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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mathematical Realities And ObamaCare

"You’re not exempt from math if you’re a Republican, and you’re not exempt from math if you’re a Democrat."
The video below the fold is a bit long, but I urge you to watch it and comment thereon. Pay particular attention during the last 30 seconds (hat tip to Adrienne's Corner):

Information about Dave Ramsey, the speaker in the video

Today, CBS Morning News informs us that, even if one does manage to navigate the ObamaCare web site and upload the required personal and financial information, the premium price seen may be lower than the actual premium price. Why? Because the premium prices quoted do not necessarily relate to the applicant's age.


  1. Big news here in Northern Virginia and will affect Fairfax County employees/retirees, including Medicare patients (from Inova, the most extensive such system in the area):

    As of October 1, 2013, Inova facilities and physicians do not have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide in-network services. That means that Kaiser members, including health insurance exchange plan members, will no longer be allowed non-emergency access to Inova facilities, physicians, or outpatient services. The only exceptions to this fact are: Kaiser members who require emergency care; any Kaiser member who is part of our lung transplant program; and any Kaiser member who was receiving inpatient care or recurring outpatient care at an Inova location before October 1, 2013.

    With our five hospitals and 140 additional locations in northern Virginia, including urgent and emergency care centers, physician offices and physical therapy centers, Inova offers convenient access and choice to the communities we serve.

    If you would like to rely on Inova for your health and medical needs and are able, please consider choosing a health plan that gives you access to Inova. We participate with many of the leading commercial insurance plans.

    About Inova


  2. Well then, lets put our money where our mouths is, let’s not go tp a movie or watch a TV program unless the movie is right leaning or even neutral, never go to the movies to see some leftist actor (which is about all of them).. Curtail television watching to a very small amount. Television is hypnotizing and full of thousands of subliminal messages that keep you docile and inactive no matter what they do to you. Keep your children away from it too. Don’t go to any of those movies with liberal turds in it.
    There are many hundreds of liberal messages in the commercials. Any product that has anything in it you don’t like,….call them on it and find another product. A product’s commercial says a lot about them. Most are social leftist. Instead of watching television. Get in shape and stay in shape, and that does NOT mean listening to what the MOOCHER tell you what to eat or what do.
    As for Ovomitcare it’s nothing more than a way for that sane old group of greedy gimmee’s to scam on the public, while the public pays thru the wazzool.

    I don’t care what those Libaturds say or writ on their stupid blogs. . I don’t give their opinions any thought at all.. I don’t want to hear their political correct BS
    Get involved in Conservative politics. You can make a difference. Do not sit home and watch them send their message to you through a television. AND DON’T watch Baba Wawa, Peabrained Moron, Big Bad Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the Leftist media reptiles and creatures!
    But if you fo wander into one of those “Progressive” hell holes, and you just can’t resist replying to the garbage that the Octopus jerk-off or that other Progressive old bag who has her pink libtard panties in a wad just don’t answer them......

  3. He makes it very clear, everyone should understand. This is not good for the country or for individuals. Of course, they never wanted this type healthcare bill. What they really want is free government healthcare for everyone. We know how that will go

    Right Truth

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. There is an online petition to have Obama impeached it's on the siteis tea party.org Furthermore, there is also a book entitled IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES: THE CASE FORREMOVING BARRACK OBAMA FROM OFFICE by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliotte

  6. Walter, Obama will never be impeached ... not even if 300 million people demanded it. And you know why.

  7. No way Obama will be impeached... he's not blamed for the problems he causes... he's immune.

  8. Always wonder about a program that is so wonderful the people who passed it don't want it, big business gets an extension because they don't want it, unions don't want it, healthy young people don't need it and they spend tens of millions trying to convince people how great it is and still few are signing up, so few they won't tell you how many.

    You really can't blame obama because he didn't know it was not going well, according to sebelious. You can't blame him for Bengazi, IRS scandal, NSA, fast and furious because he didn't know about them.

    I always knew he was clueless and this just proves it.

  9. He won't be impeached, He won't even be disgraced. It's not possible in this nation of moronic robotic Libturdics.

    1. My thoughts, exactly. It's all downhill from here on out -- down to the gutter.

  10. Ann Coulter said that right after the twin towers went down, we should have invaded their countries, and kill their leaders. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians then. That was war then. And this is war now, tha’s why we are suth trouble now.
    They couldn't care less about other people. For instance, the left didn't care when terrorist flew airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers, The Pentagon or that American civilians gave their lives over Pennsylvania for those whom would have died had they not, no, they couldn't care less about that. The left was pissed that President Bush was in office rather than that powder puff Al Gore.
    Now, we have Syria and the left sees their chance for glory. They don't care about civilians, they couldn't care less how many people are killed as long as their guy, Obama, is in charge. And now we want "HIM" impeached? Not going to happen as long as the leftie are in control.
    Have you ever seen Ann lose an argument regardless of the interviewer/opposition? She would make mincemeat of any prograsshole, democrap or ibaturd.

  11. "Progressives" don't have any use for math or for logic. If it feels good, do it. They did it and now it doesn't feel so good. They own ObamaCare. Let them try to defend it!

  12. Just in case the word hasn't gotten around... I can't stand to look at, or hear the obnoxious and condescending voice of Bathhouse Barry Jr.

    1. Warnings will continue to be ignored by most Americans -- until they are in that gutter. **sigh**


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