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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Follow-up To Yesterday's Post

Version with images below the fold:

And as long as I'm "in a mood," here's another little ditty:


  1. It seems as if there are only two kinds of people in the world today. First, people who want to slit our throats. Second, victims who want to help people who want to slit our throats. Nitwits ... we are surrounded by nitwits.

  2. The Christian Bible is just a bad:

    Crazy Things That are Actually in The Bible

    Cannibalism (with your son)
    Slavery is OK
    Murdering non believers is OK
    Bans anyone with a deformity
    Adultery and Death
    Death Penalty for Unruly Kids?
    Whoever utters the name of the Lord must be put to death
    Assault Is for Women Not Men
    Not a Virgin? Prepare to Get Stoned
    Work on a Sunday and Die?
    You Can Only Get Married Once
    More on the site

    And lets not forget how God got pissed and killed all of humanity with floods.

    1. Consider the contexts of some of the above. Also, some of the above are not properly stated. Provocative -- but not properly stated.

    2. Lets look at the "progressive" bible...

      Abortion, YES!
      Buggary, YES!
      STDs, YES!
      Stealing for others, YES!
      Stealing for me, YES!
      Support those who blow up buildings with airplanes, YES!
      Support those who blow up others with suicide vests, YES!

    3. Lets not forget how Democrats got pissed and hated everyone with health care insurance, and ruined the whole system out of spite.

    4. Why do you consider yourself qualified to comment on the contexts f the Quran, AOW?

    5. Duck,
      Over 12.5 years of intense researching serves as one of my qualifications.

      I actually did research related to Islam and the Quran years before 9/11 -- decades before 9/11 and in the years approaching 9/11.

      Also, do not forget that I am a student of world literature -- and a teacher of world literature.

    6. Ducky: Why do you consider yourself, a stubborn unwashed believer in the completely discredited theories of Karl Marx, qualified to comment on free marked capitalism?


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