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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lowering the Bar

By Sam Huntington

According to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Obama Care will be a resounding success if, by the end of 2013, 7 million people have enrolled in the program.

Seven million —that equates to about 16% of the more than 41.3 million Americans that Sebelius claims need health insurance. I wonder if anyone besides me notices that the numbers this administration claims to be uninsured shifts like the sands of the desert. Frankly, it makes me wonder if someone in the government isn’t full of “it.”

Obama Care is a self-fulfilling prophecy and the hallmark of a system so dishonest that it could only originate with the communist left. All I will ask our readers to do is this: listen to the words carefully spoken by masters of the innuendo. They intimate that Americans are getting affordable health care; it is not only a lie —it is a damn lie. There is nothing affordable about a government Ponzi scheme that will ultimately inform Americans with health care needs that the health plan they selected does not cover much-needed treatments.

These are the facts, but each person will have to discover the truth for him or herself. I suspect, however, that it is too late. The American people overwhelmingly elected Barack Obama, so now the American people are going to have to deal with the result of this ill-considered decision.

It has been important for this administration to demonstrate ad nauseam how terrible the American health care system was; another lie. American health care was the premier system on the planet. Now, it is a thing of the past; the dye is cast. Realize, too, that Obama Care is only the first step down the path to full-blown universal health care. All of those who wanted Obama Care (along with those that didn’t) will experience the joy of having to wait until it is too late for a life-sustaining surgical procedure. Of course, government may not approve life-sustaining procedures if a citizen smokes, drinks, or eats the wrong kinds of foods —as determined by your federal government. Why do you think the federal government has obtained copies of your health records?

Of course, at this stage, we may even suspend referring to the people as citizens. We shall have to call them supplicants.

According to Hairy Reid, the real progressive target is universal health care. It is simply too much to expect the American people to swallow this pill in one fell swoop … but, if given his way, there will be a de facto communist health care system in the United States sooner or later.

According to Reid: “What we’ve done with Obama Care is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever. Our goal is to abandon insurance as the means of accessing health care. We had a good run at the public option … don’t think we have a tremendous number of people who wanted a single-payer system, but we’ll get there eventually.”

Meanwhile, someone asked Sebelius, “Is it reasonable to think middle-class families can afford as much as $5,000 or $6,000 in deductibles?” She answered, “Well, I think that families can make a budget choice. If that isn’t something that clearly they can pay for, and a lot of people couldn’t pay for that out of pocket, then they will want a lower deductible.”

More gobbledygook. What she is saying is that the only way to a lower deductible is either less coverage, or higher monthly premiums. It sounds very much like “Pay me now, or pay me later —but pay me you will.”

Sebelius may be overjoyed about the prospect of 16% of the people signing up for Obama Care, but I think it is a matter of lowering the bar on expectations. She is putting on the happy face, but it still is not clear (to me) if the American people have figured it all out yet. Personally, I think we have had as much hope and change as anyone should have to endure in three lifetimes.  

No one explains this more succinctly than Neil Cavuto:


  1. This has never been about helping people...

    like the global warming argument, this is merely an excuse for seizing control of 18% of the economy, and remaking it on a Cuban model...ie replacinig oil wells with wind turbines...a much less efficient energy source.

  2. John Boehner should be telling the dems to take a jump off the fiscal cliff instead of tying to bargain and or compromise with these Socialists!
    The Tax-man in Chief is dead set on raising taxes on everybody.. This boob John Boehner can't even get his own party to go along with is hair-brained "Plan B"
    This white house occupant is dead set on bringing this country down to her knees financially.
    This was passed by the House and the Senate, without a single Republican vote. Moreover it was passed without having been read by anyone who voted for it. Remember the words of Nancy Pelosi?
    I'm more worried about the police state we are becoming more than taxing people for not having health insurance.
    To me there is no other way our of this mess other than creating a responsible budget, stop the pork and stop the foolish spending, starting with the luxurious and expensive vacations by the First Lady etc. .Kill this obscene thing called obamacare, and keep the Bush Tax Cuts!. They created this mess it, let them clean it up, and get us out of it. The democrats are not serious and have never been serious about cutting entitlements, they really believe in giving the non. taxpayers whatever the want and that is only creating lazy bums who don't even what to work because they don't have to.
    It's time for the republicans to call their bluff and show the reast of America just who it is that is ruining this nation. Perhaps it will wake up a few of the JERKS who voted for this clown. These people have to learn that the streets in America are NOT paved in gold. And going to the grocery store costs money. And at some point, you just have to be grownup and say, enough is enough!

  3. Working in healthcare, we do not refer to patients as supplicants which is exactly what it will be, but now patients are " captivated lives." Easier to enforce rationing and soon death panels. NIH is already placing grants for palliative care that was usually end of life care previously, but rather "earlier" care now.

  4. Lowering the Bar Indeed!

    I just read this:
    Could we be stuck with the Obama family in the White House for another eight years?
    Rumors are being spread that Michelle Obama is considering making a run at office in 2016. Some are pointing to her PR push, including her cover of Vogue magazine, as a way for her to become even more recognizable with voters. Mrs. Obama does not have any prior political experience, but that may not stop her from making a run as the leader of the free world.

    Most rumors about a Democratic ticket in 2016 focus on Hillary Clinton’s expected candidacy. How would Hillary feel about Michelle running for President? It most likely wouldn’t go over too well. After all, she wasn’t too happy losing to Barack back in 2008, but would it make sense for Hillary and Michelle to run on the same ticket?

    In fact, Democrats are already selling Hillary/Michelle bumper stickers on the internet.

  5. A very fine post, SAM. Really gets it all together in a few well-chosen words. Cavuto's video SHOU:D have been the CENTERPIECE of FOX's prime time broacdasts. Instead they continue to feature the blowhard bombasturds O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, and tonight we get the pugnacious looking Me-Again Kelley, whose facial expressions resemble -- and rival -- those of Nancy Grace, taking over Hannity's time slot.

    But, the sober, intelligent, sincere guys with intellectual integrity like Neil Cavuto, decent, level-headed personalities like Stuart Varney, Greta Van Susteren are kept in the background, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, the one TRULY BRILLIANT, fully educated, person who really "told it like it is" in no uncertain terms was FIRED after he had the unmitigated gall to interview one-time CIA operative Michael Scheuer, who dared to say "Israel is NOT our friend" -- something that most smart people with a modicum of insight have known for sixty-five years, though they quake in their boots at the prospect of ever having to admit it.

    Since that incident, neither Scheuer nor Judge Napolitano have been heard from again. The power of the forces of darkness is IMMENSE.

    Mark Levin is another giant intellect whose voice is muffled from lack of proper media attention.

    Michael SAVAGE, whose abrasive, aggressive, bitterly contemptuous style, finally won me over after an initial period of distaste, because I realized HE WAS TELLING the TRUTH.

    The Truth these days happens to be extremely unpleasant. But the TRUTH is the ONLY thing that could set us free -- and as usual it is the very LAST THING "the people" want to hear..

  6. "Meanwhile, someone asked Sebelius, “Is it reasonable to think middle-class families can afford as much as $5,000 or $6,000 in deductibles?” She answered, “Well, I think that families can make a budget choice. If that isn’t something that clearly they can pay for, and a lot of people couldn’t pay for that out of pocket, then they will want a lower deductible.”

    It sounds to me like she's incredibly ignorant about insurance and/or she thinks everybody else is. Well, insofar as the latter is concerned many, many are or the ACA would be a "dead issue" by this time!


  7. Please read this.
    Welcome to liberal utopia, where barriers are not erected against terrorists or illegal aliens on our nation's borders, but rather against citizens, and where wheelchair-bound veterans enroute to honor their comrades face tighter security than terrorists enroute to murder a US Ambassador. This is where up is down, wrong is right, illegality is celebrated as progress, and where Constitutionalism is derided as racist. No longer relegated to the fever swamps of academic fancy, utopia has acquired real estate and made known its demands.

    "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual…" the First Lady warned us, and she wasn't just whistling Alinsky either. Under King Barack's Reign of Error, your life is no longer your own, for you are now commanded to enter into private contracts by virtue of your simple existence on the planet. Why? Because our Sovereign and his fellow travelers are compassionate, of course. Their hearts bleed for you,…almost as much as your pocketbook will bleed for them.
    What happened to the Yes We Can chorus?
    Not to worry, Ma'am, because in utopia, it's the intention that counts. You've only to see the obvious empathy in Barack Obama's eyes, which is especially visible in the morning when he's freshly rested from a vacation at Martha's Vineyard. He must care after all, otherwise he wouldn't punish so severely those who resist his tender advances on their "lives as usual," to use Mrs. Obama's ominous phraseology.

    Please note that when the people's representatives actually represent their constituents, the majority of whom want nothing to do with the wretched and wretchedly mis-named Affordable Care Act, it is the people who must be punished. Can you believe that men who conquered Nazi Germany's barricades on the beach at Normandy 69 years ago actually faced barricades from their own damned government? Can you believe that Vietnam vets, many of whom were rebuked for their service, were removed from their memorial by the police? Do the men and women who are ordered to move against law abiding veterans have no soul?
    Lincoln Memorial Shut Down

    The federal government has shut down some 17 times previously, and at no time were these memorials closed. Is our Sovereign so besotted with power, has his impudent leftism so robbed him of reason that he fails to understand what is so obvious: That in barricading Americans from memorials and icons that stand as testimony to an exceptional culture founded precisely on liberty from oppressive government, he perfectly validates the arguments of the right?

    Written by Dave Carter

  8. Obama said there will be no negotiations over Obamacare or the debt-ceiling because he doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Amber Alert System, while Michelle Obama’s website was still working!

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Nation Moments.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the National Parks.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Department of Commerce.
    Department of Education Department of Education.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Department of Homeland Security.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Department of Labor.

    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Federal Communications Commission.
    It wasn’t US Republicans (terrorists) who SHUT down the Federal Trade Commission & the Department of Treasury, the Institute of Museum and Library Services. the Internal Revenue Service, National Labor Relations Board, National Transportation Safety Board, and the list goes on.

    And of course the Kings golf course is open.

    68% of people don't want Obamacare. You know, those of us who PAY taxes. Keep drinking that koolaide and you'll wake up one day under a dictatorship.

  9. If a Bohner persists more than four hours shouldn't the people call a doctor?

  10. They can't get through... healthcare.gov is still down, :(

  11. Anyone with half a brain knows that all of the state exchanges were getting millions of hits per day. NY for example is doing 1million hits per hour, california is doing 10,000 per minute they last reported.

  12. Amazing that Liberalman knows information that the President doesn't know, or even Jack Lew, who is responsible for Obama Care. I am thinking that Liberalman is full of something rancid.

  13. other than one shill, how many people have actually signed up?

    If Obamacare is so great, why the need for cynical advertisements making fun of it and complaining how hard it is to sign up? They wouldn't do so unless it were true.

  14. as of today, only 4 people in DC have crossed the finish line...

    When the District of Columbia's Health Benefit Link crunches the numbers on who has done what on their Web site, they put people into four different categories depending on how far they've gotten in the process. First are people who have created an account online and are browsing the Web site. Aaron Strauss, who has taken on the task of counting up these registrations, estimates that 175,000 people have created accounts on the state-based marketplaces over the past week.
    Second are the people who have filled out the application for insurance but haven't actually committed to the policy. This is like when you're shopping on Amazon, have dropped an item in your shopping cart but haven't clicked to checkout yet. You're almost there but not totally done.

    Then there are the people who have selected a plan and moved on to checkout - but haven't enrolled quite yet, instead requesting an invoice. Who wants to pay a premium in October, after all, for a policy that doesn't start until January? On the D.C. Health Link's first day, 175 people requested invoices whereas four people actually went ahead and paid the premium.

  15. Anybody wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn.

    Washington State has a million uninsured people in it... but experts only expect about 150k to actually sign up. So much for "universal" coverage. What was sold as a panacea has turned into snake oul. surprise, that.... NOT


    I must report that one of my friends DID get through on the ACA website, and DID sign up this very morning. He was delighted to learn that his monthly premium will be REDUCED by $284.00 starting January 1, 2014.

    The man is not a liar, so please let us stop going off half-cocked into the stratosphere with dire projections of DISASTER based on WISHFUL THINKING.

    The ACA WILL help a certain class of people, but undoubtedly at the expense of people like myself who very sadly may not be able to afford being as charitable as we have been before the Socialists took over.

    1. so he already had insurance... and will now get a government subsidy.


    2. No. He had used up his lifetime benefits cap six months ago while fighting cancer for the past seven years. This Obamacare thing WILL require his FORMER insurer to REINSTATE his policy at that considerably reduced rate.

      I have ALWAYS been for

      1. No exclusion for pre-existing conditions

      2. No benefits cap

      3. ALL medical expenses including insurance premiums TAX FREE



      6. Public Assistance to the truly destitute


    3. you've ALWAYS been for government price controls?

      Who knew?

  17. the numbers enrolled in Maryland are staistically insignificant...The state of Maryland says it has thousands of people interested in buying health insurance on its new state-run exchange, but only 326 so far have actually enrolled in new coverage. …

    On Monday, the state said it is still working through technical issues and conceded that MarylandHealthConnection.gov “may be inconsistent, especially during periods of peak usage.”

    Those problems are reflected in the Maryland numbers released Monday, the first of what the state said would be regular data releases. The state said 13,532 accounts with verified identity were created as of Sunday evening, and it has seen 170,000 unique visitors to the website. But only 326 people were actually enrolled in new health-insurance plans.
    Maryland has around 600,000 uninsured, however, so they have a long way to go before they’re anywhere close to meeting their goals, and as I’ve said: The total enrollment numbers aren’t going to be what matters here so much as the ratios of the types of people of which those numbers are composed; i.e., young and healthy people with few health care needs versus older and sicker people with more costly ones.

  18. these demagogues are pathetic...sooooooooooooooo the govt is shutting down but Husseins golf game hasnt been interrupted eh...

    1. Amber Alert Website shuts down -- the slave queen of trailer trash, Moochelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ stays up. Who woulda thought?

  19. Thersites, PRIVATE insurance is sold on the exchanges.

    Now watch as it takes shape. The exchanges become popular and the move to single payer is facilitated.
    We know that, you know that, FT knows that and especially Ted "One fish two fish, red fish blue fish" Cruz knows that.

  20. FT found somone who will benefit. I guess that makes it all worth it! If he's saving $284, what was he paying to begin with? Who pays the difference? I know a couple of people on SSDI who, not only don't pay a dime for Health Insurance but get living expense and Food Stamps (I know a credit card) + Section 8 housing. At least one is quite capable of working. FT, I don't doubt you when you say your friend deserves his reduction in insurance premium but I would like to say that the government can and should become a #e!! of a lot more effecient in spending our money where a real "safety net"' is needed. OK, one question, what would have happened to your friend if the ACA haden't gone into effect?

  21. To JonBerg:

    He may very well DIE waiting for the ACA to go into effect. For him it's a long long way to January 1, 2014. He's been unable to receive any treatment whatsoever since he reached his lifetime benefits cap six months ago. He's been going downhill ever since. The guy's very brave and amazingly tough, and has withstood more puishment from chemotherapy than most could, but it's a funny thing. HE WANTS TO STAY ALIVE. He just turned 48 in May, and he'd like to see his four young children grow up. Nervy of him, ain't it?

    I do not want OBAMACARE, but I feel very strongly that we MUST take care of people who've done their best all their lives and wind up in dire straits through no fault of their own.

    Those who CAN pay their own way SHOULD pay their own way.

    I'm a long time advocate of the "sliding scale."

  22. I'm reserving judgment on the ACA until I see what it does to MY premium. I should get notification sometime in the next three months. My policy anniversary is April 1. How appropriate!

    PS: I'm not really "back" yet -- merely lurking from time to time.

  23. Here in New York it took me days to get to the page where the policies are listed. First of all, I had to fill out pages of information and each page had a load time of several minutes. Then it would crash and I'd have to get back to the page I was last on with wait times of several minutes between each page.

    I was amazed. The state of New York managed to create software that simulated the experience of the Motor Vehicles Bureau.

    When I finally got to the pages of the policies, I still couldn't find out the details on each policy that I needed. So I started to call the individual insurance companies listed on the website. One finally called me back. He didn't know what the policies entailed. He said I should ask the government.

    Kafka designed this system.

    1. Jason,
      Thank you for relating your personal experience with the health insurance exchange.

      One of my friends in Florida is the only person whom I personally know trying to navigate the exchange there. It took her forever to upload some of her information; she hasn't completed the application yet because of the time factor; she is working and simply cannot spend hours upon hours online.

    2. I'm going to wait until the options are clear. I still didn't get a letter from my current insurance provider that my policy has ended but I know they aren't offering it anymore. It only covers hospital costs and not doctors. Things are still in a state of flux.

      Hope all is well with you, the Mr. and the cats. And everyone else here in your virtual living room.

    3. Jason,
      I've been having some troubles here: emergency surgery for a detached retina in my right eye on October 2. I'll have a post about that matter tomorrow. I'm in for the long haul of recovery -- whatever "recovery" means in this situation.

    4. Oh, no! I didn't realize (and hadn't read the blog for awhile). Take care and don't bother responding until you get better. I'll be back.

  24. Jason,
    What has happened has slowed me down to a crawl with regard to reading. But I'm still creeping along until fatigue sets in.


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