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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Make me Kill You

by Sam Huntington

According to a news report yesterday, MIT scientists may have stumbled on a way to construct an actual light-saber. Until recently, photons (mass-less particles) that constitute light thought not to interact with one another, but rather simply pass through each other—two beams of luminescence.

Well, according to the Harvard Gazette, this isn’t so. Scientists have improbably coaxed photons into hardened molecules that you could whack against each other—in a duel to the death in the well of the Senate.

I would like to have one of these. I would probably walk through downtown Chicago in the middle of the night daring some a-hole to start something. After all, isn’t light faster than a speeding bullet? 


No matter; just day dreaming.  With the economy in its present shape, who could afford it? Just wondering, though … would you want one of these if they were available and affordable?

Next week: the inside scoop on the X-Wing fighter.


  1. No, I prefer my obnoxious sounding .380 automatic. Besides that, the force is never with me.

  2. The Democrats must be delighted at this news. It gives them something else to BAN after making another nationwide marathon stink.

    Would I want one?


    "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword."

  3. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

    Really? So then, he would lives by the piano shall die by the piano? He who lives by flying airplanes shall die by flying airplanes? Are you serious?

    1. Could you really be THAT unfamiliar with the famous quotations that everyone of my generation knew and understood before they finished elementary school, Mr. Sinclair?

      You must be a great deal younger than I thought. How unfortunate to be yet-another victim of the Dumbing Down process to which the nation has been subjected lo these many years. Not only has it limited our sphere of knowledge, and walled us off from our past, it has also nearly destroyed our capacity for the enjoyment of wit and humor, and replaced it with a deadly dull, stupefying literalistic mentality.


    2. Yes, I agree. Yet, I want you to know that I have never once allowed how pathetically ignorant you are to interfere with my careful consideration of the inane tripe you publish here, pretending as if you are somehow intellectually gifted. You are gifted, but not intellectually so. As for my age, I am in my late 70s … what this has to do with anything is another of our great questions. Do you think that you have an edge on anyone because you are older than most? Think again. And do everyone a favor: stop pretending that you have insight. You do not.

    3. Thank you for telling us so precisely just who and WHAT you are, Mr. Sinclair. I've had my suspicions, but I never really knew for sure till now.

      The truth makes us free, even when it's regrettably unpleasant.

      I shall endeavor to avoid direct contact with you to the greatest extent possible in future, and I'll thank you in advance for treating me with the same courtesy.

    4. Robert, you need to lighten up. FT is a good guy.

  4. I know something about this. Trust me when I tell you the light bill is one you cannot afford.

  5. That would be awesome!! Leave it to the "Geeks" to come up with a light saber! Next... phasers!

  6. Are you from my hometown of Chicago? I now live in AOW land! :)

    Great post Sam! I would love to have one of those and walk through ....... well, I cannot say that. This administration does not believe in freedom of speech, except for his "heiny." Pfffffft!.......

  7. It's a good idea to explore offbeat topics like this, Sam. I'm glad you've cut away from the Agonies of the Day and given us something a little more stimulating to think about. Thanks.

  8. No, I wouldn't want one. But you can send me an LAV for my birthday.

  9. I think it might be nice in the senate to have a little light shined on what's going on there!?

    1. The Senate with its present makeup is functioning as The National Septic Tank, Z. It is overflowing right now and mucking up the national landscape. It desperately needs to be pumped out and sanitized. After that the backed up sewage needs to be transported far far away.


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