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Friday, September 27, 2013

Out Of Jail And Talking

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker blamed for the September 11, 2012 attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, that is. Nakoula is a Coptic Christian.

Please make time to watch the 14-minute film Innocence of Muslims (Sorry about the brief commercial at the beginning):


Excerpt from the article, published this week:
...[Nakoula] was the only person to end up in jail after the attack by Islamists that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens.


“I like to warn this country about terror. My movie is a political movie, not a religion movie,” [Nakoula] said. “The U.S. gives me a lot. I live in this country. We’re living in this country.”

He said he didn’t intend for his work to hurt anyone.

“I want to apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding about my movie,” he told WND.

And he said he appreciates Muslims and has Muslim friends, and not all Muslims are for terror.

“It made be very upset when I heard about Nidal Hasan [an Army officer radicalized into Islam who shot and killed 13 at Fort Hood]. He came from his country, and the U.S. gave him education, gave him life, a position in the Army, everything.

“It hurts my feelings that he says ‘allahu akbar’ and kills these people.”

But Nakoula said that’s the “culture” of terror, where jihadists want to “go to heaven right away.”...


“‘Innocence of Muslims’ is about how much the world will suffer if we don’t stop the culture of death and terrorism as soon as we can,” he said.
Read the rest HERE.

What is your take on the film itself?

What is your take on an administration that blamed the film for the atrocity of Benghazi?


  1. As a former Marine, I feel very strongly about this. Ambassadors and the like are a representative to a country, and as such are expected to be protected. In addition, the embassy actually stand on US soil. Yes, embassies belong to the country of which they represent. Now, this was an attack on US soil against a US representative. All the while, we had drones watching the whole debacle from the air. Meanwhile, jets were waiting on the order to take off and provide air support (a low-altitude fly-over most likely would have been sufficient).

    Soldiers are fighters. Warriors. People who, bluntly, kill and destroy for a living and try not to get killed. They VOLUNTEERED to go to a dangerous location, to present themselves as targets, and to be willing to die for their nation's ideologies. This will sound as if I'm minimizing their deaths, but they knew full well they might not live, and they went in knowing that they were going to be in dangerous combat situations. And therefor they MUST be protected with ALL our might. Pretending that this was cause by a stupid internet video is just that “STUPID” and something undeserving of oue brave men. It is pure hogwash.

    I'm trying really hard not to sound cold and unfeeling, and that's really hard to get from a message across, I know. But please, I'm just throwing in my opinion and defending it. This is not only my opinion be it has been proven to be Factual. Which is inadequately explained the stupidity of the Obama administration. Let us NOT allow Hillary and company to get off the hook and God Forbid become the next President.
    The press and the Administration is doing ALL they can to Distracting from Benghazi, by allowing ALL of their other scandals to take over the front burner. Yes the Syria crisis and ObamaCare are very important, but we must not allow this scandal to die.

  2. As for ObamaCare the other thorn in the American’s backside, Why is it that Congress has exempted itself and the entire Federal Government from ObamaCare. The President illegally delayed ObamaCare implementation for large businesses. Unions want out. Insurance companies are pulling out of the healthcare market. Millions will lose insurance on January 1st because it is cheaper for small businesses to pay a fine. The young aren’t going to sign up when the penalty is really cheap. Doctors are leaving the profession. Businesses only hire part-time employees to avoid ObamaCare costs. Full time jobs are now 30 hours a week. HHS is planning to add part time employees together to see how many full time ones they equal. Even the big Democrats, like Max Baucus, call ObamaCare a train wreck. The list of destruction could go on and on.f the socialists, sorry, Democrats haven’t figured out the American people don’t want ObmamCare, sit back and say nothing for a few days. Let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi embarrass themselves.

    Shutting down government will be on the Democrats heads.
    We The People are sick of being manipulated and robbed by our own crooked government!

  3. Good Lord! it's awfully WINDY here today, isn't it?

    Prolixity and Irrelevant Commentary -- i.e. BOILERPLATE -- is to the Blogosphere as big a problem as radical Islam is to World Peace.

    Sorry to have to tell. you: The video is not working.

    1. FT,
      The video is working for me.

      Are you having computer problems?

      Try this link to see if the video works for you over there. Let me know if the video works for you there. A matter of curiosity for me.

  4. I am so disgusted with this government. It is totally Corrupt and Worthless! . They don´t listen to us, they don't care about us, all they are out for is themselves and power. .

    Wake up people, unless you want to be part of a Socialist nation you had better wake up to what your messiah is doing to America!

    Make no mistake: Barack Hussein Obama The worst President in the history of the USA. Barack Obama promises one thing, he delivers another. He promises change, he receives a Nobel Peace Prize NOT for what he has done, but for being one of the gang of Socialists.
    It is a pea-brained, nonsensical, short-sighted and criminally reckless foreign policy, it is as illogical as it is dangerous and it is bound to rebound and blow up in Obama's face..
    Hey you Progressives, you know who you ar, the ones who come here to read what we say and then go back to your Witch of a Leader and report what we said. Well report this! We conservative Americans hate the Marxist/Muslim anti Christ alliances of Liberals and PROGRESSIVES . We dislike your leader who thinks that he is the KING! He is the high priest of arrogance. We hate how you liberals and PROGRESSIVES try to usurp and abrogate our constitution and replace it with a neo-feudal unHoly Roman Empire, ruled by Bolshevik Bureaucrats and Progressive, plutocratic patricians. We notice that you support any group/country, political party and religion that hates Christianity and any who profes a belief in Jesus. And justify your atheism! We conservatives believe that you are the traitors to our founding principle like those of John Locke, Motesque, Bastiat and Madison and those Prescient AntiFederlaist.
    The difference between Putin and Obama, is that Vladimir Putin is a nationalist patriot.1) Unlike Obama, Putin does not make indebted serfs out of his citizens, forcing them to pay back trillions of dollars in national debt
    Our politicians retire with their lucrative pensions, bribes, kick backs while we the tax payers are forced to cosign the" Hope and Change" national debt loans and pay for generations to come.2) Unlike Obama, Putin does not sign environmental and free trade treaties ,like the Pacific Free Trade Treaty, deleterious to the industry and prosperity of his countrymen. 3)Putin does not surrender to the national sovereignty of his nation to foreign bureaucrats of the UN .4) Putin is not an indebted , subservient Janissary to the Sunni oil sheiks of Qatar and Saudi Arabia who have been sponsoring wahabbi jihadist attacks on Americans, Hindus, Christians and Africans since the USS Cole and Mogadishu 5) Putin is not a vassal to Tel Aviv/Manhattan and too the "too big to fail" bail out recipients who also control the FED, IMF, World Bank, Goldman Sachs and its subsidiary-The US Treasury. And unlike most Republicans, Putin has the courage and will to stand against what he believes is wrong and has the will to try and fight for what is right.
    And believe me I have never thought that I would be saying anything positive about a Russian leader. Obama is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. That is why he has so many of them working in the white house in very lofty positions. And why he is funding the MB with money, arms and ammo. And why he covered up the Benghazi thing and threatened all the survivors. And why he is opening up the borders (did you think it was for Mexicans??? nooooooo!). And why he is sending millions to the Muslim Palestinians... who are fighting against Israel. And why he REFUSES to allow the words "Jihad" or "Islamic Terrorist" to be used by his administration in spoken or written form -- including the U.S. Military and their training sessions. And it explains why he has closed down the White House tours to all -- except to Muslims. And why Muslim prayers are now done in the WH and in the Pentagon. And why CAIR is pushing to infiltrate our schools and he is funding CAIR. (ARE YOU BEGINNING TO SEE A TREND YET??Obama is the biggest hoax ever played on the American citizenry.

  5. You're a coprophagiac, aren't you? It is possible to get help for that you know. The urolagnia that invariably accompanies your affliction can also be treated. Liberalism, however, is incurable and always ends in death. The problem with Liberalism is that death never comes soon enough.

    Ilse Koch

  6. Ilse,
    I was going to delete the comment to which you replied, but your response is too good for it to be made difficult to understand the context thereof.

  7. Please note that I have updated this blog post. Look for capitalized, red lettering.


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