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Friday, October 4, 2013

Future Barbarians At Play

Filmed in Syria and posted to YouTube on September 22, 2013 (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):


  1. Shirley Jackson captured the essential motivating force behind this kind of thing in The Lottery. These adorable children are simply following the established cultural norms of their part of the world.

    TRADITION when it's rooted in EVIL is a horrifying thing. That is why the world is more need of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, more than ever.

    Was that poor little designated victim REALLY killed, or was it just play acting? It's hard to tell.

  2. Is that Progressive bloger der Fuhrer? No, I certainly wouldn’t go to that extreme. Well lets put it this way. I am not a lawyer, a professor, nor a constitutional scholar, nor a dilettante historian, or even an expert in political science. But I do have an opinion and ideas of my own and one thing that I do know is that this blogisphere has been plagued with the most hateful and untrue information that I have seen or heard in a very long time. Yes we all know that the progressives dislike most rightwingers, they HATE Rush Lambaugh, Matt Drudge , Ann Coulter, and any one connected with the name Bush. And just love anyone with the name “Clinton”. Personably, there is something about Hillary Clinton that makes my blood pressure rise. Dare to say that you think Barack Obama is a Racist and incompetent, or the worst Incompetent President ever, and the name RACIST will be thrown at you as fast Mariano Rivera’s fast ball.
    Dare to say that Barack Obama’s mishandling of all things pertaining to Syria and the Middle East is the most profound failure of any President ever to grace the Oval Office. or that his actions threatened the very security of this nation and may completely destabilize an already shaky Middle East. And for what? No other purpose other than to inflate his own image. His incompetence continues on the diplomatic front with his dealing with the former heard of the KGB Vladimir Putin. Dare to bring up the fact about Obama bowing to the Saudi King! My or my, she will get historical. She will defend anyone who is a fellow Progressive Pig, even if she has to lie about Benghazi where Americans died, the RIDICULES, and outrageous, amusing, behavior of the First Lady, or anyone belonging to the Obama Regime. Bottom line the name “Wicked Witch of the Blogisphere” is very fitting!
    I still believe that there is relevance to blogging.

    1. Please look up PROLIXITY and VERBOSITY. Once you learn what they mean, your writing skills might start to improve. Dense blocks of overloaded, uninterrupted prose that try to say too much all at once tend to put readers off and set them fleeing.

      I hope you understand this to be friendly advice meant to be helpful.

  3. Wow. I thought that was Chicago at first...

  4. It is clear to me Obama especially wants to cause pain to patriotic Americans, people who truly appreciate the goodness of our country. He has closed memorials to our citizens and even our Vets,. He is a disgustingly small, and evil man..

    And on another note! Seriously, am I the only one who thinks it́s beyond coincidence that a mentally ill man JUST HAPPENED to be able to make his way into the Navy Yard with a sawed off shotgun last week when the Budget Battle was heating up, and kill a half dozen people?
    And just coincidently another mentally ill woman from Connecticut JUST HAPPENED to be in Washington ,D C. yesterday, 300+ miles from home with a baby in the car, outside the gates to the White House, and managed to get herself shot and killed by the Secret Service/Capitol Police? Killed, when they could have easily shot out her tires and prevented her form going to TWO different “Important” buildings! Now therés a shocker

    “JUST HAPPENED”? Well if you believe in coincidences, but I don’t!

  5. Okay, perhaps that wasn't un-pc enough. Let me try again.

    Sand Monkey see, Sand Monkey do!

  6. Please, do the world a big favor, and DROP DEAD.


  7. Obamacare is a failure. The enrollment has been opened for 3 days and it's already a failure. How do I know? All the Liberal Blogs say the opposite.
    I don't want to get into detail because then I would be accused of being hateful toward liberals.
    Some of the world's most successful governments have been anti Conservative, just look at China, Cuba, Russia etc..

  8. Don't you get the feeling that George Whyte's intelligence is somewhat on par with Rachel Jeantel.?
    If you listen carefully, they both come across sounding pretty damn stupid.

  9. Note for George Whyte: If you continue the “drive by” comments, you’ll be deleted out of hand. Got it?

  10. last time i checked the government was shut down.

    who won, george?


  11. Somebody better e-mail Barrack and tell him he has $1.3 trillion less to spend this year. :)

  12. @ Thersites

    I used the expression "sand monkey" once and Ducky peed his panties. Ran to AOW to complain. What a man, what a man! This, of course, in spite of the fact that is what they are.

  13. i think that ducky probably knows me well enough that complaints to AoW will get him nowhere.

  14. Besides, sand monkey is a bit too high on the evolutionary ladder for my taste. ever read Kafka's "Jackals and Arabs?

  15. Also reminiscent of Golding's Lord of the Flies -- remember that?

    Golding -- damn his cynical soul -- wanted us to believe that left to his own devices Man will quickly revert to brute savagery.

    Well, we started OUT strictly on our own against the WILDERNESS, didn't we? -- , and by some MIRACLE Civilization emerged in spite of the odds against it, and all the wrong turns we've taken, didn't it?

    It did, and that's why I believe in freedom, as long as we are directed primarily by an awareness of God accompanied by love and respect for Him. Lose that, and we're back to Square One.

    At any rate, the "Addabs" along with the most of sub-Saharan tribes of Africa and much of Asia, and South America are just not as far along on the evolutionary scale as we. That's patently obvious.

    Where "we" made "our" great mistake was in assuming we had a right -- even a DUTY -- to take advantage of that. We are suffering immense punishment for that sin and great folly right now.

    It may take many centuries before can recover. Perhaps the less advanced societies will evolve toward greater levels of enlightenment by then, and we may get along much better in the distant future. Hope is all we have -- and all we have EVER had in truth.

    After all, it took HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of YEARS for "us" to come THIS far, didn't it? How did that happen? HOPE and the WILL to make every effort to make dreams come true.

    No use fretting about the status quo. Things are what they are, and there's NOTHING any of "US" can do about it aside from standing firm against the Democrats no matter WHAT the short term costs to "us" may be.

    Don't buckle, don't cave, and don't give any quarter to those determined to harm you.

  16. Georgie, your gettin to be a bore and a pain in the Ass!

  17. The point of my Jackals and Arabs comment was to draw attention to the fact that BOTH Jackals And Arabs represent the "nomadic" elements which resist civilization and urbanization, which the European in the story represents. They avoid vertical organizational structures and are not attracted by the allures such structures offer, except to the extent that said luxuries can be stolen and appropriated into the nomadic lifestyle (D&G, "A Thousand Plateaus")

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Well Georgie, less than 30% (less than 15% of active) of US physicians are members of the AMA and less than 20% of US physicians support its agenda.

    If we crosscheck the membership rolls of the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American College of Cardiology: there would be a near total match up of members of the AMA and they would still represent less than !/5 of the physicians in America. Add to that fact, the AMA stands to make a fortune off the ACA. I believe it's safe to ignore anything the AMA or any of its shills has to say in this matter.


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