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Friday, October 18, 2013

First Week Back

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Rough and exhausting. Surgery and two weeks off have taken their toll. In addition, while in the building, I am pouring in streams of artificial tears so as to deal with the dry air in the building.

Vision in the operated eye is distorted and distracting and of no practical use whatsoever. The surgeon says not to expect otherwise for at least several weeks.

I am thankful for the homeschool group with whom I work.  The parents are taking turns driving me to and from work because the surgeon has given me strict orders not to drive even short distances during rush hour.  My students are excited to be back in class and exercising restraint and civility well beyond their chronological age.

Today, Mr. AOW and I will make the trip to the DMV to get the title and tags for the van that we purchased on September 13. There may be a bit of arguing over the tax rate for the van. Because of the added handicapped equipment, we're going to argue for a lowered tax rate: the book value of the van is half that of the purchase price. We're taking our designated power of attorney with us in case I get into a bind with completing the paperwork and deploying the van ramp.

Blogging and keeping up with the news will not be one of my priorities for the foreseeable future.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a speedy visit at the DMV.

  2. Here's hoping you continue to improve with each week. I know what a slow recovery is all about. I wish you well. Coraggio!

    1. The time is going by very slowly. To be expected because my two "time fillers" are reading and playing the piano. I can't do much of either activity right now.

  3. Oh, wow! A trip to the DMV is just what you need to make your week perfect /sarc.

    Are you using a good eye lubricant? Systane is one of the best. Ask your doc about some gel lubricant, too.


    Prayers for both of you.

    1. Right now, I'm using generic artificial tears. I think that I need to try one of the name brands.

      If next week in class is as bad as this week's difficulty with the dry air in the facility, I will phone my surgeon's office to see if there's something else that I can use to alleviate the irritation and the itching. Both are maddening!

    2. There's a difference between artificial tears and an actual lubricant.

      This sums it up quite well...


  4. Your doctor doesn't sound very encouraging as to the eye that was operated on. Hopefully he will be wrong. Sounds like you have a really good group of parents and kids.

    I hope you don't get discouraged and that you do improve.

    Right Truth

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Debbie,
      Retinal repair is one of the "riskiest" eye surgeries, but not having the surgery results in certain blindness in the affected eye(s). I knew those facts before the surgery.

      I should point out these words from my surgeon at my last appointment: "I feel certain of a good result provided you don't do something stupid." Of course, he did not define "a good result" or "something stupid."

      I have also been warned that multiple procedures may also be involved -- including the replacement of the intraocular lens positioned during my 1984 cataract surgery. Not looking forward to that particular eventuality because, unlike cataract surgeries today (one stitch or no stitch) removing the present IOL will require an operation of at least 5 stitches.

      It's a good think that I'm not squeamish about having things done to my eyes!

      Another fact: according to all I've read and according to my best-of-ophthalmologists doctor, the retinal surgeon who performed my surgery is the doctor that gets the best results with this retinal repair.

    3. Typo alert!

      I have no idea how I managed to type in "Debbie" twice. Sheesh.

    4. Don't worry about your typing, just glad that you can see enough to read and type.

      Having the Intraocular lens removed and the 5 stitches doesn't sound pleasant. Hopefully each day and each week will be better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Be patient, my friend. It took me a year to recover from my last retina surgery. I also suffer from "dry eye". I buy bottles of articial tears by the dozen. What does your doctor say about wearing a patch over your recoverying eye for a while? It is very annoying to have one eye's vision distorted. It helped me back when I had two eyes.

  6. Perhaps a pair of goggles filled with artificial tears? Just a suggestion and not an altogether bad look, if I do say.

    Get better. You are in my prayers.

    I have been away from blogging all Summer. I missed this.



  7. Adrienne said "A trip to the DMV is just what you need to make your week perfect /sarc." That's funny because one of the few liberals who still defends Obama at Mike's America was saying what a pleasant and professional experience it was. No, I don't recommend it.

    Hope your recovery progresses speedily AOW!

  8. REFRESH PLUS is the brand to buy. Sistane is also good, but I use refresh Plus on the strict insistence of my opthalmic surgeon.
    That you are able to sustain your present level of activity is proof that you are doing better than you think you are.



    1. FT,
      I got some Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops this afternoon. I obtained immediate relief which lasted over 2 hours.

      A cool front has moved in, and the air is very, very dry. This dry air "wears out" my eye!

  9. Take good care of yourself, AOW!
    I use Blink gel drops. Also, Systane comes in varying thicknesses, thicker is better at night and stays put longer.

    Prayers for you and Mr AOW. xoxo

  10. TO ALL:

    I am unable to reply to every comment as soon as I would like to because I find that I need more eye rest today. It seems that, with some vision returning in the operated eye, I'm having double vision -- probably because the operated eye is my dominant eye and is trying to come back on board.

  11. Get well! Good to hear the your students and their parents are supportive during this difficult time.

  12. UPDATE:

    Sorry about my continued lack of participation in this thread.

    The top half of my vision is clearing up now. Eyestrain is a major factor now as my eyes are "dueling." Headache has ensued, of course.

    Out of necessity, I'm going to take a nap for most of the rest of today.


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