears of hard working Germans so they can put asylum seekers and other immigrants in them. They are also paying for muslim families who don't live with the father...yes, the multiple wives and children living in separate apartments, many of them, are paid for by the Germans. Meanwhile, there are placards telling the Germans that the Islamists are taking over. One could leave one's door unlocked in Munich before all of this insult started....one could leave bicycles by the door, unchained....they're stolen now. it's a completely different country.
    France, England...Scandinavian countries........they were SO beautiful, so unique, so marvelous. The details I hear about Germany and how Hamburg and Berlin are broke due to the welfare paid to non-citizens thru PC is astonishing and heart breaking.
    Get ready, folks.

  4. Isn't everyone presumed innocent until proven guilty? Isn't this the American way?

    It is hard at times to look at someone arrested and awaiting trial and see them as innocent, when everything we know says they are guilty. Take a local situation. Holly Bobo was a nursing student who was snatched from her home and never heard from again. That was 3 years ago. Nothing seemed to be happening, no evidence, no suspects, no body, nothing.

    This past month a suspect was arrested, his property (home, grounds, well, pond, vehicles, according to what I have heard) searched. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are keeping their lips shut tight, not talking to media or anyone. However, looking at the LONG criminal record of this man, including other attempts to take women, his abuse, drug use, etc. Everyone thinks he is guilty. Hard not to think that. Time will tell I suppose.

    Right Truth

  5. Cassandra Wales said

    I liked the Germans a lot better when they actively loathed and despised grotesque foreign elements they found distasteful. The wussification of Europe and the rest of the western world has rendered us fit food for maggots and not much else. It's time to call it quits when you've rendered yourself incapable of standing up for yourself in the face of naked aggression. The west deserves to die, and it will much sooner than you may like to think.

    1. Quite right, Cassandra!

      A people too weak to stand up for the principles that made them great, who turn on their great Christian religion, and who won't breed enough to replace themselves is indeed a people fit only to die, and its a suicide.

  6. dont expect the MSN to say a peep..bah! and have an awesome weekend my friend:-)


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