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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget (Updated the evening of 9/11)

Set to the music of Samuel Barber's "Agnus Dei" from Adagio for Strings:

Reflect upon the solemnity of this day:    
Since 9/11, the narrative has changed in ways promoting the whitewash of Islam.

For example, today, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, the American Muslim Political Action Committe (AMPAC) has "organized" the Million American March Against Fear, which makes all sorts of claims at the foregoing link; the post 9/11 victimizing of Muslims was a major theme and clearly an attempt to co-opt the reality of the 9/11 attacks.

Of interest: the march was was originally entitled "The Million Muslim March." As of August 18, 2013, the event had drawn only 57 supporters on Facebook, and not even CAIR was on board.  Frankly, I haven't bothered to keep tabs on how many supporters the event has since garnered.

Read details about the march's organizer HERE.

A demonstration countering the Million Muslim March may also be taking place in our nation's capital: Two Million Bikers in Remembrance of 9/11.     

Update: Washington, D.C., has granted a permit for the Million Muslim March, but not for the Two Million Bikers in Remembrance of 9/11.  Islamification, even on 9/11, is now the norm in most of the West.  The West has chosen to ignore reality.  

Update @ 7:50 P.M.:  Please see this information at the WTOP web site, which specializes in local news for the D.C. area. Quite a lot of information about the bikers' rally in D.C. today. Lots of photos!


  1. At Front Page Magazine today: "9/11: Twelve Years Later" by Bruce Bawer.

    First and last paragraphs:

    9/11 was a moment of utter moral clarity that has been succeeded by twelve years of moral chaos. Twelve years of duplicity, flim-flam, double-dealing, humbug. Twelve years of timorousness, incompetence, impotence.


    It’s one thing to say “never forget.” But unless you have some sense of the strong, deep ideological roots of what happened on 9/11, remembering the horrific images themselves doesn’t, practically speaking, really amount to much. Rarely, if ever, has the truth of Santayana’s sober warning about knowing the past or being condemned to repeat it been so starkly manifest.

  2. I'm still stunned by how Americans remain ignorant of the ideology that drove the attackers on 9/11.

    I have to stop by and remember with others who understand. Best to all here!

    1. Jason!

      Good to see you here, my friend!

      Were it not for 9/11, you and I (and so many others) would not have made each others' acquaintance.

      9/11 brought me into the blogosphere -- albeit not until 2005, at which point I was battling the doings at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County, Virginia.

      Not that I'm glad that 9/11 happened! However, I do see that one thin silver lining.

      Jason, you might be interested in something I posted at IBA and at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: "9/11 In My Classroom." No dhimmi I!

  3. To many of our so-called leaders have forgotten the significance of 9/11 and who our enemy is.

  4. 9/11 Bikers' kickstands up at 11:00 A.M. Information HERE.

  5. Thank you for your tribute--and the one in your classroom which I read about on the other site.

  6. Great posts.. I read your other post as well. may God bless America.

  7. Boy, is Bruce Brawer right. Thanks for that, and thanks for the music.
    Never forget, never forget. God bless the Bikers, too!

  8. Beautiful Music, Adagio for Strings one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing and the mention AOW.

  9. Thank you for that magnificently appropriate adaptation of Barber's Adagio for Strings. It was performed with great solemnity, tender feeling and depth of understanding. I wish we could know who made the special arrangement, and fitted the Agnus Dei text so beautifully to Barber's melodic lines? I also wish we could know which choral group performed the arrangement so sensitively? From the beautifully produced, clear sound and refined quality of the phrasing I would guess it must be one of the great cathedral choirs of England.

    The Adagio is, of course, a perfect choice to evoke the solemnity, pain, grief, and the unique awful stillness that comes when one is left alone "as on a darkling plane" with only God to look to for comfort and understanding.

    Worldliness of any kind is inappropriate when making an effort to memorialize this terrible event.

    Really good music like this Barber is entirely spiritual in nature and transports us to blessed realms above mortal passion. That brings us as close to God as we could ever hope to be while still bound to this earth.

  10. The bikers are there anyway AOW. Pictures will be showing up on the internet soon.

    Right Truth

  11. It is still astounding to hear "Muslim Americans" state that 9/11 was staged and planned by our own government and George W. Bush. We have come so far, yet gained so little.

    1. How do you know for sure that the scenario you described is not in fact the case? We never know anything but what the government decides to tell us through the state-run media? I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out these Muslims are right. Bush was no better than Obama. They're all in it together. Jerry Ford, both Bushes, the Clintons and Obama. Your government doesn't represent you, Elizabeth. It's owned and operated by Internationalists.

      Vox Nobilitatus

  12. @FT --- The Adagio is, of course, a perfect choice to evoke the solemnity, pain, grief, and the unique awful stillness that comes when one is left alone "as on a darkling plane" with only God to look to for comfort and understanding.
    The right didn't feel that way when Oliver Stone used it over the burning of a Vietnamese village in Platoon.

    1. Whatever Oiiver Stone uses is cheapened, degraded, SULLIED and SPOILED, because Oliver Stone is professional prevaricator who makes his living by subverting decency and promoting a pernicious, perverted, demented, distorted view of reality as truth.

      GO TO MY BLOG, which I have reopened in honor this special day, and read the post, but please don't stop there. In the comments beneath you will find a set of leftist remarks that even YOU couldn't top for ugliness, ill will and sheer perversity. I'm in moderation, of course, but I imagine I'll let you through, as long as you don't get TOO obnoxious. ;-)

  13. Nobody will stop the bikers. I'm wondering how many "million" Muslims are going to show-up for their permitted event. I betting 50 or less.

    1. Indigo,
      Apparently, the numbers of bikers greatly outnumbered the few participants in the Million Muslim March.

  14. Today is September 11, 2013 which is twelve years to the dya of the affront on humankind and America commited by the followers of Islam .What these al Qaeda operatives did was engage in the militant jihadism of Islam. That is real hard core, non-watered down Islam and not some kind of warped or hijacked Islam as the apologists for the death cult claim as an attempt to coverup the truth. Just to site,for example,only two of the many places in the Quran that teach violence and killing are in Sura 9:112. which teaches "The believers fight in Allah's Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed." Likewise, in Sura 47:4 it instructs "Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them..." using a jet aircraft as a missile or bomb can make a greater "slaughter among them" then a sword can.
    Moreover, all this brings to mind the wisdom of the words of Thomas Paine when he wrote in book THE AGE OF REASON that "Any system of religion which has anything in it that shocks to mind of a child, cannot be a true system."

  15. This was posted at my blog, which I reopened especially for today today.

    I thought it was too good an example of Classical Marxist Thought not to share it here, since so few are apt to visit my place these days. - FT


    Three thousand innocent people died on 9/11—not all of them Christian, white Americans, by the way. People from many nations, and of many ethnicities and religious beliefs worked in those towers.

    Yes, we Americans were gravely sinned against on that day. But we have caused a lot of misery among innocents, too. Remember Hiroshima, Dresden, the Trail of Tears and other genocidal acts against the native Americans. Remember slavery, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, the lynchings. Remember My Lai and other atrocities we perpetrated in Vietnam.

    Remember Abu Ghraib and the many “renditions” of prisoners (many innocent of anything more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time) to countries where they are horribly torture.

    Remember the continuing murders of women, children, and old people by drone--”piloted” from the air-conditioned comfort of non-descript offices in northern Virginia by guys/gals who go home that evening to a nice dinner with their families; we Americans are big on family values—never mind the families that become “collateral damage” when we rain death from the Middle Eastern skies.

    Meanwhile the whole human race reigns a holocaust on the animals, the birds, the fish, and the environment.

    Humans are cursed creatures, and we Americans are no better than anybody else. Only richer and more powerful.

    Emma Maladictoria Goldenscheiss

  16. Hey guys! Aren't you happy you're not married to Emma?


  17. Emma, Shaw, same Shitheads, different names.

  18. About 25 people -- including activist Cornel West -- were at the march as of 12:30 p.m., Segraves reported. (http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Million-Muslim-March-Christian-Protesters-White-House-Sept-11-2013-223315411.html)

  19. 2 million bikers must have scared off the million Muslims -- apparently only 21 showed up.

    Remember 9-11.

    1. Lotsa bikers... hardly any Iz-salami Moslems. Ain't that a hoot?!

      Remember 9-11? The mall walkers have already forgotten Benghazi.

  20. I have updated the body of the blog post with the following:

    Please see this information at the WTOP web site, which specializes in local news for the D.C. area. Quite a lot of information about the bikers' rally in D.C. today. Lots of photos!

  21. I finally got over to Astute Bloggers. Your post was awesome. I left a comment, but it is under moderation. I borrowed your video, "You're Missing," by Bruce Springsteen and put it in my sidebar under Bernie's and my radio show logo. :)

    1. Elizabeth,

      Thank you for the compliment.

      I didn't hold back during my 9/11 lesson presentation to my class. Obviously.

      BTW, TAB is a very well read site -- the busiest one to which I have posting access. Few comment there, but a lot of people read the posts. Comment moderation is absolutely necessary because of the numerous vile trolls.

  22. DUCKY, you keep testing me you ASS. Oliver Stone pissed me off greatly when he depicted the war I was in as a joke.

    1. Odie,
      No need to apologize! You are justified in your anger. You were on the battlefield in Nam. Mr. AOW was stateside, but one his best friends died over there.

      I get all fired up over WW1 because my beloved Uncle Bill served in that war. He was wounded so severely that he was never able to work again.

      I can't comment on Oliver Stone's work as I rarely watch any of this films.

    2. Oops! My reply should be under the comment below. Sorry 'bout that.

  23. AOW, I apologize to you for my last out burst.


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