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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama, Christianity, and Islam

Please watch this short video released on August 31, 2013 (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Information about ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)


  1. I can not believe our nation on the eve of Sept 11th with this thug in charge...what a sheer horror AOW...

  2. And some people believe Obama when he he says he is a Christian. Unbelievable!

    1. Isn't maintaining a determined attitude of Faith, Hope and Charity the hallmark of being a Christian? There's entirely too much emphasis today in defining Christianity as being AGAINST this and AGAINST that. This turns the positive, uplifting aspect of the faith -- the essence of which is GOOD NEWS -- into just another whining, snarling, captious, ill-tempered entity -- the ANTITHESIS of what Jesus came to demonstrate.


  3. _________ MUCH ADO ABOUT MUCH ADO _________

    If Shakespeare were writing a play about our posture on Syria today, that is what he would doubtless call it.

    It's all about the "ado." There is no SUBSTANCE whatsoever in the way we- and the rest of The World Community -- are handling -- or failing to handle -- this issue. And so the sad situation where people are dying by the hundreds every day, apparently, as been rendered laughable by turning it into a MEDIA KERFUFFLE about the OBAMA Administration whose actions most closely resemble SELF-PARODY.

    It doesn't MATTER what we decide to do or not do over there, because whatever it is it will be too small to do any good.

    A missile strike on our part might succeed in spending a few more billion of our phantom dollars, maiming or snuffing out the lives of still more of our young men and women, while killing a few innocent bystanders in Syria, but it's likely to have no effect whatsoever on the policies of either Assad or the rebels neither of whom is worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell.

    The administration's hinkle pinkling approach to this highly louted Looming Crisis is all too reminiscent of The Lobster Quadrille -- Will you? -- Won't you? -- Will you? -- Won't you? -- WON'T you join the dance?

    We know darned well our leaders are flirting with yet-another costly exercise in futility, and still the media, the White House, and various congresscreatures with long sober faces solemnly intone their tosh and tarradiddle before the cameras as though their spurious rhetoric and the shuffling fandango they perform actually had genuine significance.

    Could this be what Edgar Allen Poe meant to symbolize when he wrote The Masque of the Red Death?

  4. In Syria, Putin's the Player and Obama's the Playee!
    Obama has become the comic figure of the worlds stage, a laughingstock unable to keep his story straight, while his principal rival seizes the initiative in Syria.

    So desperate is Obama for a face-saving retreat from his ultimatum on Syrian chemical weapons that he will concede the really important issues to Russia, Syria and Iran, and who knows who's next. Perhaps North Korea?.

    And Obama being the self-centered narcissist that he is, he will portray his retreat as a great diplomatic victory, and his media claque will sell the story to the low information voting public.
    If it was not for obama's own pride we would never have gotten into this mess.
    Who would have ever thought that it would be Putin, a former Officer in the Soviet KGB and Communist, that would save Obumbler's ass!!

  5. I am stealing this video with attribution back to you and Infidel Bloggers! I just have to publish this at The HILL Chronicles it is a testament to all I wrote and stood for between 2006-2008 when that Muslim lying, non-American born THUG became POTUS! UGH!

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    2. I will not tolerate insults directed at my friend Elizabeth.

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  6. How in the World could anyone, who truly respects this Country, support this disgusting fraud; how, how,how?

  7. Obama commends them for "advancing interfaith understanding here at home and abroad..." Yeah, seeing the videos of murdered Christians and burned churches I DO understand.

  8. Where are our Christian church leaders here in the u.s. speaking out. Oh, they are too worried about social justice.

  9. Did Christians in Egypt expect they'd escape a military coup without any repercussions?

    I'm not sure what the fringe right position is here. Keep a bunch of dictators who meet Israel's approval in power and don't excpect any repercussions? And you think Obama is naive?

  10. The hallmark of being a Christian is the faith that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father, something He Himself claimed.
    That includes believing all else He claimed for Himself.
    That Christ was the Sacrifice for our sins.
    I doubt Obama assents to that.

  11. The answer is more layered. Obama like Duncy is a Marxist and shares the obsessions about Jews and Israel. The Jew is identified with Capitalism and the Marxist wants to erase Jews to erase Capitalism. Islam is at its core Statist and authoritarian and is viewed as an ally by Marxists in their war against Capitalism,

  12. I have already published my 9/11 post. It is to the point, rather short, but it makes the point. It is also a special post that I dedicated to someone very special to us all.

  13. That part about the red line for Christians is really telling, just mocking the fact that Christians were targeted, killed and ancient places of worship destroyed.

    Right Truth

  14. Is Obama a Muslim? That is not possible. Obama says he is a Christian. If Obama were a Muslim, he would tell us the truth, right?

    I am afraid Ed Bonderenka got it right. From what I have heard him say, Obama does not believe the Bible. He may believe a certain Rev. Wright, but he does not believe Jesus is our savior.

  15. Nice post AOW! All your posts are right on!

  16. Replies
    1. Odie,
      Lies only "matter" when the Right utters them -- or something.


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